Amazon's massive Prime Day event is finally here, Canada, and it's full of great savings for us Canucks. Due to it being pushed back a couple of months, a lot of the deals you find here are going to be as good as or better than Black Friday. Whether you're looking for laptops, PCs, gaming accessories, monitors, TVs, and general electronics, we've got the hottest sales so far from Prime Day.

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There are a ton of great deals coming in hot and fast, and it's easy to get snowed under (see what I did there?). That's why we've put together this list of some of the best Canadian Prime Day deals so that you don't miss out before the sale ends. If you're living south of the border, be sure to check out our US Prime Day deals as well for a lot more options.

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If you're not already an Amazon Prime member, you don't need to totally commit to get in on some of these great deals. A 30-day trial is available, which nets you free shipping, deals, video streaming, and more.

This list is being updated with new Prime Day Canada deals as we find them, so be sure to check back regularly.

Lightning Deal

ecobee Smart Thermostat Bundle | $159 off at Amazon

Adding a smart thermostat to your home is a great way to save money on heating and air conditioning, but they're generally quite expensive. Right now, however, you can nab an ecobee smart thermostat bundled with an ecobee Switch+ for lighting control in your smart home, all at a big discount. This is one of Amazon's lightning deals, so don't wait too long if this is something you were waiting for.

The best curated Canada Prime Day deals

PC and laptop deals

Acer Aspire TC-895 | $144 off at Amazon

This desktop PC has inside a 10th Gen Intel Core i3-10100 CPU, 8GB of DDR4-2666MHz RAM, and a 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD for fast read and write speeds. This is a great productivity machine for the home, and it even comes with a keyboard and mouse. This is always a top budget PC option, but right now you can save $144 for Prime Day.

$479 at Amazon

Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 32 | $175 off at Amazon

An all-in-one PC is great for those who don't have a ton of office or family room space thanks to all performance hardware being built in behind the display. This IdeaCentre from Lenovo has a 32-inch FHD display with a slim bezel, and it includes an AMD Ryzen 3 4300U CPU, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and a 256GB M.2 SSD. This is a great PC for homework and light productivity, all for $175 off.

$699 at Amazon

ASUS ZenBook Flip 14 | $170 off at Amazon

Convertible PCs add some versatility thanks to their ability to be used as a notebook or tablet. The ASUS ZenBook Flip is a 14-inch device with an FHD display, AMD Ryzen 7 3700U CPU, 12GB of RAM, and 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD, all for just $879. This is a rather high-performance machine that will easily handle productivity work and even some light gaming thanks to integrated Radeon Vega graphics.

$879 at Amazon

Gaming deals

ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop | $400 off at Amazon

This is a laptop with a lot of power at a great price thanks to AMD. It has inside a Ryzen 7 3750H CPU, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD, and NVIDIA RTX 2060 GPU for some stellar FHD performance on the 15.6-inch display. It's also tested to ensure it can put up with some serious use and abuse.

$1,299 at Amazon

Razer Blade 15 | $400 off at Amazon

For a high-end gaming experience from a laptop, the Razer Blade is our top choice. This specific model has inside a 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10750H CPU, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD, and NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti, altogether the hardware needed for a stellar 1080p experience. The 15.6-inch display has a 144Hz refresh rate, outstanding color, and slim bezel for a premium look.

$1,900 at Amazon

Razer BlackWidow Elite | $100 off at Amazon

Razer makes some outstanding gaming accessories and laptops, but its products aren't exactly cheap. The BlackWidow Elite, usually somewhere around $230, can be had for just $130 thanks to Prime Day. This is one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards out there, with all the bells and whistles you'd expect.

$130 at Amazon

Razer DeathAdder V2 | $24 off at Amazon

The keyboard is only half the PC gaming equation, and adding this DeathAdder V2 mouse should up your skill level (or at least make you think you're better). The Focus+ optical sensor is incredibly accurate, Chroma RGB lighting lets you customize the look, and it's designed to be as comfortable as possible. Knock $24 off the price right now for Prime Day.

$76 at Amazon

Logitech G903 | $60 off at Amazon

Want to go wireless with your gaming mouse? Logitech's G903 is a high-end option built for high-end gaming. It's built with adjustable weights that can be added, it has a precision sensor for smooth tracking, and the battery lasts seemingly forever, It's ambidextrous so anyone can comfortably use it, plus the buttons are customizable. For Prime Day it's almost half the regular price at $70.

$70 at Amazon

PC build and accessory deals

AMD Ryzen 7 3800X | $95 off at Amazon

Building or upgrading your PC is never a cheap endeavor, but finding a big sale on a great CPU is a good way to start. The AMD Ryzen 7 3800X is a top performer thanks to eight cores, 16 threads, and the ability to overclock. If your gaming PC has been lagging, this will give it a solid boost at a solid price.

$397 at Amazon

Samsung 860 EVO 1TB | $50 off at Amazon

Keeping up with storage demands in a PC seems to be an ongoing concern, so why not go big with a 1TB 2.5-inch SATA SSD from Samsung? The 860 EVO is a top pick thanks to reliability, solid warranty, and fast read and write speeds. Knock $50 off the regular price just for Prime Day.

$150 at Amazon

Samsung EVO Select 128GB | $13 off at Amazon

It's always good to have a microSD card ready to go, especially as Ultrabooks thin out in storage and ports. Samsung's EVO Select offers reliability and speed, and right now you can save $13 off a 128GB option for Prime Day.

$23 at Amazon

Best PC monitor deals

ViewSonic XG2560 | Up to $238 off at Amazon

Gaming monitors are a different breed, and the ViewSonic XG2560 goes a long way to please anyone who prefers 1080p. This 25-inch display has a 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time for crisp gaming, and G-Sync cuts out tearing for anyone with an NVIDIA GPU. Prime Day sees it discounted by almost $250.

From $350 at Amazon

Acer ED323QUR | $193 off at Amazon

Prefer some curve to your gaming monitor? This 32-inch option from Acer has an 1800R curve, QHD resolution, and 144Hz refresh rate for smooth gaming. FreeSync support works with AMD GPUs, and the minimalistic stand takes up less space on your desk. Save almost $200 thanks to Prime Day.

$360 at Amazon

Television deals

Insignia 58-inch Fire TV Edition | $335 off at Amazon

This 58-inch TV from Insignia packs a lot of screen for a relatively low price. The size is great for getting immersed in your content, the 4K resolution keeps everything sharp, and HDR support allows for vivid colors. Fire TV is available right as soon as you turn it on, and for Prime Day it can be yours for $335 less than its retail price.

$450 at Amazon

Insignia 50-inch Fire TV Edition | Save $265 at Amazon

Sticking with Insignia TVs, another option to consider is this 50-inch model. It's basically the same television as the one above, save for the fact that the screen is a little bit smaller. If you prefer the slightly smaller size and/or want to save some cash, this is a fantastic choice with a ton of value.

$420 at Amazon

Samsung The Frame 65-Inch TV | $480 off at Amazon

The Frame is one of the most stunning TVs we've seen in recent years. It's designed to look like a picture frame, and if you ask us, it looks like nothing else currently available. Along with its good looks, The Frame also delivers a 65-inch 4K display, QLED technology, and four HDMI ports for all of your devices. It's more affordable than ever during Prime Day, seeing a generous $480 savings.

$1,920 at Amazon

Samsung RU7100 58-Inch TV | Save $250 at Amazon

If you like what Samsung does with its TVs but can't justify the high cost of The Frame, another great option is the RU7100. All of the core features are here, including a 58-inch screen, 4K resolution, and a 120Hz refresh rate. Thanks to Samsung's smart TV interface, you have easy access to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and tons of other apps. Get it now for $250 off its retail price during Prime Day!

$550 at Amazon

Amazon device deals

Eero Mesh router 3-pack | $105 off at Amazon

Mesh routers can instantly turn a shoddy wireless network into a solid wireless network. If you have a large space, this three-pack of eero nodes will cover it. For Prime Day it's $105 off the regular price, which means you're getting great Wi-Fi at a great price.

$244 at Amazon

Amazon Echo Show 8 | $70 off at Amazon

Featuring a colorful, bright 8-inch display perfect for your office or kitchen, the Echo Show 8 displays photos, recipes, and that awesome Prime Video show you've been meaning to watch. At $90, this is $70 off for Prime Day — and for $10 more, you get the Echo Show 8 bundled with an Amazon Smart Plug.

$90 at Amazon

Amazon Echo Show 5 | $40 off at Amazon

For a great beside or office clock, there is Amazon's Echo Show 5. It has a bright 5-inch display, a camera for video calls, and best of all, it can show all of your photos through Amazon Photos. At $60, it's $40 off for Prime Day — and for $85, you get a Blink Mini as part of an awesome bundle.

$60 at Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) | $45 off at Amazon

A $25 price tag for one of the most useful smart speakers on the planet? Why not? Amazon's third-generation Echo Dot is $45 off for Prime Day, and it's the cheapest and easiest way to add Alexa to every room.

$25 at Amazon

Amazon Echo Plus + Amazon Smart Plug bundle | $120 off at Amazon

Yes, this is yet another Amazon Echo bundle, but this one's perfect. The Echo Plus (2nd Gen) sounds great and is $80 on its own, and now it's $90 with an Amazon Smart Plug, which lets you control anything you plug into a wall with Alexa.

$80 at Amazon

Amazon Echo Studio | $70 off at Amazon

Paying $190 for a speaker may seem like a lot, but the Amazon Echo Studio is something else. Featuring room-filling 3D sound that pairs perfectly with Amazon's new Prime HD music service, the Echo Studio is one of the best smart speaker deals we've seen in Canada.

$190 at Amazon

Ring Video Doorbell (2020) | $35 off at Amazon

Upgrading your home with a smart doorbell is a small improvement that makes a big difference. Not only does it make it convenient to answer your door from anywhere in the world — or just upstairs if you're being lazy — but it works as a great security camera, too. At $95, this 2nd Gen Ring Doorbell is $35 off for Prime Day.

$95 at Amazon

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When is Prime Day 2020?

Prime Day 2020 runs from October 13 to October 14th. This year it was pushed back a couple of months, but that doesn't mean you won't find the same crazy deals as last year. If you're not a Prime member, be sure to give it a 30-day free trial to get the best deals and a whole lot more.

Should you wait for Black Friday?

Due to the proximity of this year's Prime Day event, a lot of the deals you see October 13 and 14 will be the same as or even better than Black Friday. That doesn't mean there won't be some awesome sales reserved for Black Friday, but if you see a solid deal on something you've been waiting for, it's probably a good idea to jump.

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