One of the annoying things about Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cloud streaming is that most of the solutions for Xbox gaming on a mobile controller are either clunky with poor ergonomics or a bit expensive. This solution from 8bitdo is 15% off with a Cyber Monday coupon, and here's why it's one of the better ways to play Xbox games streamed from the cloud.

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Project xCloud is now known as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cloud gaming, and like its brand, using it can be clunky. Thankfully, this 8bitdo controller helps a whole bunch, and it's a bit cheaper for Cyber Monday.

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The 8bitdo is awesome because it solves one of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cloud streaming's biggest annoyances: it's flat. Wait, why is that important?

Most of the best phone clips for Xbox Game Pass streaming come with a crippling flaw: they require an Xbox controller, which simply isn't designed to distribute weight evenly when a controller and a phone are attached. If you place that thing down on a surface, it will flop backward against the weight of the phone, and could even cause some damage if you're not being careful. The 8bitdo's clever design solves that problem.

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Being totally flat on the base with a clever phone clip attachment that should fit most smartphones, you can angle the display to balance against the controller itself far more easily.

The interface is Bluetooth, which isn't as good as the Razer Kishi's USB-C connector, but it's also much more affordable, and for games that aren't latency sensitive like turn-based titles, this more than does the job. You can also customize every aspect of the controller with an app before getting connected, including sensitivity, button mapping, and more, with an 18-hour USB-C rechargeable battery.

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