Xbox One

Would you like to get a new TV with your new Xbox One console? If so, today's one-day deal at Best Buy may be for you. The retailer is selling the 500GB version of Microsoft's console bundled with a Samsung 40-inch HDTV for just $499.98.

The Xbox One that's sold in this bundle is the "family" edition, with a free copy of The Lego Movie game. The Samsung TV includes two HDMI ports, along with a USB port, and is otherwise a solid TV, if a little low in the features department.

Microsoft is currently selling the 500GB Xbox One for $50 off its normal price at $299.99, and the Samsung TV also has its own $50 discount at Best Buy, cutting its price down to $329.99. Even with those discounts, buying these two products separately would still cost $629.98, which means this bundle deal will save customers $130.

Buy the Xbox One-Samsung 40-inch TV bundle at Best Buy

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