So you finally upgraded to a new computer but it came with Windows 10 out of the box and you feel lost? Well, whether it is your first time or you want to learn more about the operating system, you don't need to spend a fortune to do it. Don't spend your money on expensive lessons or in-home training and instead, check this out.

The introduction to Windows 10 bundle gives you access to hundreds of video tutorials, various e-books, and more to help you learn everything from the basic functions to how to take advantage of Windows 10's cloud capabilities.

The bundle includes:

  • Master Windows 10 w/ 4 e-books & over 130 video tutorials
  • Maximize your productivity using virtual desktops, Microsoft Office 365 integration, etc.
  • Understand & utilize all Windows 10 security functions
  • Take advantage of Windows 10's mobile capabilities: using your phone as a PC, syncing online profiles, etc.
  • Dive into Windows 10's cloud capabilities to get a consistent user experience no matter your device

Whether you have been using Windows 10 for a bit, or are just about to dive in for the first time, odds are that you can learn some great things from this course. At a 92% discount on the bundle, it is hard to pass this offer up. Learn how to make the most of your new computer and ensure that you are using all the features that you want to use.

Coming in at $20, you'd be silly to wait to pick this up. With access to 130 video tutorials, 4 e-books and more, this is an incredible value.

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