Is The First Descendant on Xbox Game Pass?

Image of The First Descendant from the Microsoft Store.
You don't have to worry about The First Descendant being on Xbox Game Pass. (Image credit: NEXON | Xbox)

Is The First Descendant on Xbox Game Pass?

No, The First Descendant is not available through Xbox Game Pass, because it simply doesn't need to be. This is a completely free-to-play title, meaning anyone can download and play it for free across Xbox, Windows PC, and PlayStation.

Everyone seems to be talking about The First Descendant, a brand-new cross-platform RPG looter shooter from Nexon. Built using Unreal Engine 5, The First Descendant is off to a big start and attracting a lot of players right out the gate. If you're interested in joining the fun but want to save some cash, you might be wondering if The First Descendant is included as a part of Xbox Game Pass.

Fortunately, you don't have to worry about that! The First Descendant is a fully free-to-play game, meaning it costs you exactly nothing to download it and begin playing. Well, you'll still need the online subscription for Xbox and PlayStation to enjoy this very multiplayer game, but the actual title itself is free. You can play The First Descendant now for free at Microsoft Store (Xbox).

Other ways to benefit from subscriptions

The First Descendant is a great looking game as far as looter shooters go. (Image credit: NEXON | Xbox)

The First Descendant doesn't need to be a part of Xbox Game Pass for all players to enjoy it, but could subscribers still benefit in some way? Right now, Xbox Game Pass Core and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers benefit because they have access to online multiplayer, but there are no exclusive XGP Ultimate perks for The First Descendant.

That could change in the future, though, as it's well within the realm of possibility for Xbox to offer some in-game cosmetics and rewards for The First Descendant through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks. One area where new Descendants can secure some free loot is at Twitch.

From launch until July 29, 2024, players can earn up to five The First Descendant rewards through Twitch Drops, just by watching partnered streamers for up to two hours. You'll have to link your Twitch account to your Nexon account to redeem those rewards, but it's entirely free and doesn't require a Twitch Prime subscription.

The First Descendant is available now

You'll have to battle for humanity's survival in The First Descendant. (Image credit: NEXON | Xbox)

The First Descendant is officially available from July 2, 2024 across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC via SteamPlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. This free-to-play online co-op looter shooter pits you, as a powerful Descendant, against The Vulgus, an invading alien race intent on eradicating humanity. There are plenty of battles to be won in the debut chapter of The First Descendant, which could end up being one of the best Xbox games if it sticks the landing.

Players just getting started and torn on which Descendant to take into battle can check out our The First Descendant character tier list for some advice. Of course, we also have our in-depth The First Descendant FAQ for all the information you could possibly want on the latest video games craze. Whenever you're ready to play, go and download The First Descendant for free at Microsoft Store (Xbox) and jump in.

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