Lenovo management confirms that a Legion Go 2 handheld will be released with "even more features"

Lenovo Legion Go (2023)
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What you need to know

  • The Lenovo Legion Go is a gaming handheld with a large 8.8-inch screen and detachable controllers that released back in October 2023.
  • Lenovo's APAC Gaming Category Manager, Clifford Chong, confirmed that a next-generation Legion Go will have "even more features." 
  • ASUS has already announced that it is working on an ROG Ally 2, so the two devices will likely once again compete for gamer attention. 

Last year was the year of the PC gaming handheld with both the ROG Ally and Legion Go being released onto the market as competitors to the Steam Deck. These devices might not be that old, but that hasn't stopped their respective companies from planning for their successors. Just recently Clifford Chong, Lenovo's APAC Gaming Category Manager, confirmed that a next-gen Legion Go is being planned for (thanks VideoCardz). 

Chong's Legion Go 2 news was not officially revealed but was rather stated during a round table (basically an informal question and answer session) at Lenovo Innovate in Bangkok, Thailand. This info came to light thanks to attendee and journalist, Chris Stead, talking about it on their YouTube channel.

As is usually the case with any new tech, Chong says the Legion Go 2 will have "even more features, better features" than the original device. Now, the trick is figuring out when exactly to release it.

"We are very heartened by the response we have for Legion go, right?" Chong said. "I can say that when we were first developing the product— amongst the gaming market there is primarily much smaller screens. It was not an easy decision to go with an 8.8-inch screen. We are the largest gaming handheld, but it has been received very well... Asia specific, we are very heartened by the response that we have from the markets that we have launched in."

"We are still spending a lot of resources improving on the current Legion Go. Okay. We are still spending a lot of resources. Over the span of the last 6 months since launch, we have unlocked from day one till now a lot more experiences and there are still engineering efforts to try to bring the next wave of features to the product. So definitely it's a product category that we do see potential in and we continue to invest and we are looking towards when the time comes, right? Of course, having the next generation to provide even more features, better features."

What exactly these new Legion Go features are remains to be seen since the product is likely either in the early stages or else is kept tight under wraps. Hopefully, the new Legion Go will feature VRR (variable refresh rate) to help smooth out the viewing experience, which it lacks compared to its ROG Ally competitor. Outside of that, I hope it keeps the large screen and detachable controllers; they help the device stand out from others. 

Now, news of a Legion Go 2 being in the works isn't too surprising given that the ROG Ally 2 has also recently been confirmed by ASUS India Vice President Arnold Su (you can learn more at our ROG Ally 2 FAQ). The two devices are strong competitors, so it makes sense that the companies might attempt to launch their next-gen gaming handhelds around the same time.

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