Palworld boss locations map: Every tower boss and Alpha Pal in order

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You can expect to face many different threats throughout your adventure across the Palpagos Islands in Palworld, but none are more formidable than the game's bosses. Both the juiced up "Alpha Pal" versions of regular Pals in the open world and the five major bosses found at special towers around the map are quite a challenge to take down, and while battling the former, you can even capture and use them yourself (you can catch tower bosses, too, but that's a bug and not a feature).

But before you can actually fight all of these elite foes, you'll first need to find them. This can be tricky to accomplish if you're only going off of your own explorations, as there are nearly 50 bosses in total and you have a ridiculous amount of ground to cover on Palworld's huge map. Thankfully, though, the Palworld community has come together incredibly quickly post-launch, and has sleuthed out exactly where each and every one of these enemies can be found.

Below, you'll find an in-depth overview of all the information you'll need. This includes maps that show the location of each tower boss in order as well as every Alpha Pal spawn (along with exact coordinates), along with details about every boss' level and type.

Palworld tower bosses in order: Map locations and levels

The circled locations in the above map show where each tower boss is, as well as which order you're recommended to fight them in. (Image credit: / Windows Central)

Of the two different types of bosses in Palworld, tower bosses are the most dangerous. With hard-hitting attacks and colossal health pools compared to any other Pals in the game, these are the main threats you'll be gearing up and training to take down during your playthrough. They give you a ton of XP when defeated, and you'll also get five valuable Ancient Technology Points the first time you beat them, too.

There are five tower bosses in total, and each one can be found within one of the five massive towers you can spot throughout Palworld's open world. You can use the above map to see where they are, with the below table featuring their names, the coordinates of their exact locations (coordinates are visible on the bottom left of the map screen), and some other information.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Tower BossLevelTypeLocation
Zoe and Grizzbolt10Electric (weak to Ground)(113, -430)
Lily and Lyleen25Grass (weak to Fire)(181, 30) in a snowy region, so bring cold-resistant armor.
Axel and Orserk40Dragon/Electric (weak to Ice and Ground)(-587, -517) in a volcanic region, so bring heat-resistant armor.
Marcus and Faleris45Fire (weak to Water)(556, 336) in a desert region, so bring heat-resistant armor.
Victor and Shadowbeak50Dark (weak to Dragon)(-145, 448) in a snowy region, so bring cold-resistant armor.

Note that while you can battle Palworld's tower bosses in any sequence you like, the order I listed them in is considered to be the optimal course to take. By challenging them this way, you'll fight them in order from least to most powerful as you progress, ensuring that you won't walk into a boss battle you're wildly underleveled and unprepared for.

Palworld Alpha Pal bosses: Map locations and levels

The Pal icons on the map above each represent an Alpha Pal boss spawn location. (Image credit: / Windows Central)

The other type of boss you can run into in Palworld are Alpha Pals, which are unique versions of standard Pals that have better health and stats and are typically much larger than their normal counterparts. Though they're not quite as tough as tower bosses, they are difficult to take down at their respective levels, so don't underestimate them.

Notably, you can catch them as you would any Pal, provided you've weakened them enough and are using the best Pal Spheres you can make when you're at or close to their level. Unsurprisingly, they're among the best Palworld pals in the entire game for both combat and work on your Palworld base, and can also be used for breeding and getting Fusion Pals. For these reasons, it's recommended to try and capture every one you come across.

There are 43 Alpha Pal bosses across the map, all of which can be seen in the above screenshot or, more directly, with the Palworld interactive map I used to capture it. Also, the coordinates of their spawn areas are included in the following table, along with their names, levels, and types. They've been listed in order from lowest to highest level, which should make it easy to choose which ones to go after and which ones to avoid at your current level.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Tower BossLevelTypeLocation
Chillet11Ice (weak to Fire)(173, -417) on a plateau accessible from a nearby bridge.
Gumoss11Ground (weak to Grass)(-113, -629) in a wide open area near a coastline.
Sweepa11Ice (weak to Fire)(-227, -595) in a flat spot near a forested plateau.
Dumud14Ground (weak to Grass)(-309, 2) close to the island's centermost pond.
Penking15Water/Ice (weak to Electric)(114, -354) within a dungeon in an autumnal zone.
Grintale17Neutral (weak to Dark)(355, -247) in a massive open field near some small forests.
Azurobe17Water/Dragon (weak to Electric and Ice)(-51, -387) in the middle of a large body of water.
Nitewing18Neutral (weak to Dark)(-275, -71) flying over a sandy beach.
Kingpaca23Neutral (weak to Dark)(50, -461) in an open sandy area surrounded by trees.
Katress23Dark (weak to Dragon)(242, -333) in a dungeon on a small island.
Broncherry23Grass (weak to Fire)(-222, -670) in a grassy field at the base of some small mountains.
Bushi23Fire (weak to Water)(-117, -491) in a dungeon on a cliff.
Quivern23Dragon (weak to Ice)(-255, -132) in a dungeon located next to a massive dragon statue.
Felbat23Dark (weak to Dragon)(-410, -55) in a dungeon surrounded by small stone pillars.
Fenglope25Neutral (weak to Dark)(-245, -433) located in a cave behind a waterfall.
Petallia28Grass (weak to Fire)(-20, -265) in a dungeon in the center of the Ancient Ritual Site area.
Beakon29Electric (weak to Ground)(-345, -255) under a strange dome-like stone structure.
Warsect30Ground/Grass (weak to Fire)(162, -224) in a dungeon near water and large rock pillars.
Elphidran30Dragon (weak to Ice)(44, -284) on a flat, sandy plateau.
Boncherry Aqua30Grass/Water (weak to Electric)(-141, -440) at the end of a deep cave near the water.
Univolt31Electric (weak to Ground)(-117, -543) walking around the edge of a large cliff.
Relaxaurus Lux31Dragon/Electric (weak to Ice and Ground)(-203, -347) within a dungeon surrounded by small stone pillars and trees.
Elizabee31Grass (weak to Fire)(36, -190) found within a cave in the side of a cliff.
Mossanda Lux31Electric (weak to Ground)(450, -183) near a naturally formed stone bridge between two plateaus.
Lunaris32Neutral (weak to Dark)(-146, -660) in a dungeon on the edge of a cliff overlooking massive flatlands.
Verdash35Grass (weak to Fire)(285, 8) in a dungeon just south of the Sealed Realm of the Swift fast travel statue.
Mammorest38Grass (weak to Fire)(190, -478) in the forests in the Plateau of Beginnings.
Wumpo Botan38Grass (weak to Fire)(450, -51) along the edge of a beach, walking near palm trees.
Vaelet38Grass (weak to Fire)(130, -52) in a dungeon surrounded by shallow water.
Sibelyx40Ice (weak to Fire)(253, 69) in a dungeon near a large four-legged statue. Bring cold-resistant armor.
Menasting44Dark/Ground (weak to Dragon and Grass)(492, 79) at the end of a desert cave. Bring heat-resistant armor.
Suzaku45Fire (weak to Water)(404, 255) flying over the desert sands. Bring heat-resistant armor.
Jormuntide45Dragon/Water (weak to Ice and Electric)(-175,-265) and (350, -85) within massive lakes.
Ice Kingpaca46Ice (weak to Fire)(-255, 478) at the end of an icy mineshaft. Bring cold-resistant armor.
Anubis47Ground (weak to Grass)(-133, -96) in a small desert near a statue of the Pal. Bring heat-resistant armor.
Dinossom Lux47Electric/Dragon (weak to Ground and Ice)(350, 570) in a desert cave. Bring heat-resistant armor.
Astegon48Dragon/Dark (weak to Ice)(-570, -416) in destroyed mineshaft near a body of lava. Bring heat-resistant armor.
Blazamut49Fire (weak to Water)(-435, -532) in another mineshaft accessible from the base of a mountain. Bring heat-resistant armor.
Lyleen Noct49Dark (weak to Dragon)(-141, 317) in an icy cave next to a large mountain. Bring cold-resistant armor.
Frostallion50Ice (weak to Fire)(-357, 510) patrolling a frozen lake. Bring cold-resistant armor.
Jetragon50Dragon (weak to Ice)(-790, -320) near a series of dead trees and sharp volcanic rocks. Bring heat-resistant armor.
Paladius and Necromus50Neutral (weak to Dark) and Dark (weak to Dragon)(447, 680) in the desert, encountered together. Bring heat-resistant armor.

Capturing or killing one of these Alpha Pals for the first time will give you a single Ancient Technology Point that you can use to unlock special new items to craft, such as the Grappling Gun. On top of that, you'll get 2-4 Ancient Civilization Parts each time you defeat them, which is a resource you'll need constantly during your journey. That means farming them — both to try and get versions with strong passive skills and to collect lots of these parts — is well worth the time and effort.

When do Alpha Pals respawn in Palworld?

A Jormuntide Alpha Pal wandering around its habitat. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Pretty much everything respawns in Palworld, and that includes Alpha Pal bosses. However, the game generally doesn't tell you when this happens, leaving many players unsure of when they should head back to each spawn zone to once more challenge the boss there. Thankfully, after much testing, players have been able to determine precisely when these foes will reappear.

Alpha Pals respawn exactly one hour of time spent in-game after you slay or capture them, which is the equivalent of one in-game Palworld day. In other words, you can fight every one of these bosses once a day, so keep that in mind when you're trying to farm some specific Alpha Pals.

Palworld is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles, and Windows PC via either the Microsoft Store or Steam. It's quickly become one of the best Xbox games and best PC games of 2024 so far, and it's also playable through Xbox Game Pass.

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