The lowest price ever the Logitech G Pro yoke system: just $120 for Black Friday

Logitech G Pro Yoke
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If you're into games like Microsoft Flight Simulator, then you need the Logitech G Pro Yoke System on sale for $119.99 through Adorama. It normally sells for around $170, and today's deal is the best one we've ever seen. Other retailers saying it's on sale have never dropped it past $150.  This is legitimately the lowest price ever and a great deal any gamers poised to take off during the holidays.

Logitech G Pro Flight Yoke system $170 $119.99 at Adorama

Logitech G Pro Flight Yoke system $170 $119.99 at Adorama

This is one of our favorite systems for Microsoft Flight Simulator and other flight sims. It has great build quality, full functionality, and amazing value for the cost (even before today's sale!)

On our list of the best yokes for Microsoft Flight Simulator, we like the Logitech G Pro for its value. Now thanks to today's Black Friday price, you get even more value out of it. Considering Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on PC Game Pass, too, you could be soaring through the skies in no time without spending much at all. 

This system includes the Yoke and the Throttle Quadrant. It has five axes, a stainless steel elevator, and an aileron control shaft. The 25 different buttons are all fully programmable, and you can switch positions. The G Pro tries to be as modular as possible, giving you a lot of flexibility when you fly. Some of the other features include a wired USB connection that should make it easy to get up and running, a desk clamp so you'll be secure even during turbulence, and detachable lever knobs.

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