These 7 holiday deals on my favorite 2023 games are PERFECT for last-minute Christmas gifts

Wait, it's almost Christmas? Already? It feels like it was only yesterday that December began, though I suppose time flies when you're frantically writing about holiday deals and The Game Awards. If you've lost track of the days like I have, you still might have some Christmas shopping to do, but there's a problem: it's too late for most retailers to ship physical orders before the big day, even if you fork over the cheddar for expedited shipping. And while you might be able to find what you're looking for in-store, there's also a good chance the holiday frenzy has cleared out available stock.

If the people you're buying for are gamers, though, you can skip rolling the dice with shipping and searching physical stores altogether by getting digital games. By selecting gifting options when purchasing these, codes for them are instantly shown or emailed to you, which you can then give to the recipient for redemption. And thanks to the holiday season, many of 2023's best games are on sale on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC (via Steam, GOG, or Epic Games) for awesome discounts — including many favorites of mine that I've played and highly recommend.

You'll find the best deals I've spotted for the digital versions of these seven games below, along with quick descriptions of each one's excellence. I've also included links to deals on physical copies in the event you decide to take a chance on shipping.

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Last-minute game deals

Baldur's Gate 3 |$59.99now $53.99 at GOG

Baldur's Gate 3 | was $59.99 now $53.99 at GOG

2023's Game of the Year Winner, Baldur's Gate 3, is enjoying its first-ever discount in the days leading up to Christmas — for a limited time, you can snag it for 10% off its usual price on PC. It's no exaggeration to say that it's one of the deepest, richest, and most expansive RPGs in gaming history, and gifting it to someone is a surefire way to make their holiday season a whole lot brighter.

Alan Wake 2 | $49.99now $39.99 at GMG (Epic Games)

Alan Wake 2 | was $49.99 now $39.99 at GMG (Epic Games)

13 years after the release of Alan Wake, Remedy Entertainment has put out an incredible sequel. This narrative-heavy survival horror game weaves the story of an FBI agent's investigation of murders in a Pacific Northwest town and a writer's imprisonment in a twisted alternate dimension into one, complete with top-tier visual and audio presentation. Notably, it took home three wins at The Game Awards, and was nominated for eight.

Also at: Xbox ($47.99) | PlayStation ($47.99)

Starfield | $69.99now $46.05 at GMG (Steam)

Starfield | was $69.99 now $46.05 at GMG (Steam)

Starfield is the largest open world RPG that Bethesda has ever made, complete with tons of different interacting systems and incredibly well-written quests. Though its open areas aren't as rich as what you'd find in Skyrim or Fallout, it's still a strong sci-fi RPG that'll be a great gift for any Xbox or PC player.

Also at: Xbox ($48.99)

Remnant 2 | $49.99now $29.99 at GMG (Steam)

Remnant 2 | was $49.99 now $29.99 at GMG (Steam)

What if FromSoftware's Dark Souls action RPG games were co-op shooters? 2019's Remnant: From the Ashes showed why that was an awesome idea, and now Gunfire Games is back with Remnant 2 — an amazing sequel with a fresh campaign, tons of new gear and buildcrafting options, streamlined progression, improved gunplay, and more.

Also at: Xbox ($29.99) | PlayStation ($29.99) | Amazon (PS5, $44.99, Physical)

Resident Evil 4 | $59.99now $29.99 at Xbox

Resident Evil 4 | was $59.99 now $29.99 at Xbox

2005's Resident Evil 4 stands tall as one of the best action horror games of all time, and CAPCOM's remake of it this year is something special, too. It reimagines the classic with cutting edge visuals and modernized gameplay, along with some tweaks to parts of the game that players found frustrating in the original.

Also at: Steam ($29.99) | PlayStation ($29.99) | Best Buy (Xbox, $29.99, Physical) | Best Buy (PS5, $29.99, Physical) | Best Buy (PS4, $29.99, Physical)

Trepang2 | $29.99now $19.12 at GMG (Steam)

Trepang2 | was $29.99 now $19.12 at GMG (Steam)

This wild, high-octane FPS may be named after a game jam project, but it's got all the explosive flair and style of a big-budget action movie. It puts you in the shoes of a soldier with superhuman strength and speed as well as an arsenal of different weapons, and tasks you with taking out legions of well-trained private military troops across varied campaign missions. It's one of the most addicting shooters I've ever played, and one of 2023's most underrated titles.

Also at: Xbox ($20.99) | PlayStation (Digital Deluxe, $24.49)

Hi-Fi Rush | $29.99now $19.12 at GMG (Steam)

Hi-Fi Rush | was $29.99 now $19.12 at GMG (Steam)

Primarily known for its survival horror games, Tango Gameworks shocked the world when it shadow dropped the rhythm action title Hi-Fi Rush in January. As the aspiring rockstar Chai, players will wail on evil megacorp-controlled robots in a colorful, vibrant world where everything — including enemies, puzzle mechanics, and Chai's own attacks — is synced up with the beat of the killer soundtrack.

Also at: Xbox ($22.49)

Give the gift of games this holiday

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December 25 is fast-approaching, and with shipping carriers straining to manage the chaos of holiday shopping, trying to order a physical item this close to Christmas is a huge risk. That's why buying someone a digital copy of one of the best Xbox games or best PC games is a great idea, as you'll get a code for it instantly that you can give to them when it's time for presents. There's no case that they can unwrap under the tree, but hey — a gift's a gift, and they'll have a blast with the game whether they have a disc for it or not.

Note that while GreenManGaming gives you a code by default and Steam has a built-in game gifting feature, you'll need to select "Buy as a gift" when purchasing a game from the Xbox store to get a code (have it emailed to you, if you want to give it to the giftee on Christmas). On GOG, you have to select "Gift this order" during checkout. Sadly, there's no way to directly gift games on PlayStation, though you can get someone a PlayStation gift card so they can take advantage of these deals themselves.

In addition to these wonderful games, a subscription to Microsoft's buffet-style Xbox Game Pass service would also be a fantastic gift for players on Xbox and PC. It gives its members access to over 400 games, including every first-party Xbox exclusive title. That means Starfield and Hi-Fi Rush are fully playable through the service. Remnant 2 came to Game Pass at the end of November, as well.

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