Oh China, you crack us with your flaunting of copyright law, IP and even just flat out copying hardware.

We're not really sure why you want WM6.5 in a cloned (i.e. fake) Motorola Droid and that's not a knock on WM6.5--have you tried a Droid? They keyboard is awful what's with that d-pad throwing of the centering? Blech.

But say you really wanted this, you should be able to get one out of China for about $220. It features:

  • 533M Huawei Hisilicon K3 chip
  • 3.7 inches 800×480 display
  • 256MB ROM/256MB RAM
  • 2-megapixel camera
  • GPS, Wi-Fi

Good luck with it!

[via Cloned in China]