Intel discontinues Cascade Lake-X CPUs and X299 chipsets, but provides a grace period

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What you need to know

  • Intel's Cascade Lake-X CPUs and X299 chipsets will no longer be in production.
  • The company is implementing the change gradually and will phase out the entries by January next year.
  • Intel will accept orders until April 2023.

Intel announced that it's pulling the plug on its ancient high-end desktop Cascade Lake-X CPUs and X299 chipsets, as spotted by PC Gamer. As such, the entries will no longer be in production, thus making purchases impossible. 

In 2019, the company shipped Cascade Lake-X with a refreshed range of HEDT processors. No major change was spotted in the entries during the launch compared to their predecessors regarding specifications. The same also applies when talking about CPU performance.

But Intel made up for these shortcomings with clock speed and memory support. Compared to the previous generation, Cascade Lake X CPUs supported memory up to 2,933MHz right off the bat. A significant bump from its predecessors that supported up to 2,666MHz. The number of supported PCI-Express lanes was also bumped to 48, allowing the company to compete on an even playing field with other competitors.

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Intel cutting support for Cascade Lake-X CPUs has a ripple effect on the X299 chipset and its LGA2066 socket, which means they won't be in production anymore. The X299's debut dates back to 2017. At the time, Intel used it to run Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X CPUs.

It's worth noting that Intel intends to implement this move gradually. The company will continue shipping Cascade Lake-X CPUs and X299 chipsets as usual through to next year in January. The company also added that it will continue to accept orders for the entries until April 2023. 

But once this change is in full effect, Intel will no longer be part of the HEDT market. Luckily, Intel continues to produce newer entries such as Raptor Lake CPUs that ship with modern technology and are more powerful.

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