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The original Microsoft Surface Duo may be a bit older, but it still has its fans. Thanks to its smooth back, it can flip around into a slim slab when you want a single screen or span out with side-by-side displays for multitasking. There are some that even prefer the Surface Duo to the Surface Duo 2. If you fall into that category, or you just want a foldable phone at a low price, Amazon has a deal for you.

Right now, you can purchase a Surface Duo for only $329 through Amazon. That's the lowest price we've ever seen the foldable for through Amazon and close to the lowest we've seen it anywhere. Occasionally, the Surface Duo goes on sale at Woot for a hair under $300, but today's Amazon deal is still a substantial discount.

Get Microsoft Surface Duo at a discount

Microsoft Surface Duo | $329 at Amazon

Microsoft Surface Duo | $329 at Amazon

The original Surface Duo is a bit older when it comes to specs, but it still delivers a unique mobile experience. It features two displays that allow you to span apps to improve productivity or run apps side-by-side for multitasking.

The Surface Duo launched at $1,400. It has steadily dropped in price since then, but $329 is even lower than usual. The device has a unique foldable form factor with two displays rather than a single folding display. The entire Duo experience is built toward multitasking and productivity. Several apps can expand to span across both screens, or you can run two apps side-by-side.

While Microsoft has confirmed a Surface event for October 12, 2022, we don't expect a Surface Duo 3 to be announced on that day. Microsoft could, however, announce the new Android 12L update for the Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 at the event. That OS update centers around devices with large or foldable displays and should improve the Duo and Duo 2.

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