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AT&T Lumia 635 is now available for just $39 on the Microsoft Store

You can now pick up a no-contract version of the Lumia 635 on AT&T for just $39 from the Microsoft Store. The deal is a part of the Redmond giant's Black Friday promotion. Other deals that are available today include a $20 discount (opens in new tab) on Beats Powerbeats 2 in-ear headphones and a $30 price cut (opens in new tab) on the HP Stream 13 notebook.

There's no indication as to how long the deal will last, but for $39, it is a no-brainer if you're looking for a decent entry-level handset. Check out our review to know what you're getting with the Lumia 635.

How many of you will be picking up the device? As we head into Black Friday and Cyber Monday, more deals will be starting to go live, so stay locked to Windows Central for all the coverage.

Thanks everyone for the tips!

  • I purchased one this evening from Microsoft.   This is a great price for a very good starter windows phone.   
  • Is it carrier locked to AT&T?
  • at that price it's guaranteed
  • Yes. Although some carriers that use att towers can use it. Like Straight Talk.
  • Wish I could unlock these to use in Spain. Is it possible? Any way? If so, how much it cost? Thanks
  • You potentially could, but you wouldn't want to. The frequencies of the North American variant are wrong for Europe.
  • OK. Thanks. Anyway, I could use any tool to change Variant, right? Thanks once again
  • No... The cellular bands are hardware, software can't change them.
  • Ooooh ! :-(.  ¡OK, understood! Thanks a lot
  • Wow! How low can we go??
  • In for one
  • Wish I could unlock these to use in Canada. Att sucks.
  • I wish I could use them on Verizon. It sucks that Verizon has zero budget Windows Phone. They're especially great if you break your flagship device and need something to hold you over till your contract is up.
  • Bought two for my folks for Xmas, to replace their 520s.  Great price.
  • Purchased 2. I want to save the battery on my 1520 so now one will become my new GPS in my car.
  • Wouldn't a car charger have been even cheaper? :)
  • Not if you stick with Nokia OEM Parts :) sad but true
  • This, an OEM charger is nearly the same price.
  • A car charger might be cheaper but I plan on holding onto the 1520 for awhile and don't want to kill the battery by constantly charging it.
  • Damn that's a crazy good super excellent price ! I would've got 2 if it was a GSM unlocked ... AT&T sucks
  • Got one!!!
  • AT&T sucks you say. Ok. I wish I could pick two, too.
  • Get this instead of mp3
  • Bought one as a new mp3 player.
  • Works on cricket?
  • I had my 920 from ATT and switched it over to aio which became cricket. You just need a sim card for it.
  • Sweet, thanks for the answer.
  • Hi. Yup, you just need the cricket sim card!
  • Just ordered one. Will send my current one to my cousin in Trinidad since I can now unlock that one
  • Damn it! When are the new high end flagship coming! I need to replace my 920 in December!!
  • The 830 is a little bump up from the 920. Its not a big improvement, but it has some features (SDcard) the 920 misses, a newer soc and a slightly better camera. So if you'r looking to stay within the Windows Phone ecosystem? There is a decent upgrade available for you. I would just take a one year contract (if thats posible, I'm Dutch so dont kow your telecom market that well)
  • Unfortunately ATT doesn't offer a one yr contract, and if they did, it would be much more expensive. Plus I have a family plan, so that wouldn't work. I really don't understand why Windows decided to flood the market with a bunch of low end really sucks for those who need a high-end phone for work and personal life.
  • And yes, I know it's a first world problem.
  • 1520
  • That'll be my choice for an upgrade, the only downside is that the tech is a bit old in mobile age. I saw a rumor of a possible 1130 coming out in December which should be the next high-end flagship....but it's a rumor.
  • May. There should be an announcement at MWC in March and at Build in April. I wouldn't expect to be able to purchase until May.
  • There won't be one, it's the M8 or nothing for a few months.
  • That's really sad. It's as if Windows love to shoot themselves in the foot, the holidays are just around the corner and they won't release a high-end phone until after. That's an epic fail
  • I might buy this for two reasons: 1) Familiarize myself with Windows Phone before I make any plunge into mid our high end phones. 2) Transfer my landline number to it as a GoPhone to be able to transfer the number to Google Voice, since they only accept mobile numbers, and ultimately have free home phone service instead of Vonage. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • FYI google voice is end of life and scheduled for discontinuation
  • Wow. Hope we get deals like this in the UK this week. Really want a 2nd handset for when I go out on my mtb. Not risking my 930, but wouldn't be too upset if this got smashed after a crash!
  • Holy crap that's cheap
  • Hows that stream?
  • If this had a dedicated camera button I would jump on this deal as the performance of my 925 with Dev Preview is getting on my nerves.
  • You go and reset it...
  • My 925 works like the first day with DP... Wouldn't mind a 935 coming out soon thou
  • Hard reset works wonders.
  • Can You add to your app and site filter "Don't show only US deals"? I,m just getting angry. In my country we earn 3 times less and this phone is 3 times pricer. $39 is almost like free (especially for US ppl)
  • Maybe you should start your own site, with a focus on your home country.
  • This phone is locked to AT&T network, and comes in AT&T packing. Pretty sure AT&T negotiated a great price for this device, and probably eating some loss to bring the price down. Of course, they will save money somewhere else. So you cannot compare the unlocked price of the same device elsewhere in the world where carriers don't have much say in the device choices.
  • This. Look at the price of the T-Mobile variant vs AT&T variant: T-Mobile is more expensive. AT&T is subsiding this baby because its locked to their network, much like how the AT&T Lumia 520 was always cheaper than the T-Mobile 521.
  • I wish MS could keep it this low for at least a month and everywhere!
  • Ordered one to replace my wife's backup 520 (she has a 925) was going to wait for the 535 but at this price why not.
  • @blue1k bought a 520 no contract from Microsoft site last January & been using it up till now in the it unlocked at this site
  • At that price it would be nice to have as:
    1. Backup
    2. Music Player (it has SD expandable memory)
    3. Remote shutter trigger for my 1020 with an app like:  I'm sure I could find some more uses for that, but I just gave the MS store $100 for one of the HP Stream 7 tablets and I'm having fun with that! :)
  • hp stream is value for money.
  • True story!!  I love installing regular Windows 8.1 programs and not just "apps".   My TV/Film screenwriting software, Final Draft, installed perfetly.  Now I can read and edit scripts from wherever without lagging my big laptop along.   I think similarly, that the 635 will give peopel some great value. I'm jealous that they can add SD memory.  
  • Microsoft needs to make multitasking better. we csn only open 7 windows behind. though a phone is not a pc as 7 are mpre than enough windows to be open in the background on the phone. but they should seriously solvs the loading resuming screen.
  • I ask if u purchase 2 Philippine?
  • I ordered 2. I wish I hadn't.  Just had the most nightmarish online support experience with Microsoft with two different people regarding my incorrect invoice. They were too stupid to understand and wouldn't fix it, After 45 minutes, I just gave up. Discount: $129.99
    Subtotal: $78.00
    Sales tax: $0.00
    Shipping: $9.99
    Order total: $84.56 Good luck making sense of that math. The correct total for the order was $78.     
  • $87.99 is the correct amount with shipping, but you got them cheaper
  • Shipping was free. $78 is correct. 
  • 84.56 - 78 is the tax. Shipping is free.
  • I guess I should have been more clear. I thought I was when I said that the correct total was $78. There is no sales tax in my state and the shipping was supposed to be free. Again, $78. :) 
  • If you live in NJ, sales tax applies to everything other than food, clothing, etc.
  • Then why did you list shipping as $9.99?
  • You know what? Nevermind. I copy/pasted my invoice! You people are almost dense as the Microsoft representatives.  
  • I ordered 2, as well. You paid $78 plus tax. The shipping was free. Just relax and enjoy your phones.
  • Uh, wrong. I live in a tax free state.
  • I went back and looked at my email confirmation, and it shows tax and shipping, but the $9.99 shipping wasn't included in the total. You may want to check your order online to see what they actually charged you.
  • Don't know who you got, because Microsoft Store support has always been amazing and helped me solve all my issues, at retail locations and via phone. When I ordered my sister a pink Blu Win Phone Jr as a replacement for her cracked iPhone 5C, the first one got stolen in transit (we received a box with no phone in it), they were really helpful in getting a new one shipped out, giving us our money back on the stolen phone, contacting us regularly via email to make sure everyone was still fine, and finally gave us $10 in Microsoft Store credit for our troubles. Needless to say: Very satisfied with the service.
  • Why are such offers limited to just the US?
  • There are no promotions in your country ever?
  • None like this cheap... UAE here.
  • This is partially being subsidized by AT&T, as the phone is locked to their network.
  • The night of Thanksgiving in the US is when Black Friday starts, a once a year shopping holiday where people are given extreme cuts in price in exchange for waiting in line until opening time. ...Whereupon a huge crush of human beings go crazy, hunting down the last remaining special. First come first serve, and limited quanities in each store. People have been known to get seriously hurt.
  • Why only the att one?
  • Ask the other carriers.
  • Because AT&T is subsidizing it, as it's locked to their network.
  • Just ordered one.. Going to visit the store today and grab the hp stream 7 windows tablet. Merry Christmas
  • Wow!
  • I bought one, I don't have even the slightest use for it but for the price I just wanted one.  
  • Future OS updates will now be able to be downloaded on SD card! Release to developers preview first.
  • Links in app on the phone are broke, for me anyway. They show as .com/{stuff} and then I get an invalid web request she I click on one.
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh what about the TMO version! I'd buy 2 right now! Darn.
  • I think best buy has a deal on them. Not this good, but best I've seen.
  • I bought one as soon as it went on sale. Was thinking about the stream 13 but decided to goto Walmart black Friday and get stream 11 for $180 with $25 gift card or maybe I should wait...
    Does anyone know how to he notified of amazon black Friday deals like the $80 32 inch TV they are supposed work have on sale? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  •    I just ordered one at 8:15 a.m. EST so there are some still available. Looking to switch from Verizon so this will give me a cheap, contract free way to try out At&t.
  • I picked one up.  Never know when the 1520 or 1020 may suffer a drop and be down for a few days...
  • Out of Stock! Dagnabbit.
  • They are still available @ retail Microsoft Stores. I just purchased one.  This is good news if you're close to one of their locations.   
  • I want that HP Stream 7 tablet too.already have the Nokia 635. Its worth more rhan the $99 i paid for it. But wow at $39 i may get a spare. Thanks Ms for finally making Windows phone available at prices working people can afford.
  • Funny cause I have tmobile and they're selling it for $99
  • FYI - I think Best Buy and Radio Shack will also have it for this same price over Black Friday.
  • Ordered.
    This will be a great replacement to the 520 I keep as an emergency back up on the road.
  • Great "enough features" phone for a LOT of people.  Amazing low price. I've owned one for several months now.  Totally satisfied.  YMMV 
  • is a good unlock service provider. 
  • Missed it. This was going to be my mom's Christmas present to upgrade from the 520. Guess I'll check back later or maybe score one from Best Buy on Friday.
  • Wow, such a great deal
  • Hope I can get one of these I know its at&t locked but I will find a way around that because the price point is like a steal!..
  • Stocks better don't run out.. Until Dec 1.
  • Is there something different about THIS HP Stream notebook? I've been eyeing it for a while. I was $199. Now suddenly it goes UP to $229 so they can give you a $30 discount for black Friday? Really? Sometimes I hate marketing gimmics. Totally tricking the uneducated buyer. two thumbs down for that Black Friday "deal".  The phones are still a great deal though!
  • Darn it. Just bought my daughter a 635 GoPhone last week for $99 from Walmart and had it added to my At&t mobile share plan.
  • Out of stock. Ask chat rep about it. "Andrew B." informed me that it was out of stock. DUH!!! That's why I asked if there would be any more IN stock later. They dont know. Did say that the site was updated real time. So I guess that means if the find another box in a corner somewhere, they'll have more for sale. But if not, this deal is done. Ahh well. Too late to the party. Congrats to those of you who saw this deal sooner!
  • Out of stock online. They have stock at the retail locations.
  • Check the local microsoft store.  My local store has the phone in stock and on sale for $39. I went there and grab 2.
  • Can i buy it online?
  • Out of stock already. Damn east coast folks getting the jump on me.
  • I may buy 4-5 of them for myself and my four kids. This is an incredible price for a fairly decent entry-level phone. Best Buy has it as a similar price for their Black Friday sale, but now I can avoid the crowds and get the phone online.
  • Best buy shows it as $70 at this time. So you mean for Friday you saw advertised as $40?
  • yes, they advertised as $39
  • Bestbuy starts this $39 deal on Thursday 5pm. Better go thursday.
  • I just grabbed a 635.  My 920 is getting flaky in many ways.  So hopefully this will tide me over nicely until there is a new Windows flagship.  Yay!  $40 seems just ridiculously cheap.  I'm looking forward to dumping tons of music on it and using it as an MP3 player, too.  Heck, I imagine it will come with a new set of headphone, which I also need.
  • I just saw them back in stock on so I went ahead and picked one up. Right now I don't have any plans for the phone, by it will make a great backup phone! :)
  • its out of stock now
  • They went back in stock long enough for me to buy one! It looks as though they are permanently out now.
  • sold out!!!!
  • Stopped at the ms store in Oakbrook since it was sold out online to get 2 for my kids. They had a $25 off when u spend $75. Walked out with 2 for less than $60. Can't beat that
  • this thing should be 99cents.  no FFC, no Flash,,, piece of garbage
  • So Excited, I got in on the special moment where it came in stock and then nearly a few minutes after went out of stock. what a deal from any aspect! For those who are missing the deal on the microsoft store website, you ahve a fallback option of bestbuy, whom is selling the phone no contract at the same price black friday (thursday night) in the states.   That was my fallback, but now that I got one I cannot be happier about trying out windows phone (I have a iphone, which is falling apart on me).
  • Dose this require a line to be activated with the phone purchase? I only want the phone. No contract, no activation, just the phone.
  • Doesn't matter, sold out, but no, it doesn't require anything.
  • Thanks!
  • It's sold out nooooo.....
  • FYI, This same deal is available at Walmart.  I just ordered it couple of hour ago on their website, with a local pick up.