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HP Black Friday 2022 deals: Laptops, desktop PCs, gaming and more!

Get all the best deals on HP computers and accessories from our curated list of live deals.

HP Live Blog
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If you want the best Black Friday deals on HP laptops and desktop PCs, you've come to the right place.

HP is one of the most popular sellers of PCs in the world today for good reason. The company is behind winning products like the HP Spectre x360 13.5, EliteBooks for business, Dragonfly series for the most premium productivity, and Omen for gaming. 

Which products are on sale that you should get and where to get them? We track all the deals from around the web, curating the best ones, and giving you all the coupons and information about the product so you don't have to.

As to why you should trust us: We use many of these laptops and PCs ourselves and know their pros and cons, so we'll keep it real so you have honest information on any purchase you may make. We're not here to sell you something, we're here to help you find the best PC for you that you won't regret getting.

Make sure to come back often as this live blog is ... well, live ... meaning we'll be updating it right through Cyber Monday!

Black Friday PC deals: sales roundups


HP Reverb G2

(Image credit: Future)

If you're into virtual reality and Windows Mixed Reality, there is only one viable modern option for you: HP Reverb G2. 

Released in late 2021, we reviewed the headset remarking that it delivered "better tracking, new face gasket, and a new cable," and highlighting the robust audio system, "spectacular visual experience," improved filed-of-view (FOV), and improved controller tracking. 

You'll need to run the Reverb G2 including at least an NVIDIA's GTX 1080 or AMD's RX 5700 on the consumer side and NVIDIA's Quadro P5200 on the workstation side. Luckily, you can check our best graphics card options, or follow our RTX 4080 live blog for one of the best experiences heading into 2023. 

As to who the Reverb G2 is for, it's for those who like to game, or who like to use it for professional reasons e.g., graphics and modeling, as HP has aimed this as much at business and professional use as consumer. 

The issue with the Reverb G2 was, of course, price. At $599 (with the controllers), it wasn't cheap. But at $299? Now we're talking! — Daniel Rubino, Editor in Chief

HP Victus 15L

(Image credit: HP)

Announced in January 2022 HP's new line of Invictus gaming desktops, which come at a more affordable price than its Omen line, looked to be a way to get a minimal gaming tower built for the modern era. 

Why do we say modern era? For one, its design screams clean and futuristic with either black or white colorways, nice softly rounded angles, and everything being proportional.

Did we also mention the enormous number of front-facing ports? 

You get four USB Type-A, one Type-C, and a headphone jack all right up front so you don't have to awkwardly try to get your peripherals into the back (don't worry, on the rear you get four MORE USB 2.0 Type-A, one audio-in; one audio-out; one microphone, an RJ-45 Ethernet port, one HDMI and three DisplayPorts for your monitors. Ports galore!

Powering it all is the AMD Ryzen 7 5700G with 8 cores (16 threads) and a max boost clock up to 4.6GHz. There is also 16GB of DDR4-3200 MHz RAM, AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT Graphics, a zippy 512GB PCIe NVMEe SSD (for the OS and frequently loaded apps and games), and a bigger 1TB 7200 rpm SATA disk drive to store your gaming library. 

There is also a solid 500W 80 Plus Bronze power supply and two more M.2 slots (one for another SSD, and one for WLAN), plus two more PCIe slots.

The big deal here is the 2022-era desktop PC is normally $1,349, which is an excellent value for what you are getting. But has it on sale right now for $999, which is great ... BUT WE CAN DO BETTER! 

Add coupon STOCKING10 during checkout and the price drops to just $899. Now that's a deal we can get behind! — Daniel Rubino, Editor in Chief

HP Omen 25L

(Image credit: HP)
  • OMEN by HP 25L Gaming Desktop $1,749 $1,309 $1,178 at

HP's Omen (or OMEN, if you're cool) line of gaming laptop and desktop PCs is its top-tier offering extra frills like RGB, better fans for cooling, and, in this case, a full tower giving you more expansion abilities down the road.

The HP Omen 25L (the 25L denotes the size of the case) is a great entry-level to mid-range gaming desktop PC. It packs an AMD Ryzen 7 5700G (8 cores, 16 threads) that peaks at 4.6GHz, AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT graphics (12GB GDDR6), 16GB of HyperX DDR4-3200 RAM (with 2 extra DIMM slots for expansion), 512GB WD Black SSD (that's a good one!), and a 1TB 7200 RPM HDD for more long-term storage where speed is not a priority. 

The Omen 25L has two Type-A ports, headphone/mic jack on the top for easy access, while the rear gets 2 Type-C ports, 4 USB Type-A, and RJ-45 Ethernet. For display out options you get 1 HDMI and 3 DisplayPorts. 

It's all powered with a higher-end 600 W 80 Plus Gold ATX power supply, and you get 5.1 surround sound with Omen Audio Control Support DTS:X Ultra to ensure excellent audio during gaming.

The case is also an exceptionally clean and modern design in all white making it ideal for a home office, or for those who don't want to draw a ton of attention to their PC: Less flash, more business, if you like. 

HP usually charges $1,749 for this Omen 25L with this AMD layout, but it has it on sale right now for $1,309. There's a secret deal, though, that we'll share with you: Use coupon code STOCKING10 during checkout and the price drops to only $1,178 – that's a savings of $571! — Daniel Rubino, Editor in Chief

HP Pavilion Aero 13

(Image credit: Daniel Rubino)

If you only have $500 to spend on a laptop this year the HP Pavilion Aero 13 is the only one you should consider. It weighs just 2.2lbs, has a 16:10 full HD display, is powered by AMD Ryzen, and it looks great.

The 13.3-inch display hits 100% sRGB for a color gamut, which is a crazy number of stats for a laptop at this price.

But besides being light the AMD Ryzen 5 5625U (4.3GHz with 6 cores and 12 threads) processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage make this an all-around great laptop for students, people who spend a lot of time on the web, movie watchers, those who work in Microsoft Office, or even some light gamin (especially Xbox Cloud Gaming).

Want more? I gave this laptop a perfect 5 out 5 stars in my full review, which is something I don't hand out often.

Normally coming in at $800 you can have this super light, powerful Windows 11 laptop for just $579, which is one of the best laptop deals of the year for one of the best affordable laptops around. — Daniel Rubino, Editor in Chief

HP Envy 34

(Image credit: Future)

This All-in-One PC features a jaw-dropping 34-inch 5K display and the latest internals from Intel and NVIDIA. 

The most affordable model has an 11th Gen Intel Core i5 and an NVIDIA GeForce 1650, but you can move all the way up the spec sheet to a 12th Gen Intel Core i9 and an NVIDIA RTX 3080 if you'd like.

The RAM and SSD are user accessible (a magnetic door pops off in the rear) letting you upgrade later when you have some more cash. 

You're also getting a massive amount of all the latest ports, including Thunderbolt 4 and plenty of Type-As. The built-in dual 2 W speakers are also exceptionally good, and the webcam is detachable letting you place it in 5 distinct locations around the display.

Yeah, it's awesome and there is nothing else like it on the market. — Daniel Rubino, Editor in Chief

Hp Spectre X360 16 2022

(Image credit: Daniel Rubino)

Normally costing $1,650, this new 2022 laptop is on sale for $1,050. But, if you add in coupon STOCKING10 during checkout, the price drops below $1,000 to just $935.

The version of Spectre x360 ships with a gorgeous 16-inch, 3K+ (3072 x 1920), multitouch-enabled, IPS, Low Blue Light, 400 nit display. It also has a powerful Intel 12th Gen Core i7-12700H (4.7GHz) with an impressive 14 cores and 20 threads, 16GB of LPDDR4x RAM, and a fast 512GB SSD for plenty of storage. 

For the GPU, it relies on Intel Iris Xe, although you can configure it with Intel Arc A370M for even more power.

Being a 2-in-1 PC (hence the x360), this laptop can convert to a big tablet, which is great since HP includes a smart pen in the box for drawing and taking notes.

There is also a fantastic 5MP webcam and killer pre-amped quad speakers making this a great laptop for students, those with a home office, and creators!

See my review of the higher-end version for more details about this awesome laptop. — Daniel Rubino, Editor in Chief

HP Pavilion 15

(Image credit: HP)

HP's Pavilion 15 is a terrific laptop for students, college, or just general everyday use. It comes with Intel's 12th Gen mobile processor, and more specifically a Core i7, ensuring that you'll get plenty of performance and battery stamina. A fingerprint reader helps to keep things secure, while an integrated numeric pad next to the standard keyboard makes data entry a lot easier if you're working with numbers. For those who live within Microsoft Excel, the large 15.6-inch FHD display will ensure that your tables, charts, and graphs are in full view on this laptop. 

In addition to general everyday computing needs, the Pavilion 15 also comes with Intel's Iris Xe graphics for some light gaming, photo editing, and video editing needs. And at 23% discount for Black Friday, the laptop makes for a great upgrade for yourself or your family for the holiday. 

(Image credit: HP)

Though not quite as luxurious as HP's Spectre model on our list, the Envy x360 15-inch is no slouch, delivering a premium all-aluminum construction, solid performance, and a sleek design at a more wallet-friendly price tag. Normally $849, this 15-inch convertible is now on sale for just $569 after the coupon code STOCKING5 is applied, representing a total savings of $280. 

The model on sale comes with Intel's 12th Gen Core i5-1235U processor, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and a 256GB PCIe NVMe M.2 solid-state drive. Bang & Olufsen-tuned dual speakers make for a great entertainment experience with the FHD display, and the built-in HP Wide Vision HD Camera comes with a built-in camera shutter for added privacy.

The configuration on sale today comes with HP's rechargeable digital pen, which makes this a great tablet for drawing, note-taking, and doodling. The Envy x360 15-inch is a great companion for students. This slim laptop has a weight of 3.75 pounds, making it light enough for travel, and HP's use of recycled materials in the Envy's construction makes this an eco-friendly option. 

HP Omen gaming laptop

(Image credit: Walmart)

Normally $1,299, you can now save more than $400 on HP's excellent Omen gaming laptop. Equipped with a 16-inch FHD display, this laptop comes with plenty of performance, making it a great option for those who need a mobile device for gaming, workstation use, or just general computing needs. The Omen 16-inch laptop comes with Intel's 12th Gen Core i5-12500H processor alongside Nvidia's RTX 3050 graphics, 16GB of DDR5 memory, a 512GB PCIe NVMe M.2 solid-state drive, and Bang & Olufsen-tuned speakers. 

There are also plenty of ports for wired connectivity for those who rely on external peripherals, including a selection of USB-C, USB-A, HDMI, Ethernet, and mini DisplayPort on this laptop. Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 are supported for wireless connectivity. This gaming notebook weighs 5.29 pounds, and it comes in a form factor that's just 0.89 inches thick. 


(Image credit: HP)

HP's Envy Laptop 17t just got a bit more affordable for Black Friday with HP's promotion and additional coupon code. This laptop comes with a 17.3-inch color-calibrated display for accurate colors along with a 5-megapixel camera with A.I.-powered noise reduction and auto-framing capabilities, making to a great tool for collaboration and video conferencing. 

Like most laptops this year, the Envy Laptop 17t ships with Intel's 12th Gen Core i5-1240P processor alongside Intel integrated Iris Xe Graphics, 8GB DDR4 RAM, and a 512GB solid-state drive. 

The Envy Laptop 17t ships in a very sleek, stylish package with metal construction, minimal bezels around the display, and Thunderbolt 4 support. At 5.49 pounds and just 0.77-inch thick, this laptop is a great mobile PC to take from room-to-room around the house, and the integrated numeric pad makes entering numbers easy. And this Black Friday sale from HP brings the Envy 17t to one of the lowest prices we've ever seen for this terrific laptop. 

HP 15.6-inch laptop

(Image credit: Amazon)

Cheap doesn't have to be underwhelming, and that's the case with HP's inexpensive 15.6-inch laptop. Amazon's one-day Black Friday sale knocks 23% off the price of this laptop, which comes with AMD's Ryzen 7 5700U mobile processor and integrated Radeon graphics for just $479 after discounts.

You won't find the same level of construction quality as HP's more premium Envy or Spectre lines, but this basic laptop still packs in plenty of performance with its 8GB of RAM and 256GB solid-state drive in a sub-$500 package if you can live with an HD (not FHD) 15.6-inch display. Still, you're getting all-day power with the laptop's 10 hours of stated of battery life and support for HP Fast Charge. 

Hp 17 Laptop

(Image credit: HP)

Like the HP 15.6-inch laptop on our list, HP's 17-inch laptop is a more wallet-friendly offering that makes some clever trade-offs while delivering solid performance. Here, you're not getting the same build quality and premium material choice as the company's Spectre or Envy lines, but you're still getting a good notebook that's priced at under $400 for Black Friday.

With this model, you'll be getting Intel's 11th Gen, rather than 12th Gen, Core i3-1115G4 processor and an HD+ display. HP rates the laptop with eight hours of battery life, which should get you through most of a work day. A built-in numeric pad helps entering numbers easier. 

HP - ENVY 2-in-1 13.3"

(Image credit: Best Buy)

HP's 13.3-inch Envy 2-in-1 laptop is a terrific option for anyone who needs a premium convertible, and Best Buy's sale makes it an even better value at a $400 discount from its list price. This 13.3-inch model is the more compact sibling of the HP Envy x360 15-inch model on our list, and features a similar premium metal construction, stylish design with minimal bezels, and a roomy keyboard.

At that price, you're getting Intel's 12th Gen Core i7 silicon on the company's Evo platform for thin-and-light systems, 8GB of RAM, Intel Iris Xe Graphics, and a spacious 512GB of solid-state storage along with a WUXGA resolution display. 

And for a smarter experience, HP bundled Amazon's Alexa voice assistant into this notebook. 

The HP Victus Gaming Laptop

(Image credit: HP)

If you need more performance than a standard thin-and-light Ultrabook, stepping up to HP's Victus 15.6-inch gaming laptop gives you more power without breaking the bank. Now priced under $800 through Best Buy's Black Friday promotion, the Victus delivers the latest CPU and GPU.

This laptop comes with Intel's 12th Gen Core i7-12650H processor and Nvidia's GeForce RTX 3050 Ti, making it a great gaming companion or a mobile workstation. It comes with a 144Hz refresh rate display with an FHD resolution screen, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB solid-state drive. Packaged in a subtle design, the Victus won't feel out of place in your game room or in the board room, making it a versatile laptop for gamers and creatives looking for some extra GPU performance in a mobile design.  

HP - 17.3" Laptop

(Image credit: Best Buy)

Like the other HP 17.3-inch laptop on our list, this model boasts the same styling but comes with an AMD processor instead of an Intel CPU. Pricing is a bit cheaper for the Ryzen edition, too, which makes this a solid deal at Best Buy. Here, you're getting a spacious notebook with a 17.3-inch FHD screen, AMD Ryzen 5 5500U processor, integrated AMD Radeon graphics, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and a 512GB PCIe NVMe M.2 solid-state drive. Battery life is rated for up to 8 hours and 30 minutes on a single charge, which makes this a great all-day PC. 

Like most other laptops in this size, you'll also get a dedicated number pad on this 17-inch HP model. HP also included a new lift-hinge design on this laptop, which elevates the keyboard on the rear slightly for a more comfortable typing experience. 

Hp 17 Laptop

(Image credit: HP)

This is one of the best prices we've seen for Black Friday this year for HP's 17.3-inch laptop. At $329 on sale for the holiday, Staples has this Intel-powered laptop discounted by 45%, making it a terrific value for anyone looking for a big screen laptop on a budget. This model, like the Amazon deal we had previously posted, comes with an 11th Gen Intel Core i3-1125G4 processor.

Other features include 8GB of RAM, a roomy 512GB SSD for your storage needs, and Windows 11 Home to power the entire experience. 

This notebook comes with a FHD resolution display and it has a lift-hinge that slightly elevates the rear of the keyboard when the laptop is open for a more comfortable typing experience. 

HP 14 laptop

(Image credit: HP)

If you're on a budget and need a portable laptop for traveling or commuting, then consider HP's 14-inch laptop instead of the company's 17-inch model (which has appeared on our deals roundup multiple times over Black Friday). Boasting a similar design to its larger sibling, the HP 14-inch laptop drops the number pad and goes with a more compact 14-inch display. 

This model ships with an Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor, 256GB of solid-state storage, and 8GB of RAM. It has slim bezels for a more modern aesthetic, and the battery is rated for all-day usage. 

HP Envy 13 Laptop

(Image credit: HP)

If you prefer to have a simple laptop form factor instead of the convertible form factor from the Envy x360 model on our list, then HP's premium Envy 13 laptop may be the perfect ticket. On sale for $479 for Black Friday at Walmart, this laptop boasts minimal bezels, a sleek and modern design, and a spacious keyboard to get things done. And with a 13.3-inch FHD display, you'll get a screen capable of displaying 100% of the sRGB color space.

The Envy 13 Laptop is powered by Intel's 11th Gen Core i5-1135G7 processor that's accompanied by 8GB of DDR4 RAM, integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics, and a 256GB solid-state drive. Battery life is rated at up to 13 hours of mixed usage. 

The laptop itself weighs just 2.88 pounds, making it a great travel companion, student laptop, or a portable machine for commute. 

HP Victus laptop

(Image credit: Best Buy)

In addition to the Intel-powered HP Victus gaming laptop, there's also a model for AMD gamers that is on sale for Black Friday. This HP Victus model comes by way of Amazon, and it's discounted by a whopping $400, which mates an AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor with Nvidia's RTX 3050 Ti graphics in a design that boasts a 15.6-inch FHD display with a 144Hz refresh rate. 

HP 23.8” All-in-One Desktop PC

(Image credit: HP)

If you're looking for an affordable all-in-one desktop for studying, HP's 23.8-inch AIO comes in at under $500 after a 20% savings for Black Friday. At $489, you're getting a a modest Intel Celeron J4025 processor along with 4GB of memory and a 256GB solid-state drive. The attractive AIO comes with a spacious FHD screen that measures 23.8 inches with minimal side bezels, a speaker bar on the bottom, and a base with a wire sculpture aesthetic. 

Made for the modern generation, the keyboard on this HP desktop comes with dedicated emoji and dictation keys, and the 720p webcam can retract back into the body of the desktop for a cleaner appearance and for privacy protection.

HP Pavilion Desktop 12th gen Intel Core i5

(Image credit: HP)

If you're looking for a desktop instead of a laptop, HP's Pavilion Desktop is a solid bet with its modern 12th Gen Intel Core i5-12400 processor, 8GB of RAM, and dual storage drive option that includes a 1TB HDD and 512GB solid-state drive. The sleek silver desktop boasts a modern design with elegantly laid out and accessible ports. For Black Friday, Newegg has this desktop on sale for 25% off its normal price. 

HP Victus gaming desktop

(Image credit: HP)

Built for gamers, HP's Victus gaming desktop is an easy entry into the gaming desktop space without having to figure out which components to buy. This pre-built, ready-to-ship desktop is now 30% off, which is a savings of $420 for Black Friday. The desktop comes configured with a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor alongside Nvidia's RTX 3060 graphics, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB solid-state drive. With its sleek aesthetic and similar styling and front port arrangement to HP's Pavilion desktop, the Victus gaming PC builds on HP's focus on gaming. 

HP Pavilion all-in-one desktop

(Image credit: HP)

HP's Pavilion all-in-one desktop combines a 23.8-inch FHD display, AMD's Ryzen 5 5500U processor, and integrated AMD Radeon graphics under the hood in a sleek, compact design that saves on space. Now on sale for 20% off for Black Friday, this AMD-powered desktop comes with 16GB of RAM, a spacious 1TB hard drive to store all your files, and a speedier 512GB solid-state drive. A sleek design with minimal bezels, an anti-glare screen coating, and 250 nits of brightness round out this desktop's features. 

HP U28 4K monitor

(Image credit: HP)

Need a big screen to be even more productive while at your desk? HP's 28-inch U28 is a 4K monitor with a factory calibrated IPS screen for color accuracy. This affordable monitor comes with a 1000:1 contrast ratio, 400 nits of brightness, HDR400 support, and Vesa mounting options should you want to save desk space and not use the included stand. You can connect to your favorite laptop or desktop with DisplayPort, HDMI, or USB-C for added versatility.

HP M34d WQHD Curved Monitor

(Image credit: HP)

If you like having the expansive digital canvas of a multi-monitor setup but don't want to deal with clutter or use up valuable desk real estate, an ultra-wide curved display like HP's M34d can be a good alternative. With its ultrawide panel, the HP M34d is like having two monitors side-by-side, and the screen curvature brings you to the center of the content for an even more immersive experience. Low haze and anti-glare coating help reduce and minimize distracting glare and reflections on the screen. And if you want to free up even more desktop space, the monitor can be attached to any VESA mounting solution, including clamps and wall mounts. And for Black Friday, HP is discounting the price of the M34d by $150.  

HP Omen 45L

(Image credit: Future)

At 45L, HP's Omen 45L is a large gaming tower. But if you can handle the large stature and bigger size, you'll be handsomely rewarded with a gaming rig that's easily upgradeable with plenty of interior expansion slots. With this beast of a gaming PC, you'll need to keep things cool, and HP has created its proprietary CYRO CHAMBER for better thermal management. Complete with RGB lighting, the Omen 45L comes with an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor, Nvidia RTX 3060 graphics, HyperX 16GB of RAM, and 512GB WD Black PCIe NVMe solid-state drive. Prices start at $1,439 after discount, and you can choose to upgrade select components depending on the configuration you need. 

HP LaserJet M209dwe

(Image credit: HP)

As more people adopt hybrid or remote working, having an economical printer at home can be useful, as you won't have access to office printing from your home office. HP's affordable LaserJet M209dwe is a monochrome laser printer that delivers the fastest in-class two-sided printing, according to its manufacturer, and can deliver prints at speeds up to 30 pages per minute. For Black Friday, this workhorse of a printer is on sale for $90 off of its normal retail price.