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Pop, lock, and roll with cheap PopSockets this Cyber Monday

Pixel 4a Caseology Parallax Popsocket Falcon
Pixel 4a Caseology Parallax Popsocket Falcon

Cyber Monday deals are likely to continue throughout the rest of the week, but you never know which deals are going to last. Take these PopSockets, for example. Amazon has the beloved phone grip brand for 15% off today, and if you can get them this cheap, you won't want to wait. That may not seem like a large percentage off, but PopSockets are already pretty affordable to begin with. And now you can get them for as little as $7, or $13 if you want a branded design like little Baby Yoda or your favorite NFL team.

And if you feel like opting for a MagSafe PopSocket, then those are up to 20% off. You really can't go wrong at prices like that, and these make the perfect little accessories to go along with your new phone purchase (or just as stocking stuffers for the holidays). Whatever the reason you're buying them for, you're saving money while doing it.

Save up to 15% on PopSockets

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Get your new phone that accessory it needs with a PopSocket. No matter what size or model phone you have, these PopSockets are a universal fit for them all. With designs from Disney, Pokémon, Star Wars, Marvel, and more you're sure to find one (or more) that pique your interest. And they can be transferred from phone to phone easily so you're not stuck buying a new one when you upgrade.

PopSockets not only make for great stands, but they also help reduce strain on your pinky. We all tend to hold our phones awkwardly balanced on our pinkies, and this can sometimes lead to (mild) injuries. You can mitigate that entirely with a brand-new PopSocket. Trust me, they're a lot more useful than they may seem.

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