With price cuts across Xbox One consoles, Xbox-compatible headsets, accessories, and video games, Prime Day means site-wide savings. The two-day annual Amazon event will reward keen-eyed Xbox fans, and we're rounding up the best discounts, as well as mentioning those safe to ignore. With Prime Day deals here, we've rounded up all the best Xbox deals you won't want to miss out on.

Today's best Xbox deals

Best Prime Day Xbox accessory deals

In the past, Prime Day has cut prices across all types of Xbox One hardware, so whether you're looking to expand your storage, charge your controllers, or improve your game, you should be able to find an excellent deal to help out. Best of all, all existing Xbox One accessories work great with Xbox Series X and Series S if you're looking to upgrade eventually. We've rounded up the best Xbox accessories deals to consider today and we'll be adding more as new Prime Day deals go live.

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Razer Kishi Controller

Razer Kishi Controller (Android) | $27 off at Amazon

Razer Kishi transforms your smartphone into a Nintendo Switch-style Xbox handheld, mirroring the Xbox controller layout, with considerations for comfort and portability. The Android version has been discounted to its lowest-ever price and doubles as an ideal Xbox Cloud Gaming companion.

$52 at Amazon

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (3 Month) | $15 off at Amazon

Microsoft's all-inclusive Xbox subscription packs a ton of value, including access to Xbox Game Pass and EA Play libraries on Xbox consoles and PC, Xbox Live Gold, exclusive perks, and more. Plus, with Xbox Cloud Gaming now included for mobiles, this delivers insane value, unmatched by competitors. And for Prime Day, you'll get three months for the price of two.

$30 at Amazon

Seagate Game Drive

Seagate Game Drive 2TB External Hard Drive | $50 off at Amazon

Expanding your Xbox console is easy with this 2TB drive from Seagate, with simple plug-and-play support, instantly expanding your accessible storage. This drive has room for dozens of games, now available at its lowest even price this Prime Day.

$59 at Amazon

PowerA Moga Mobile Gaming Clip 2.0

PowerA MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip 2.0 | $4 off at Amazon

With Microsoft expanding Xbox Cloud Gaming to Android and iOS, this PowerA MOGA clip is a must-have accessory. You can mount your phone to any Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S controller, with great articulation and durability scoring this our best accessory award in 2019.

$11 at Amazon

PowerA Dual Charging Station for Xbox

PowerA Dual Charging Station for Xbox | $5 off at Amazon

It can be a pain to swap out AA batteries on Xbox controllers, with this dual charging stand an all-inclusive rechargeable solution. The stand includes two 1100 mAh batteries, each promising up to 20 hours of gameplay, and works with Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S controllers.

$24 at Amazon

BEBONCOOL Xbox Controller Battery Pack

BEBONCOOL Xbox Controller Battery 4 Pack | $14.12 off at Amazon

This four-pack of rechargeable Xbox batteries provides incredible value, making it easy to hot-swap cells whenever low on power. They fit Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S controllers, with these 1200mAh cells each promising up to 12 hours of playtime.

$21.87 at Amazon
Razer Wolverine Tournament Editionpsd

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition Xbox One Controller | $44 off at Amazon

This crazy Xbox One controller provides one of the best alternatives to Microsoft's Elite controller, featuring four remappable buttons and extra triggers, detachable braided cable, and custom RGB lighting via a dedicated Xbox app.

$76 at Amazon
GameSir X2

GameSir X2 Mobile Gaming Controller | $52 off at Amazon

The GameSir X2 presents an alternative to the Razer Kishi, with both Bluetooth and USB-C variants, depending on the device you use. It's even closer to Nintendo Switch ergonomics, plus with an adaptive size that fits even more devices.

$48 at Amazon (USB)
Cam Link 4K

Elgato Cam Link 4K | $34 off at Amazon

The Elgato Cam Link 4K is best suited for the streamers, allowing you to hook up DSLRs, camcorders, and other devices directly to your streaming setup. This device can deliver a massive upgrade over a standard PC webcam, supporting 4K resolution at 30Hz or upgraded to 60Hz at 1080p.

$96 at Amazon

Note that all the best Xbox One accessories also work on next-gen Xbox Series X and Series S, unless they require Kinect or an IR Blaster. That comes from Microsoft's commitment to backward compatibility, extending to headsets, chargers, storage, and more.

Best Prime Day Xbox headset deals

Prime Day is bringing discounts across various Xbox One headsets, all with guaranteed compatibility extending to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The available savings vary between manufacturers, with the added choice of wired versus wireless, or specific features. But whether a budget-conscious buyer or an enthusiast demanding the best, many top names have headsets suited to you. We've rounded up the best Prime Day gaming headset deals and those prices you shouldn't ignore.

HyperX CloudX Gaming Headset

HyperX CloudX Headset | $20 off at Amazon

The HyperX CloudX has been a leading Xbox headset for years, which remains the case in 2021. This Prime Day, you see a saving on an ideal mid-range pair of cans, sleek and stylish with its durable aluminum frame and with a suite of features ideal for multiplayer gaming. For all the essentials without a crazy price tag, the CloudX remains one to beat.

$50 at Amazon

SteelSeries Arctis 1

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Headset | $15 off at Amazon

Built with Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One in mind, the SteelSeries Arctis 1 delivers incredible value with all the basics. Sound quality isn't half bad for the price, packing a noise-canceling microphone, and overall durable build quality. And with a simple 3.5mm connector, it hooks up to a ton of other devices too.

$35 at Amazon

HyperX CloudX Flight

HyperX CloudX Flight Headset | $40 off at Amazon

This wireless headset joins the few Xbox headsets discounted ahead of Prime Day, ideal for those looking to cut the cable. The HyperX CloudX Flight nails its audio quality, comfort, and on-ear chat and game mixing, lasting up to 30 hours with each charge. One of the best wireless options out there without a crazy premium price tag.

$120 at Amazon
Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 | $40 off at Amazon

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 joins the lineup of recommended headsets this Prime Day, delivering great audio at an amazing price. But its comfort sets this apart, with insanely soft cooling gel-infused fabric pads and a metal headband with a suspended pad.

$90 at Amazon (White)
HyperX CloudX Stinger Core

HyperX CloudX Stinger Core | $15 off at Amazon

HyperX is one to watch for budget-friendly headsets, and Prime Day savings on its HyperX CloudX Stinger Core nails all the essentials for less. Its 40mm directional drivers provide quality stereo audio in line with the price, with an adjustable steel slider and foam ear cups for added comfort. It also packs in-line volume and microphone control, with an easy 3.5mm jack that connects to all new Xbox controllers.

$25 at Amazon

With Prime Day bringing discounts to some of the best Xbox headsets, it's essential to choose the product with the features suited to you. Quick research never hurts before checkout, and it's best to consider what you need from a headset and how it fits into your gaming setup.

The crucial decision comes from wired versus wireless, with each bearing unique benefits and disadvantages. Wireless provides added versatility, and while the technology is now better than ever, you'll still need to recharge your headset regularly. Wired introduces a physical tether to consider, but the promise of simple, high-quality audio and a lower price tempts many. The sound quality, cost, and other attributes should all be considered — and with Prime Day, a good deal never hurts, too.

Microsoft has also committed to supporting all Xbox One headsets on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, making it safe to invest despite the upcoming cross-generation transition. You can check out with confidence, ensuring a purchase lasting for years to come.

Best Prime Day Xbox video game deals

Some Xbox One games see hefty price reductions through the Prime Day window, ideal for those titles you may have missed from past months. Those savings will best serve those who favor physical, disc-based games, although select digital download codes may also receive cuts. While we continue to round up the best Prime Day video game deals, many of our Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S highlights feature below.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 | $40 off at Walmart

While Cyberpunk 2077 didn't score great reviews, especially sluggish on older Xbox One and PS4 consoles, it's continued to receive regular updates to improve performance. It's still a great RPG, especially slick on next-generation consoles, with free DLC and more updates over years to come.

$20 at Walmart

Resident Evil Village for Xbox Series X

Resident Evil Village | $10 off at Amazon

Savings on Resident Evil Village discount one of the best Xbox games of the year, pushing forward the survival horror genre, and looking stunning in the process. This version works on Xbox One, with a seamless Xbox Series X|S upgrade, and new DLC expected over the coming weeks.

$50 at Amazon

Biomutant for Xbox One

Biomutant | $10 off at Amazon

Biomutant saw mixed reviews at launch for a small team delivering upon a unique premise but missing the mark with various gameplay pitfalls. But whether you're drawn to its kung-fu combat, or a vibrant post-apocalyptic world worthy of exploration, you can already save on one of the latest Xbox releases.

$50 at Amazon
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege | $10 off at Best Buy

Rainbow Six Siege carved its spot in the multiplayer shooter space, with tense tactical combat, supported by its rich lineup of Operators and gadgets. The game's success had continued over half a decade later, drawing millions of players, with quarter seasonal updates packed with free content.

$10 at Best Buy

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Assassin's Creed Valhalla (Xbox One) | $37 off at Amazon

Ubisoft's world of assassination makes its return with a Viking journey touching Norway and Britain's Dark Ages. Brutal combat and large-scale conflict take the stage, and now you can save half off its original price at Amazon.

$23 at Amazon

New video game deals will continue to arise and disappear throughout Prime Day, with some of the best Xbox One games even expected to see a discount. With physical games often cheaper than their digital counterparts, further savings can be hard to overlook.

Some existing Xbox One games are among the list of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Optimized games, with many already pledging free upgrades. However, Xbox One games also remain playable into the next generation, alongside Xbox 360 and original Xbox, via backward compatibility.

Best Prime Day Xbox One console deals

A range of factors, including the pandemic and the recent release of the Xbox Series X|S consoles, have made it difficult to find an Xbox in brand-new condition anywhere. For Prime Day 2020, we didn't see any discounts on Xbox consoles and it's very possible Prime Day 2021 will be the same. However, we do know of a few deals you can grab already on refurbished consoles, and we'll be sure to update this roundup with more Xbox One deals as they appear.

Microsoft 500gb Xbox One S Console

Xbox One 500GB console | $239.99 at GameStop

The standard Xbox One console is now in stock at GameStop for a limited time in pre-owned condition. This is one of the most affordable ways to get your hands on an Xbox One right now, though it likely won't last long.

See at GameStop
Xbox One S

Xbox One S (refurbished) | $299.99 at GameStop

Click "Refurbished" on GameStop's product page to score the 1TB Xbox One S for just $299. The Xbox One S serves as an ideal entry-level console, supporting the full Xbox One catalog, with an included 4K Blu-ray drive, making this a versatile (and affordable) entertainment hub.

See at GameStop
Xbox One X No Game

Xbox One X 1TB console | $389.99 at GameStop

Save $10 off the Xbox One X's regular price when you pick up a refurbished console today at GameStop. Considering it's hard to find this console in stock in any condition, you won't want to pass up this offer if you've been waiting for one at a great price.

See at GameStop
Xbox One X Blast From The Past Bundle

Xbox One X Blast from the Past bundle | $449.99 at GameStop

Pick up the refurbished Xbox One X 1TB console along with four pre-owned games at a $55 discount today! You'll receive the console and an Xbox Wireless Controller, along with the games Forza Horizon 3, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, and Battlefield V.

See at GameStop

Despite the next-generation devices now on the market, Xbox One demand has remained consistently high throughout the past year during an era of social distancing. That means that while we continue to round up the best Xbox One deals and discounts, the stock isn't as easy to come by, compared to the end of the Xbox 360's reign.

And while Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are now available for purchase, stock disappears from most retailers within minutes or a few hours at most. With the next generation still difficult to find even at regular price, don't expect to see Prime Day Xbox Series X|S deals either console. However, restocks could take place over the two-day period.

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