Just a few weeks after dropping from $6.99 to $4.99 (and 36 hours since I just bought it, grrr), Rocket Riot is getting another price cut to the ultra-low $2.99. That's a really, really good price for a game that fits easily in my top five for Xbox LIVE games for Windows Phone. As mentioned in our earlier post: "Rocket Riot is a side-view shooter with retro-inspired graphics. It controls exceptionally well for a touch-screen game and is just plain fun."

Seriously, it's a fun game with what could be the world's most catchy theme song--I dare you not to get it stuck your head. Give it a go and grab it for this low price. No word if this is the "Deal of the Week" (we're pretty sure it is though) nor how long it will last, but if you were holding out before...grab it here.