Microsoft launched its new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles earlier this month, with performance upgrades and short loading times among their defining features. The internal solid-state drive (SSD) plays a fundamental role in those gains, with many Xbox Series X|S Optimized titles upgraded for the system reliant on that speedy storage. But it causes headaches when it comes to expansions, with many latest generation titles requiring the SSD to function.

That saw Microsoft introduce the Xbox Seagate Expansion Card, a custom memory card-style SSD, which connects to a dedicated port on the rear of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. It's the only external SSD that runs the newest titles, packing the same cutting-edge tech as the console. It makes this a near-essential accessory to expand the new Xbox consoles. And while we didn't expect to see savings this week, Amazon UK has a £15 discount on the usual £220 RRP. It's been sold out a few times in recent weeks, so expect stock to go fast.

Xbox Series X, Series S Seagate Expansion Card

Xbox Series X|S Seagate Expansion Card

£205 £220 £15 off

This fun-sized 1TB card runs all the latest Xbox Series X|S games, mirroring the speedy custom SSD found inside the consoles. With USB drives taking a backseat this generation, don't miss out on this first-ever discount if you're on the fence.

This tiny SSD card matches the 2.4 GB/s peak speeds as the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S internal drive, with notoriously costly PCIe 4.0 technology behind those gains. While it's not cheap, the price you're paying is roughly in-line with what you'd expect in the PC space. It's a 1TB drive, doubling what's inside Xbox Series X, and tripling the base offering with Xbox Series S.

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While USB-based drives work on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, they have significant limitations over this custom SSD card. USB hard drives and SSDs are limited to only storing games for the new consoles, which means they're an overspill for new titles. You'll need to manually transfer them between drives to play them on the system. However, original Xbox, Xbox 360, and older Xbox One games not upgraded for the latest generation all work on USB drives, via backward compatibility.

It's undeniably a premium accessory, but the Xbox Seagate Expansion Card cuts out all the hassle if you want to expand your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S storage. You'll likely know how fast that internal SSD can be filled with massive file sizes, like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Halo: The Master Chief Collection surpassing 100GB. Xbox Series X only has 802GB of space usable for games, with just 364GB on Xbox Series S, which makes additional storage an essential pickup for those with a modest collection of games.

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