Microsoft is releasing their Q2 Fiscal Year 2015 results, and the numbers are quite good, despite some ominous decreases in revenue (due to sales or acquisitions).

The Surface line has officially crossed the billion dollar mark for revenue demonstrating a 24% growth from the previous quarter. In other words, the big holiday season looks to have been successful in pushing the Surface Pro 3, which drove the growth, into more hands than ever.

The Surface line of tablets that can replace a PC has been criticized since its inception as being a money-losing venture. However, Microsoft looks to be finally making some headway with the Surface Pro 3, which has been well received by critics and increasingly consumers.

The increase in revenue to $1.1 billion in an increase from last quarter's $908 million. Although the increase is not massive, it does show that the Surface still has some legs.

Now that Microsoft is pulling in over a billion in revenue (not profit, mind you), it may be harder for the voices to proclaim that the Surface is a failure. Alternatively, had Microsoft seen stable sales or even a decrease, the story would be very different.

Source: Microsoft

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