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TCL's 75-inch 4K Google TV has dropped to $1,300 in Best Buy's Black Friday sale

Tcl 6 Series
Tcl 6 Series (Image credit: Best Buy)

One of Best Buy's Black Friday deals includes the TCL 6 Series R636 75-inch Mini LED 4K Google TV (opens in new tab) on sale for $1,299.99. This is a 2021 series television, and it is the version that's sold at Best Buy. There is a similar version, the R635, that is sold at other retailers but uses Roku TV for its smart platform instead. You can also find that one on sale for around the same $1,300 price at Amazon (opens in new tab) and other places. Both these TVs regularly sell for around $1,600 and sometimes as high as $2,300, so today's price is a fantastic deal. But we're not surprised by that because TCL's best deals are regularly around this time, and thanks to Best Buy's Black Friday Price Guarantee you don't have to worry about the price possibly dropping over the next couple of weeks.

A few years ago, TCL's foray into Roku TVs was considered a banger of an idea and led to some of the best value TVs on the market. Now its that jump to Mini LED technology that has put TCL back on the map with higher-quality TVs than ever before. With this technology, you get brighter brights and darker darks with fantastic contrast and uniformity in any environment. The QLED tech also helps by providing a huge range of color and color accuracy, giving you a vivid picture as close to the original filmmaker as possible.

Of course you can use a remote control with your new TV, but why would you when you can just talk to it? The TV has Google Assistant built right in, so you can just say "Hey Google" to switch channels, adjust the volume, and more. You can even control the rest of your smart home and dim the lights or see who's at the front door interupting your favorite show. It also works with Amazon Alexa.

Google TV gives you access to more than 700,000 movies and TV shows through all of your favorite apps and a few you'll be using for the first time. You can get curated watchlists and recommendations based on what you watch, too. With Chromecast built in, you can use your phone to look up a show or a YouTube video and send it to your TV.

John Levite
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  • TCL's Android TV support is a joke. Buggy, faulty, laggy UI, no updates, tons of issues. TV forgetting settings, slow to boot up, the custom menu is atrocious, no way to turn off (or even control) dynamic dimming. Even the localization work is sketchy HDR is the worst among mid-range TVs, panel is fine otherwise. I'm so glad I threw away mine, I'll never get a TCL TV ever again.