GameStop's Spring Sale has arrived! Featuring discounts on the latest video games, consoles, essential accessories and more, this two-week sale has a myriad of offers and only a short amount of time to snag them. Considering things could go out of stock at any moment, it'd be wise to shop sooner rather than later.

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GameStop Spring Sale

GameStop isn't always the most affordable place to buy your video games, but it's changing things up this week with some of the best discounts around on games, consoles, essential accessories, and more.

Prices Vary

What good is a sale from GameStop without deals on video games? Luckily, GameStop kept that in mind and is offering plenty of worthwhile deals for the avid gamer who's just looking for the next title to pick up. From digital downloads of Grand Theft Auto V for $15 to physical copies of Kingdom Hearts 3 for $39.99, there's a nice mix of older best-sellers and recent hits to choose from. A few Nintendo Switch games are discounted too, such as the Lego Harry Potter Collection that's down to $19.99. It's hardly ever found below $30 and is a must-have for any Potter fans.

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If you're looking to grab yourself a new console this month, GameStop's sale can come in handy there too. Select Xbox One bundles come with a $50 gift card that you can use to purchase a game or another item, with certain Xbox One X bundles as low as $399.99 currently. Taking into account the gift card's value makes for one of the best offers we've seen on the console ever. There are also discounts on PlayStation 4 bundles featuring one year of PlayStation Plus. You can't go wrong there, either.

Lastly, you'll want to consider the accessories on sale. For example, if your current gaming headset is starting to look a bit worn, you could find a new one for as low as $39.99 during the sale, while tons of other essentials from controllers to external hard drives and charging stations are down to some of their best prices yet as well.

GameStop's sale doesn't end there, as it also includes deals like 50% extra trade-in credit on games during the event and special Funko Easter Mystery Boxes for $9.99 each, valued at $30. To make sure you don't miss a thing, head over to view the full sale at GameStop while everything's still available.

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