The Xbox-exclusive game, Sea of Thieves, is currently on sale at Amazon for $29.99. This game was recently released at the end of March for $60, and it hasn't ever dropped this low until today.

Sea of Thieves was widely discussed before its release. With so many people amped to play it, it ended up falling short in the eyes of gamers and critics alike. Many reviews, including ours here at Windows Central, stated the game wasn't worth its price tag, which only seems to suggest it'd be a much better purchase today than it was when it was first released. Plus, two expansions were just announced at E3 yesterday, so the game will have much more added to it soon enough.

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Another option would be to pick up a subscription to Xbox Game Pass. This, and all other Xbox One console exclusives, is available to play at no extra cost when you have a membership to the service, and right now Best Buy is offering a six-month subscription for only $30.

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