Windows Central Podcast 50: The new Surface Pro!

Best Surface Pro Accessories
Best Surface Pro Accessories

This week in Shanghai, Microsoft announced a brand new Surface Pro, called the Surface Pro. It also unveiled a new app called Whiteboard, and improvements to Microsoft Office. All that and more on this weeks episode of the Windows Central Podcast!

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Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • I see the specs for all the versions of 2017 Surface Pros list the same battery life. I might have thought that the m3 should get better battery life doing identical tasks than an i5. But I also notice that the m3 is 20g lighter than the i5. Does anyone know if the weight difference is because the m3 has a smaller battery, thus similar battery life? I'm interested in upgrading from my Pro4 i5, but I would do it mainly for the increased battery life. I want 8 hours of note-taking with the pen in OneNote. 
  • Good question! Looking into how the tests where done to get the result of the rated battery life on the new Surface Pro 2017, they had a fresh install with all settings on default except connected to a Wi-Fi network, auto brightness turned off and brightness set to 50%. The battery life test and presumably the pen latency test as well were done on a "pre-production Intel Core i5 Surface Pro prototype", with the battery life test consisting of constant video playback in a loop until the device shut itself down. The weight difference of 20g between the Core m3 and Core i5 isn't anywhere near enough to be a battery difference, it's just the complexity of the processor core that is what's changing the weight slightly. You can see this on the Surface Pro 4 m3 and i5 models - they both have the same battery but the m3 one is lighter. Battery life on the m3 will be better than the i5 even though the battery capacity is the same, this is because the Core M series processors use less power than the U-series Intel i5/i7 processors. But also be aware that the pen latency may be slightly higher (but still less than the Pro 4) due to the integrated graphics on the m3 being slower than a 6th or 7th gen Intel i5. Tl;dr: Battery is the same in i5 and m3, m3 is slower but uses less power thus resulting in better battery life. Slower integrated graphics in the m3 may result in slightly higher pen latency than the i5 Surface Pro.
  • Surface Pro 4 m3 is lighter because m3 is pasive cooled. It has not fan. i5 and i7 have a fan, so thats why is the difference between models. But new surface pro is good question... cuz only i7 version has a fan. But then it can not have same weight as an i5 version. I think its a mistake.
  • I'm hoping that once they are shipping they allow BuildToCOnfigure options.   I want an i5 with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD.    I image next year they will make the switch to Type C 
  • This, I really, really want this.
  • I have a Cherry Hill Surface 3 and will there are many things I like about it it is just to slow.   I wouldn't get an M3 because of that.   Interested in the i5 model becaus of more power.    I doublt that the M3 could beat the A9X in the iPad Pro.     But if the i5 Surface Pro does actually offer power without the fan (and throttling of applications) that along with the LTE modem could open up a new generation of powerful truly mobile apps on the Surface Pro that the iPad Pro could really only do. Does the new Surface Pro have a MicroSD card reader?   I don't see it in the specs but the Pro4 has one listed?
  • MicroSDXC card reader is in the specs under Connections for the new Pro as well.
  • Zak & Daniel thank you for the relevant and clear info in your podcast regarding the Surface line. Also, much appreciated (and enjoyed) your descriptions of your visit to MS offices. Reminds me why I'm a fan.