WMExperts Podcast Episode 61

Malatesta and Phil talk up the latest in Windows Mobile, get a couple of good rants on and answer a few of your questions.

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Phil Nickinson

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  • The Podcast reported the AT&T data rates story wrong. The PPU price of data on AT&T is going DOWN! Here's an example: Old PPU:
    10MB = 10 x 1024 kB/MB x $.01/kb = $102.40 New PPU:
    10MB = 10 x $2/MB = $20 Thanks for correcting!
  • Also, AT&T does currently offer two non keyboard touch screen smart phones. Obviously one is the iPhone, but AT&T also carries a Windows Mobile phone called the LG Incite. The Omnia II would be AT&T's third non keyboard touchscreen.
  • to correct phil, verizon currently offers THREE touch screen phones, the omnia, storm, and touch diamond...if you count the htc touch, still available that makes 4.
  • Yep. There you go. And as for the math thing, well, we warned ya. ;)
  • The I-mate 8502 is a WM Pro 320 x 240 front mounted qwerty device .