Black Friday can offer some of the best deals of the year. However, a recent trend has emerged where companies are offering select deals ahead of the date, starting in early November. This is designed to lure customers in before other retailers put their deals live.

Recently Microsoft also revealed their pre-holiday Xbox One deals, starting at $249, with two free games of your choice. Many of this year's biggest releases of the fall are also eligible, including Call of Duty: WWII and Star Wars: Battlefront II. These deals are available exclusively via the Microsoft Store, as follows.

Keep in mind that there are some restrictions on the games available. There are seventeen titles in the first game slot, while five in the second. The first contains recent games such as Call of Duty: WWII while the second menu features older titles such as Watch Dogs. Be sure to check our these deals quickly as stocks won't last long, especially with newer games.

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