Get ahead of the game with OVER 50% OFF the official Xbox Wireless Headset right now

One of the best wireless gaming headsets you can buy for under $100 is the official Xbox Wireless Headset from Microsoft, thanks to its multiplatform support and unique features. If it's good at $100, though, how amazing is it at less than HALF of that? Right now, you can pick up this fantastic Xbox and Windows PC wireless gaming headset for just $49 at Walmart.

Xbox Wireless Headset was $99.99 now $49 at Walmart

Xbox Wireless Headset was $99.99 now $49 at Walmart

The official Xbox Wireless Headset is already a solid deal at its full retail price, but it's an unbelievable value with this huge markdown at Walmart. Get it while supplies last, because they won't last long.

Price check: $79.99 at Amazon

Windows Central has reviewed a lot of gaming headsets for Xbox and Windows PC. Our list of the best Xbox gaming headsets is filled with our favorites in every category. Not one of those headsets can compete with the sheer value on offer with this discount. The Xbox Wireless Headset is basically a steal at $49, which is less than 50% of its full price.

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In our Xbox Wireless Headset review, we praised Microsoft's debut entry in the space, as "The features are without peer in this price range, and the headset construction and ergonomics are top-notch." Incredible competition in the $100 price range means the Xbox Wireless Headset isn't a total knockout across the board, as its mic and sound quality aren't best-in-class. At $49, though, there's absolutely nothing that comes close.

The Xbox Wireless Headset boasts a premium, high-quality design with excellent comfort and incredibly intuitive controls similar to the Surface Headphones 2, with lovely dials baked into the earcups letting you quickly control audio mixing and volume. It also includes Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth support, letting you connect directly to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC, and basically any other Bluetooth-enabled device. Yeah, it's a fantastic, comfortable gaming headset that works with multiple platforms, and it's less than $50 right now. What are you waiting for? Buy it before it goes out of stock.

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