This crazy Xbox deal is still live at Walmart — nab an Elite Core 2 controller for only $88

Elite Series 2 Core Wireless Controller
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Amazon Prime Day 2: The Return of the Deals has finally ended but there are still plenty of deals to be had, and surprisingly the biggest deal I found wasn't on Amazon at all. Walmart has dropped the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 Core to an all-time low of $88 and the deal is still going strong today. Competitiors went cutthroat with their alternative sales to tempt gamers away from the lure of Amazon over the Prime Day event and it seems they're not stopping anytime soon. This is the best deal I've seen though, and I initially thought it was a misprice.

This is a crazy value offer for gamers who want a high-quality gamepad with enhanced comfort and control over the standard models. The black and white goes beautifully with both the Xbox Series S and X and I can't see it sticking around till the weekend at this all-time lowest price of $88.

Last chance deals in the final hours of Prime Day

Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Wireless Controller | was $129.99

Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Wireless Controller | was $129.99 now $88.00 at Walmart

The best deal of the day so far for Xbox doesn't actually come from Amazon, and this is the lowest-ever price we've seen for this controller. It's a much cheaper alternative to the Elite controllers that doesn't come with the back paddles.

Great for: A premium feel controller with monstrous 40+ hour battery life.

💰Price check: $99.99 at Best Buy

Considering the basic Xbox Series X|S controller retails at $64.99 when full price, to get an Elite controller for just over $20 more is an incredible deal. You're getting a hell of a lot more for your money here as the Elite Series 2 Core has adjustable-tension thumbsticks, a rubberized grip, and customizable trigger locks. It also holds over 40 hours of charge so you needn't worry about it letting you down during long gaming sessions.

The only real drawback with the Elite Controller Series 2 Core to the Elite 2 is that it doesn't come with the back paddles but thankfully those are on sale on Amazon right now in a bunch of colors.

eXtremeRate Xbox Elite Controller Paddles | $22.99

eXtremeRate Xbox Elite Controller Paddles | $22.99 $12.69 at Amazon

Want some paddles for your Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 Core? These ones from eXtremeRate are great, and right now, they're on sale for a fantastic 45% off.

The Elite Controller Series 2 Core hit below $100 only a mere month ago, and it was a great deal then, for $88 this is the lowest price I've ever seen the gamepad sell for, and as it's my favorite official Xbox controller and one the Best Xbox Controllers, it's certainly worth your attention. I can't see the stock lasting long at this price. 

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