Best Gamepads for Apex Legends on Xbox One

Xbox One controller
Xbox One controller (Image credit: Windows Central)

Apex Legends burst onto the battle royale scene and is quickly giving Fortnite a run for its money. If you're jumping ship or just want to get in on the action from time to time, you'll want the best controller possible to do so. As it turns out, the best for most people in this case is your standard Xbox One controller.

Xbox One controller

You don't need to reinvent the wheel

Who should buy this

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Everyone. There's no reason you shouldn't be using a standard Xbox One controller unless you've got hundreds of dollars lying around for a premium controller. Microsoft packages this with every Xbox One sold because it was designed from the ground up by the company with years of knowledge surrounding its own products. It's meant to fit nearly everyone's needs.

Is it a good time to buy this?

It's always a good time to pick up an Xbox One controller, especially if you're still rocking the one you got when you first purchased an Xbox One just after its release in 2013. Older Xbox One controller models don't include a 3.5mm jack for headphones, but Microsoft rectified this with a newer model in 2015 that does. Because it's an official first-party controller, Microsoft also offers dozens of color customization options to choose from with new special edition controllers being revealed frequently.

Don't break the bank when you don't need to for solid performance

Do extra remappable buttons give you an advantage over the competition? Sure. But most people playing on Xbox are using a standard controller anyway, so you're on a level playing field. It generally isn't worth it to spend around $150 for the Elite controller unless you want to start playing professionally. What's even better is that there are companies who sell separate paddles that attach to an Xbox One controller, giving players those extra buttons at a fraction of the cost like Collective Minds' Mod Pack.

Alternatives to the Xbox One controller

If the standard Xbox One controller just isn't cutting it for you, there are other options to consider, the best of which being the Xbox One Elite controller. For those not wanting to spend that much money, there is also a third-party budget alternative from PowerA that still offers a couple of extra buttons on the back that can be remapped.

Xbox One Elite controller

Benefits at a high cost

Reasons to buy

Included with an Xbox One
Designed by Microsoft
Dozens of colors

Reasons to avoid

There are cheaper options
You may not need another standard controller

Microsoft designed the Elite controller in collaboration with professional players, making their input incredibly valuable for those looking to compete on a higher level. It features hair-triggers, four interchangeable paddles, and you can swap out its D-pad and thumbsticks whenever you'd like. The amount of customization it offers is tremendous, and you'll have no problem using it for long periods of time with its textured rubberized grips.

PowerA Enhanced Wired Xbox One controller

Officially licensed

PowerA is a reliable brand when it comes to gaming peripherals and accessories. Its officially licensed Enhanced Wired Xbox One controller features two extra buttons built into the back that can be remapped to whatever you'd like. It necessitating a wired connection will be a turn off to some players, though.

Bottom line

You don't need to fix what isn't broken, and a regular Xbox One controller gets the job done just fine. Practice is still key when it comes to being the very best player in Apex Legends. If you truly feel like you need those extra buttons, you have a few alternatives to turn to.

Jennifer Locke

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