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Part of every good PC gamer's arsenal is a desktop stacked with quality gear. A good mouse and keyboard are key to in-game performance while a good audio experience can be the difference between having a good time and having a great time. But because there's so much to choose from, it can be a nightmare at times, so why not take advantage of one of these great gaming bundles and maybe even save a couple of bucks in the process?

Homerun Gaming Bundle

Top choice: Razer Homerun gaming bundle

Staff pick

The heart of this bundle is the Razer DeathAdder V2, the latest generation of one of the best known, most popular gaming mice in existence. You can have both top-level performance and comfort. Why shouldn't you? It's joined by a pretty good lineup, with the Kraken V3 X, a comfy, good sounding, wired headset, and the Ornata V2 keyboard, which while not fully mechanical, isn't entirely membrane either. It's a good middle ground. Oh, and you get a Gigantus V2 mousepad as well as the icing on the cake.

$128 at Amazon
Steelseries Bundle

Box of tricks: SteelSeries Ultimate gaming bundle

SteelSeries is another popular brand that can kit out your entire setup and that's what you get here. Everything is included: headset, mouse, keyboard, and mousepad. Specifically, you're getting the Apex 3 keyboard with included wrist rest and RGB up the wazoo, the Rival 3 wireless mouse, the QcK mousepad, and last, but by no means least, the superb Arctis 1 headset. Everything you need at a really attractive price. It's also available without the headset if you don't want it.

Corsair Bundle

Audio-free: Corsair Pro gaming bundle

If you're not in the market for a headset then this Corsair bundle is just the ticket. It comprises the K60 RGB Pro keyboard, the M55 RGB Pro mouse, and the MM300 mousepad. The keyboard is a full-sized layout, fully mechanical, and packed with RGB and programmable keys. The mouse is wired and of ambidextrous design, so truly everyone can have a great time with it. It's a neat little setup that'll give you an edge without breaking the bank.

$85 at Best Buy
Havit Bundle

Budget choice: HAVIT gaming bundle

Good gear doesn't have to cost a fortune, and if you're trying to get your game on but keep the budget really tight, this bundle is for you. The styling might not be for everybody as it's a little aggressive, but the price is hard to argue with. You're getting a headset, a mouse, and a keyboard with a wrist rest for under $50. It's a mechanical keyboard, too, with metal construction, which is all the more astonishing considering the asking price. As we say, good gear doesn't have to cost a fortune.

$47 at Amazon
Roccat Bundle

Premium bundle: Roccat gaming bundle

Best Buy has put together its own bundle of Roccat gear, and it's definitely one to take notice of. If you're looking for more high-end hardware, this is the one to look at. The centerpiece is the most excellent Syn Pro Air wireless headset, and while it's only usable on a PC, it's one of the most comfortable, lightest wireless headsets around. It's paired here with the Pyro mechanical keyboard and the Kone Pro mouse. Each piece of this bundle is up there with the best in class.

$330 at Best Buy

The bottom line

Buying a bundle takes a lot of the stress out of hunting for good PC gaming gear. Sure, it limits choice, but that's the wrong way to look at it. These bundles all help target you towards a full set of good hardware and will usually save you money in the process.

Razer is, perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the biggest supporters of bundles like these, and any that includes the DeathAdder V2 gets the nod from us.

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