Whether you are looking for an Xbox One S or Xbox One X, we know you want to find a great deal on it. These consoles are frequently discounted (sometimes seemingly at random), but your true best bet is to get one as part of a bundle deal. Often retailers offer extra controllers, a year of Xbox Gold Live or even various games with the system at no additional cost. Searching for the best deals can be frustrating and time-consuming, but we've got you covered.

Best Discount on the All-Digital Edition $199

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is the first disc-less Xbox console. Say goodbye to switching out discs, loaning out games to never see them again, and not being able to play because of a scratch. Its retail price of $250 isn't too bad, but this sale we found at Walmart is pretty stellar and one of its best deals available so far!

Go Digital

Xbox One S 1TB All-Digital Edition

Say goodbye to discs and hello to this All-Digital Edition of the Xbox One S which only plays digital video games. Three are included with its purchase: Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3, and Sea of Thieves.

$199.14 $249.99 $51 off

Best Xbox One S Deals $249.99

The Xbox One S is the older of the three available consoles, but that doesn't mean it's not worth considering. If you're looking for a console for the kids, or another to have in the house, this may be the way to go. It won't have all the bells and whistles of the X, but it comes with a price that's far more affordable. Right now, Target's offering $50 off select Xbox One S bundles with various games while supplies last.


Xbox One S bundles

  • 1TB Battlefield Bundle via Target
  • 1TB Anthem Bundle via Target
  • 1TB Minecraft Bundle via Target
  • 1TB NBA 2K19 Bundle via Target
  • 1TB The Division 2 Bundle via Target

$249.99 $300 $50 off

Best Xbox One X Deals As low as $399.99

This is the most powerful console yet from Microsoft, and if you love Xbox you are going to want one of these. Some bundles save you more than others, so hopefully you're fine with picking up Fallout 76. It looks like retailers are still trying to get rid of that game, saving you $100 off the Xbox One X consoles bundled with it. You can just put those extra savings towards a game you actually want to play.

Best of the Best

Xbox One X Fallout 76 Bundle

The Fallout 76 Xbox One X bundle is $100 off right now at Target and Best Buy. That's the best deal of the bundles, but here are a few more with games you might be interested in:

  • 1TB NBA 2K19 Bundle for $449.99 via Target
  • 1TB PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Bundle for $449.99 via Target
  • 1TB Metro Exodus Bundle for $449.99 via Target
  • 1TB Gold Rush Limited Edition Battlefield V Bundle for $499.99 via Best Buy

$399.99 $560 $160 off

How to get the Best Xbox Deals

The bundles are about as good as you can get for Xbox consoles when it's not a major holiday like Black Friday or Christmas. That doesn't mean there aren't other ways to save, though. Keep an eye on all the newest video games getting released. They always drop in price somewhere. Even if you're only getting $10 off a brand new game, that's a savings that adds up over time. And, of course, if you can be patient enough not to have to play the game as soon as its released, you'll be able to save more and more. Forget straight up buying the games and get Microsoft's Game Pass. It's only $1 for the first month and all of Microsoft's first party games get added right away.

Another great way to save is through accessories. Xbox One wireless controllers go on sale All. The. Time. Right now the Black and White controllers are down to $44 and often go much lower on Amazon and at Walmart.

Another great way to save is on Xbox Live Gold. That's Microsoft's online multiplayer service. It normally costs $60 for a year. If saving money is a goal, you'd be crazy to ever pay that much. The digital codes on Amazon drop all the time. The full year even gets discounted sometimes. You can keep buying these codes and adding them to whatever membership you already have, too. So you're just constantly saving that way. Plus, Xbox Live Gold does a lot of special things that help you save money like giving out free games every month.

Best Xbox One Accessories in 2019 (One X & One S Compatible)

Whether you have the 4K media-focused Xbox One S or the 4K gaming powerhouse Xbox One X, you're most likely going to need accessories. Some of the most necessary accessories include vertical stands, battery chargers for controllers, among others. We've put together a list of some of the best available.

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Voice control: Amazon Echo

Staff favorite

You can now control your Xbox console using voice commands via an Amazon Echo speaker. The lowest-cost Echo devices are pretty affordable and currently sport the widest array of support for connected devices and services. The most affordable Echo device is the Echo Dot, starting at $25.

From $50 at Amazon

Extra controllers: Phantom White Xbox Controller

The best-looking spare Xbox controller money can buy is without a doubt the translucent, ghost-like Phantom White Xbox Controller. These Bluetooth controllers can be used on both Xbox One and PC, making them a versatile spare controller option.

$58 at Amazon

Affordable controller: Regular Xbox Controller

If you figure that Player 2 doesn't need any bells and whistles, you can pick up a more affordable standard Xbox One controller. The latest models also come with Bluetooth for Xbox One and PC, and they can be connected via a USB cable if wirelessness isn't your thing.

$47 at Amazon

Xbox controller upgrades: Bionik Quickshot

The Bionik Quickshot adds a couple of nice features from the Xbox One Elite Controller on a far more affordable budget. The custom parts can be easily fitted into any current-gen Xbox One controller, adding trigger locks for faster firing, and rubberized grips for a more ergonomic feel.

$15 at Amazon

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