7 best mods to increase Fallout 4 performance on ROG Ally, Steam Deck, and Legion Go gaming handhelds

Fallout 4 on ROG Ally
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It's hard to escape the Fallout craze these days - it seems to be everywhere I turn. Whether I'm browsing X or scrolling through my Facebook feed, I can't help but notice that everyone is talking about Fallout. Even my Vizio TV is in on the action, with an ad for Fallout on Amazon greeting me every time I turn it on. But I have to admit, I'm loving all the attention the series is getting lately!

What's even more exciting is that people are rediscovering the joys of playing Fallout 4, a game beloved by many and has been seeing a surge in play counts across all platforms. And even Fallout 76, which had a rocky launch, is suddenly gaining traction after many years of steady increases. But I'm guessing that you're here because you want to take your Fallout 4 experience to the next level on your Steam Deck, ROG Ally, or Legion GO. Well, I've got you covered! In this article, we'll review eight mods (yes, I know the title says seven, but I couldn't resist adding one more) that will make your handheld Fallout 4 experience even better, no matter which device you're using!

If you're looking for mods to install, make sure to check out our guide on the best PC mods for Fallout 4. Keep in mind, these mods will decrease performance. If you're wondering how to install mods, don't worry! Our installation guide covers mods and various forms of installing mod packs, too.


All mods and mod packs use Steam, and assume all DLC has been purchased. You can modify Fallout 4 on the PC Xbox app, but support is limited.

Insignificant Object Remover

USELESS SCUM! (Image credit: Nexus Mods)

This mod safely removes insignificant objects to improve performance without visual degradation. By removing these objects, the mod can improve the game's visuals by reducing visual clutter, enhancing your handheld gaming experience.

Download here

Fog Remover - Performance Enhancer II

I'm just realizing how much I hate the fog in Fallout 4 even on my PC. (Image credit: Nexus Mods)

This mod does as it says! It improves the game's appearance and performance by removing interior fog, mist, steam, dust, smoke, airborne leaves, and debris.

Download here

Previsibines Repair Pack Stable Branch

Ah.. beautiful framerate. (Image credit: Nexus Mods)

This mod completely rebuilds pre-combined texture meshes and occlusion information for Fallout 4. 'Occlusion' refers to when an object blocks another object from being displayed. Fallout 4 has issues where objects, even when they're unable to be seen, are drawn. Fixing occlusion helps reduce draw calls, which, depending on location, should increase FPS.

Download here

Faster Workshop (Workshop Lag Fix)

Now Fallout 4 players don't have to wait the same amount of time as the GTA V loading screen to get into their workbench. (Image credit: Nexus Mods)

As per the mod page, Faster Workshop is an F4SE plugin that optimizes workshop loading times by replacing some of the most expensive and inefficient regions of workshop loading code with far more efficient versions.

On top of this, it also does two more things:

  • Faster Workshop provides a hotkey to enter workshop mode instantly.
  • Faster Workshop fixes the issue with workshop icons not loading when navigating through them quickly.

Download here

Fallout 4 (For Low End PCs Tweaks and More FPS)

It's a picture of Starfield, but potatoes. If I have to explain this then you must be new to PC gaming. (Image credit: r/Moozipan)

The Low End PC mod will boost every handheld far beyond what you ever thought it would, but will also reduce just about every setting in the game. Shadows are significantly reduced. The grass is completely disabled, with some plants still appearing. Depth of field, lens flare, SSAO, and god rays have all been completely disabled. Basically, this makes it so a potato can run it, almost literally.

Download here

Fallout Priority - CPU Performance FPS Optimizer

Priority queue! (Image credit: Nexus Mods)

If you're someone who runs background processes on your handheld to the point you need to prioritize your CPU, then Fallout Priority is here to fix your dirty habit. This mod will automatically elevate Fallout 4 CPU priority to high, reducing stutters and increasing FPS overall.

Download here

BlurKiller - Visual Pollution Remover and Performance Enhancer

Die blur, die! (Image credit: Nexus Mods)

BlurKiller is a strong alternative for players who want more visual fidelity without resorting to the Low End mod. BlurKiller works wonders for combat when many of the game's default effects are increased. If players have a depth of field enabled, Fallout 4 will often increase this effect during combat, causing significant FPS spikes as a result. BlurKiller eliminates these changes and keeps the game at the default values in the player's settings.

Download here

Optimized Vanilla Textures - Full Version

Make them textures look extra efficient! (Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios)

As noted by the mod author, they noticed that some of the textures in vanilla Fallout 4 were not compressed properly, missing mipmaps, or other things. They fixed this by running them through a texture optimizer. While they can't promise results on every PC, it's worth a shot!

Download here

Hopefully this sorts out any issues you're having on your handheld, and if you weren't having issues, hopefully you're now experiencing maximum FPS. If you have any mods or tips you'd like us to add, mention it below in the comments or on social media. As always, happy gaming!

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