Dragon’s Dogma 2: Mystic Spearhand guide, Mystic Spearhand Maister location, tips, tricks, and skill list

Mystic Spearhand screenshots of attacks
(Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

Dragon's Dogma 2 is here, and it's massive, neigh, gigantic. This game is enormous. Alright, so I said the same thing three times, but I needed to get the point across. I've spent close to 60 hours on this game, and I can't help but feel like I've played less than half of it. At every corner is a new mystery or a solution to one I encountered 20 hours prior.

The Mystic Spearhand is one of those mysteries I didn't come across until 30 hours into the game, and it's available so much sooner than that! I never got around to the place where it existed, as I was everywhere else instead. Before jumping on Mystic Spearhand, check out our Vocation guide to see all your options first.

That said, Mystic Spearhand is some of the most fun I've had in a game. It's one of the fastest, most nimble Vocations in the game. The Spearhand provides potent offensive potential as well as capable defensive techniques that will not only save you but your whole party. Let's get to it!

Dragon's Dogma 2 Mystic Spearhand Guide: How to unlock the Mystic Spearhand Vocation

Head to Melve! (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

To unlock the Mystic Spearhand, players need to revisit Melve for a second time after playing through some of the main story. In one mission, players will relive the sequence of events that led them to become the Arisen. After some time has passed, return to Melve, and a new dragon will be present in the city.

Attack this dragon and drive it out of the town. In doing so, you'll be free to speak with villagers around you, one of whom is carrying a duospear. Approach this man and ask him his name and style. In doing so, you'll learn the Mystic Spearhand Vocation, which you can unlock at any Vocation Guild for 200 Discipline.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Mystic Spearhand Guide: What is the Mystic Spearhand Vocation and how do you play it

Combinations of spells happening simultaneously will never grow tiring. (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)
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The Mystic Spearhand is a dashing change of pace compared to some of the other Vocations in the game. While I started early as a Mage, the moment I unlocked Mystic Spearhand, I hardly wanted to touch anything else. It's a joy to play and feels completely overpowered when used correctly. Only the Arisen can play as this Vocation.

Filled to the brim with eccentric abilities that light up the world, you'll build up incredible offensive potential while having access to one of the strongest stuns in the game. Not to mention, you get an impenetrable shield ability that can be recast at the cost of stamina. Infinite damage protection is back on the menu, boys!

You'll play as a near-total melee character with quite a bit of range. Armed with a dual-sided spear, the Mystic Spearhand uses Strength and Magick to cause harm to enemies. Get ready to fly sky-high as you lunge your way into danger.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Mystic Spearhand Guide: The Mystic Spearhand's full Skills and Augments lists

Easy ranged attacks by smashing Y. (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

The following lists include every Weapon Skill, Core Skill, and Augment that the Mystic Spearhand can purchase through Vocation Guilds in main cities like Vernworth and Battahl. You can unlock more abilities by increasing the rank of your chosen Vocation.

It takes over 27,000 Discipline to reach level 9, the max level for all Vocations.

Weapon Skills list

Same shot, same spot? (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

Weapon Skills are powerful abilities that players can use at the cost of Stamina. Many Skills are learned by leveling the Vocation Rank they are under, while others are learned via Scrolls given by Vocation Maisters. All Skills can be swapped in and out freely at Vocation Guilds

Weapon Skills:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Name and Dep cost to unlockDescriptionHow to activate
Dragoun's StabbeKicks off a magickal platform to gain momentum before delivering a forceful jab. Also employable against flying targets.Press the assigned button on the ground or in mid-air.
Dragoun's FoinAn advanced form of Dragoun's Stabbe that allows the user to travel farther and causes the forceful jab to inflict magick damage as well.Press the assigned button on the ground or in mid-air.
Seching BladeConjures magickal blades that fly at the target of their own accord. Though not especially powerful, it can be activated while moving or using another attack.Press the assigned button. Additional button presses conjure more blades.
Seching StormAn advanced form of Seching Blade that conjures a greater number of blades at a decreased cost to Stamina.Press the assigned button. Additional button presses conjure more blades.
Humble OffringeLevitate nearby objects and hurls them at the closest hostile target. Can also lift and hurl smaller hostile targets that are flinching.Press the assigned button.
Devout OffringeAn advanced form of Humble Offringe that has an extended range, allowing targets to be lifted from further away.Press the assigned button.
Thef's HondSaps the target's vitality and grants it to the user in the form of Stamina. Cannot be employed against targets that lack a corporeal form.Press the assigned button. Tap repeatedly to continue draining.
Ravinour's HondAn advanced form of Thef's Hond that hastens Stamina recovery.Press the assigned button. Tap repeatedly to continue draining.
Mirour VestureErects a magickal barrier around the user and any allies within range. Each barrier lasts only a very short time but nullifies all manner of attacks for the duration.Press the assigned button.
Mirour SheldeAn advanced form of Mirour Vesture that extends each barrier's duration, as well as the effective range when casting.Press the assigned button.
Skiedragoun's FangtoothDarts swiftly into the air before plunging down at high speed. Inflicts greater harm when evading a target's attack.Press the assigned button on the ground or in mid-air.
Skiedragoun's FesteAn advanced form of Skiedragoun's Fangtooth that causes the dive attack to inflict magick damage as well.Press the assigned button on the ground or in mid-air.
Unto SkieLaunches smaller targets great distances, forcibly removing them from battle. Launched targets grant no experience and drop no items. Larger targets are not launched, but struck with a solid blow.Press the assigned button.
Unto HevenAn advanced form of Unto Skie that leaves the user less vulnerable when activated and consumes less Stamina.Press the assigned button.
Magike SperepeloteFires the magick stored within the duospear in a high-speed blast. Consume Stamina while readying duospear to fill it with magick, inflicting harm relative to the amount of Stamina consumed.Press the assigned button to ready the duospear. Hold LB/CTRL to maintain the stance and release to fire. Adjust direction of fire with your analog stick or mouse.
Magike SperegonneAn advanced form of Magike Sperepelote that has a greater effective range and fires a more powerful magickal blast at increased speed.Press the assigned button to ready the duospear. Hold LB/CTRL to maintain the stance and release to fire. Adjust direction of fire with your analog stick or mouse.
Swift ChargeConsumes Health and Stamina to instantly charge Forbeding Bolt to maximum.Press the assigned button.
Moment's ChargeAn advanced form of Swift Charge that consumes less stamina.Press the assigned button.
Wild FurieUnleashed a relentless flurry of slashes and magickal attacks. Additional button presses continue the onslaught by consuming Stamina.Press the assigned button. Additional button presses continue the attack.

Core Skills list

I love hitting enemies with follow-up attacks. (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

Core Skills are special traits that augment existing moves or allow a player to perform unique actions. They are generally unique to each Vocation. However, some Core Skills can be the same between Vocations, such as Follow-Up Attacks being used by all melee Vocations.

Core Skils:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Name and Dep cost to unlockDescriptionHow to activate
Redouted BoltCharge your magick before unleashing a Redouted Bolt will halt the enemy in their tracks, giving you an opportunity to bombard them with attacks till they recover. The longer the charge time, the longer the enemy will be restrained. Magick can be charged up while moving and attacking, but stamina only recovers while stationary.Holding down RB on Xbox, or Rich-Click on PC
Follow-Up AttacksWhen you land an attack using Y, it will change to a powerful successive strike if the target is downed or knocked off balance or the target is not expecting the attack. Powerful successive strikes should be carefully aimed, as they leave you vulnerable.Land an attack using Y on Xbox or V on PC
Scatering BoltDisperses Forbeding Bolt after it has been unleashed, ensnaring hostile targets in the vicinity and preventing them from moving. Targets struck directly are retrained for longer.Press RB on Xbox, or Right-Click on PC the instant Forbeding Bolt connects with a foe.
Quik FotAllows the user to instantly approach a target that was struck by Forbeding Bolt or Scatering Bolt.Press A on Xbox, or Space on PC the instant Forbeding Bolt or Scatering Bolt connects with a foe.
Ferrene BoltExtends the effective range of Redouted Bolt.Holding down RB on Xbox, or Rich-Click on PC
Winding CutSpins the duospear forward, whirling and slashing through targets without pause. Repeatedly pressing the activation button spins the duospear faster. Can be activated while walking.Tap X on Xbox or Left-Click on PC repeatedly to activate, and keep tapping to continue the attack

Augments list

Aim for the head. (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

Augments are special abilities that can be equipped regardless of your current Vocation. Meaning if you earn an Augment for Sorcerer, it can be equipped on the Fighter. Augments are acquired by spending Discipline at a Vocation Guild. You are able to equip up to six Augments at any given time. Increase the rank of the Vocation to unlock more Augments.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Name and Dep cost to unlockDescription
ConveyanceHastens movement speed while carrying or lifting.
OpulenceIncreases gold obtained when aquiring coin pouches.
PolarityAugments your Strength during the day and your Magick anight.
RefulgenceIncreases the amount of rift crystals obtained when acquiring rift fragments and the like.
AthleticismReduces Stamina consumed while dashing.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Mystic Spearhand Guide: Where to find the most powerful Skills

Hey buddy! (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

The Mystic Spearhand Maister is found southwest of Bakbattahl, at Dragonsbreath Tower. To get there, players will have to make a rather demanding push through close to a hundred enemies along the path. Winding it's way up, you'll meet wolves, bandit Beastren, goblins, harpies, and more. It's one heck of a hike.

Dragonsbreath Tower is off the heavily fortified path full of enemies. (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

Once you've arrived, camp. You'll need it. There's a small campsite at the foot of the tower. Once rested, head toward the gate, where a red dragon will appear from the tower. It's at that moment Sigurd will join in and ask to best the Dragon with the Arisen. 

Charge ahead and climb the multiple tower levels. On your way, more enemies will get in your crosshairs. Eliminate them quickly while staying on your guard; you'll need all the health you can get for the fight ahead.

Once you've reached the top, the battle with the Dragon begins. Don't take the enemy head-on; instead, use your shield ability to protect the party. Target the pustules protruding from the side; these are weak points. Don't give up on them until they pop.

Take that goo-boy! (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

Take your time, the battle will be longer than you're most likely used to. Play defensively and wait for the right openings to attack. If you mount the Dragon, make sure your stamina bar is full as it could potentially fly into the air for an extended amount of time. Running out of Stamina means certain death.

Once you've bested the Dragon, you'll obtain the Dead Ringer off its corpse. This is the best duospear I've found in the game so far. You'll want to equip it immediately. You'll also gain access to the Paladin's Enigmat, a scroll that grants the Arisen the Maister SkillWild Furie.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Mystic Spearhand Guide: Best Mystic Spearhand character builds

Wild Furie is the exact ability you'd expect this Vocation to have. (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

For the Mystic Spearhand, there are a few abilities that I think are absolutely necessary to make the best build possible. Two of which you'll start with and never drop. The others are ones you won't unlock until later, but don't worry, what you'll have in between will be effective as well!

Best early-game Mystic Spearhand Weapon Skills

Fire away! (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

Dragoun's Stabbe/Foin is essential in every Mystic Spearhand build. I will argue with anyone who says otherwise. This ability is the bread and butter of the class. Whether you're closing the distance between enemies, launching yourself into strategic positions for larger beasts, or thoroughly crossing large gaps in the world, this ability will be used for everything. Assign this to the button you're ready to always press.

Seching Blade/Storm is an easy pick to start. While enemies are flying around, and you're getting the hang of the Vocation's strengths and weaknesses, Seching Blade provides easy, passive damage at the cost of Stamina. It's a quick and solid pick for early-game builds.

Thef's/Ravinour's Hond is crucial early in the game, as Stamina management can be challenging. This is especially true when you don't have any rings to improve your Stamina, or your abilities haven't been upgraded yet. This quick class will bleed Stamina fast. Seching Blade will make up the gap substantially, an ability we'll switch out later.

Mirour Vesture/Shelde Once this skill is equipped, I never found a reason to take it off. Not only does it grant you a shield of invincibility, but it also grants you any ally within range. Honestly, this might get nerfed. I realize it's a single-player game, but this ability stops anything from hurting you. You can cast this repeatedly while tanking for three range dealers until whatever you fight is dead.

Best later game Mystic Spearhand Weapon Skills

Kill. All. Dragons. (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

The two abilities we're going to swap out are Seching Blade/Storm and Thef's/Ravinour's Hond. While they're extraordinary abilities to have early, other abilities quickly outclass these, or their usage is replaced with gear. You can keep them in if you wish, but you'll be holding back your true potential.

For Seching Blade/Storm, exchange it with Magike SperegonneMagike Speregonne will provide a solid bump in damage with a single-charged shot. What's more, it gets even better when players use appropriate Stamina rings that boost the overall pool. The more Stamina a player consumes when charging, the more damage they'll deal. 

While it will one-shot smaller enemies, this ability shines on the big ones. Stop them in their tracks with a fully-boosted Forbeding Bolt, then follow it up with a fully-charged Magike Speargonne—leisurely damage with no threat to the player. 

As for Thef's/Ravinour's Hond, that's replaced by Skiedragoun's Feste/Fangtooth. It's the equivalent of the Helm Splitter for Thief and provides excellent knockdown potential against the right opponent. Learning enemy attacks and openings will benefit this skill, too, as a rightly-timed counter-attack will land extra damage. It also makes excellent use as a secondary evade skill alongside Dragoun's Foin.

Best Mystic Spearhand Augments

This is my BOOM stick! (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

Many of the best augments for Mystic Spearhand will actually come from other Vocations. In fact, only one of the augments will. As this class uses both Strength and Magick in its damage output, maxing the Sorcerer and Thief will lend massive boosts to the potential this Vocation has to offer. 

My personal and definitive picks that no one can argue with me about (just kidding, but also not) are:

  • Polarity (from Mystic Spearhand): For increased Magick damage at night and Strength during the day. No matter what time of day, you'll benefit from this ability.
  • Vigor (from Thief): This reduces the Stamina drain while mounted. You'll spend a lot of time attaching yourself to the face of massive creatures or whatever weak spot you're attempting to hit. Being able to stay longer to deal more damage is crucial.
  • Verve (from Thief): The added Strength means that every blow deals that much more pain
  • Sagacity (From Sorcerer): Again, just like Thief. Increasing one of your damage outputs means vending more hurt.
  • Exaltation (From Mage): Increasing your Stamina recovery will increase your overall DPS and keep you alive longer as well. 
  • Endurance (From Archer): We'll want an increased Stamina pool with that increased recovery.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Mystic Spearhand Guide: Best team composition

What pawns do we want? (Image credit: Windows Central)

For the party's composition, every party needs a healer, so Mage comes first and foremost. Plus, the added benefit of augmenting your duospear attacks with Magick Boons is critical. So make sure the Mage in your party is a buffer on top of it all. Their damage output is secondary to their ability to keep you and your party alive through mistakes.

Second, I recommend a proper tank in the form of a Fighter or Warrior; it's up to you. For most Vocations, I suggest Fighter in the composition, but Warrior is an equally acceptable choice given the Spearhand's ability to cast shields on your whole party. Providing extra damage is always a good thing, too.

For the last role, my pick has to be Sorcerer. They'll balance any elemental weakness of the party while providing tremendous damage potential. The motto of the Mystic Spearhand is to kill, and the Sorcerer knows how to do that well. Plus, you already have two melee damage dealers in the party.

Charge head-first into battle and never stop

Our guide has come to an end. I look forward to seeing clips of players using the Mystic Spearhand to decimate foes. I'm sure I'll see plenty of clips of players flying through the air, causing havoc on enemy faces left and right. The damage potential of this class is crazy, and it matches with how crazy good this game is, too.

Make sure to check out some of our other guides for Vocations as well; we'll update them daily as we encounter more of everything in the world. Until next time, Arisen, slay the Dragon!

Dragon's Dogma 2 is now available for purchase on Xbox Series XXbox Series S, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam after releasing on March 22, 2024.

Dragon's Dogma 2

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