Halo Infinite's campaign is one of my favorite games, and it's STILL $45 off on Xbox right now. But the clock's ticking.

Halo Infinite's slow-but-steady comeback in the live service multiplayer space is currently the talk of the town, but allow me to also point you toward the game's excellent single player campaign. It stands tall as one of the best in the series, and even though it's totally worth its standard $59.99 MSRP, you can get it on Xbox (and PC via Xbox Play Anywhere, if you buy the digital version) for just $14.99 at Best Buy right now. However, since Cyber Monday has officially ended, the clock's ticking; the deal could end at any moment, so take advantage of it right away if you're interested.

Halo Infinite (Campaign) | $59.99now $14.99 at Best Buy

Halo Infinite (Campaign) | was $59.99 now $14.99 at Best Buy

Halo Infinite brings the iconic Xbox FPS series to an expansive open ringworld, complete with plenty of dynamic encounters to engage with as well as a series of more traditional missions that diversify the experience and push the story forward. It's an excellent campaign, and right now, you can get it for $45 off.

✅Perfect for: Halo fans, and folks that like the sound of a lengthy sci-fi shooter campaign with an emphasis on exploring a large open world

❌Avoid if: You prefer more structured and linear campaigns, or you're not big into sci-fi

💰Price check: $24 at GameStop

🔍Our review: A masterpiece that's familiar, yet fresh, in all the right ways


Don't overlook this fantastic Halo game

Master Chief and The Weapon in Halo Infinite. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Halo Infinite takes place a full two years after the events of Halo 5: Guardians, in the aftermath of a massive and mysterious three-way battle between the forces of humanity's UNSC, the fierce coalition of alien mercenaries known as the Banished, and the Created AI faction led by Master Chief's former companion-gone-rogue, Cortana. Chief — found drifting in the vacuum of space and rescued by a lone surviving pilot — must work with him and an AI clone of Cortana designed to defeat her called "The Weapon." The trio venture down to the Halo Installation that was the site of the battle during the campaign, rallying UNSC survivors, fighting to wrest control of the ringworld from the Banished, and investigating what happened there.

No spoilers here, but the Master Chief-centric story in Infinite was quite a significant bounce back after the terrible writing of Halo 5. It's chock-full of subtle, yet touching and heartfelt moments between the Spartan supersoldier and his allies, and it's home to a suite of charismatic minor and major antagonists you'll love, too. It also wraps up what Halo 5 started in what is probably the cleanest way possible, giving future Halo narratives a good foundation to build off of.

Gameplay-wise, you can look forward to the same tight gunplay, dynamic enemy AI, and diverse sandbox of creative weapons and equipment that gave Halo its status as one of the best Xbox games for FPS fans. Things get taken to another level in its open world, though, where enemy squad compositions, patrol locations, and the types of weapons and vehicles they're using all get fine-tuned in the background in response to your own actions and arsenal. This makes sure it's never hard to find the repeatable "30 seconds of fun" the franchise is known for, and that makes roaming around Zeta Halo a blast. There are plenty of Banished outposts and bases to assault, too, as well as unique minibosses to hunt down, collectibles to find, and more.

The open world can get a bit dull after a while, especially since Halo Infinite has a notable lack of distinct regions and biomes. Thankfully, the game's nonlinear exploration is broken up by more traditional Halo missions that push the story forward and feature lots of structured action and scripted set pieces. These balance the campaign out quite a bit, and I strongly recommend going to do a story mission or two whenever you feel like you're "zoning out" in free roam. 

Overall, it's one of my favorite Halo campaigns — I didn't even talk about the awesome soundtrack, by the way — and when it's this affordable thanks to Cyber Monday, there's no reason not to check it out. Just make sure you pull the trigger soon, because Cyber Monday is over, and that means it could go offline at any moment. Something important to note is that it's playable on Xbox Game Pass as well, and you can save big on Game Pass with these deals while they're still available, too. 

If you do decide to get the game and opt for the physical version of it, you should sign up for a free My Best Buy membership to take advantage of free shipping.

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