Battlefield 2042 (physical) for Xbox Series X drops to just $7 for Prime Day

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While not the best Battlefield game ever made (perhaps not even in the top 5), Battlefield 2042 isn't awful by any means. In any case, the game's initial negative reception created a huge surplus of stock that seems to have coalesced into this enticing Amazon Prime Day deal. 

Battlefield 2042 | was $69.99 now $7.19

Battlefield 2042 | was $69.99 now $7.19

I'm not sure Battlefield 2042 is anyone's favorite Battlefield, but it has gotten a ton of quality updates since its tumultuous launch, and now more closely resembles a classic Battlefield experience. 

Even if you don't intend to play it and just like collecting discs, you can now grab Battlefield 2042 for the price of a large London coffee. 

💰 Price check: $69.99 at Xbox

Last chance deals in the final hours of Prime Day

Battlefield 2042 was ill-received at launch for a variety of reasons. Forced cross-play on Xbox turned me off primarily, but it was also the sweeping changes EA made to the way classes function. I say function, but the reality is EA basically straight up removed them. Battlefield fans decried the move as an excuse to sell character packs and the like to try and maximize the game's in-app purchases. Battlefield totally lost its identity as a result, given that the franchise has long revolved around unit cohesion and players performing "roles" within their units. 

Battlefield 2042 is into its 6th season now, however, and has peeled back some of the game's less popular changes. Some of my die hard Battlefield friends have described it to be as "acceptable" now, at least, and have returned to the game. The latest season, Dark Creations, adds some new maps, free and premium battle passes, and a variety of other features. 

Even if you're not planning to play the game, $7.19 is a pretty great price on what was previously a fully-priced premium title. Whether you're an Xbox disc collector, Battlefield fan, or simply want a darker piece of the franchise's history, this deal is a bit of a steal. Hey, that rhymes. 

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