Windows Phone Weekly Digest: June 13, 2015

There's a lot going on in the world of Windows Phone. So much, in fact, that it is sometimes tough to catch every important story. Device rumors come and go. New apps join the Windows Phone Store, and your favorite app can get a big update with a new look or new features.

Therefore, every week we will compile a list of the Windows Phone news that you just shouldn't miss. Welcome to the "Windows Phone Weekly Digest."

Windows Phone

Windows Phone

It's been about a month since the last preview build of Windows 10 Mobile was officially released for Insiders. But earlier this week, a video cropped up on the internet showing a leaked Windows 10 Mobile build 10134. Among the changes shown in the video was the search button turning into a search bar in the app list and a setting for phones with HD displays that offers up a split-screen view.

We also got a quick tease that Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview build 10136 was close to being released. And though that may still be the case, unfortunately, it was still too far off to make it out this week. Hopefully, we'll see it early next week.

The actual release date for Windows 10 Mobile for manufacturers looks like it may not be until September or October. This is according to a private webinar that Microsoft hosted for OEMs, during which Microsoft stated that "Windows Mobile skus will be available late next quarter."

Windows Phone as a whole scored a small victory, as it overtook iOS in Pakistan. Microsoft's Patrick Mercanton said that after a strong Q1 2015, "Windows Phone is now officially the second smartphone ecosystem by volumes sales." The Lumia 535 was the best-selling device in the country that quarter.

Those hoping to get their hands on a Verizon Lumia 735 in the US are going to have to wait a little longer. Big Red pushed back the phone's release to June 18 for web and store orders.

T-Mobile US plans to launch the Microsoft Lumia 640 on June 17, while AT&T will reportedly begin selling the Lumia 640 and 640 XL later in June.

And Canadians can now expect to find the Lumia 640 XL for sale at Microsoft's retail stores now.

A bunch of Windows phones got a bunch of updates. AT&T's Lumia 635 started to receive Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2, as did the AT&T HTC One M8 for Windows.

Some Lumia 930s are getting a rare critical update to stop random reboots. Lumia 730s, 830s, and 1520s in India are getting a similar update.

We may not see the Lumia 640 in high availability yet, but the GDR2 changelog was leaked and it shows a laundry list of changes for the device.

Other notable items:



Some of our favorite apps got significant updates. Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone updated with conversation improvements.

YouTube client Tubecast got fixes for broken video formats.

Our favorite Reddit client, Readit for Windows Phone, got patched to resolve a crashing issue, amongst other things.

And the beta version of WhatsApp got a new feature, the ability save songs to your phone. The process is far from perfect, but since the app is in beta, it isn't likely to work like this if it makes it into the final version.

One app that is no longer in beta is Opera Mini for Windows Phone. It has shed the beta label, and to celebrate, Opera put out a special video. In more Opera news, the browser will apparently be coming as a universal Windows 10 app later this year.

Other notable items:

  • Microsoft's MSN Money, News, Weather and Sports Windows Phone apps get minor updates
  • AIDA64 app for Windows Phone offers more details on your device's hardware
  • Capital One Investment Mobile lets you manage your investments from anywhere
  • 6tag updated with new back-end and API, minor tweaks to the Polaroid theme
  • OneLocker for Windows Phone – a simple password manager to help you keep track of things
  • Microsoft Music Deals 1.3 now available with new features and fixes



In gaming, Asphalt 8: Airborne got an update that brings with it with new cars, tracks and events.

Another racing game, Red Bull Racers, drove its way onto Windows Phone.

Game Troopers dropped their new trivia game What in the World? Into the Windows Phone Store, but it had some stability issues. However, the prolific development shop quickly remedied the situation.

Disney treated Windows Phone users with a gift, or more specifically, nine of them. Nine of Disney's paid Windows Phone games will be free until June 17.

Angry Birds flew over to make an appearance on Sonic Dash. Sega teamed up with Rovio to celebrate 100 million downloads of the endless runner. The crossover is temporary, so enjoy it while it lasts.

And finally, Candy Crush Saga put out an update, adding the Dozy Down episode to feed your sugary addiction.

Other notable items:

Be sure to weigh in on this week's news in the comments section. See you next week!

Seth Brodeur
  • Missed the Bulb Runner ;)
  • You forgot to mention that "Plague Inc." and "Bloons TD5" made their way to the Windows Phone Store :)
  • We mentioned those when they arrived. Several weeks ago :)
  • I'm sorry, i live in Austria and these two games had been released last week here. I am also new to Windows Central, so i dont get it :P
  • Welcome to the best tech community. there are some a holes but the rest is actually friendly peoople.
  • Im noticing that all The famous apps from ios/android are making their way to wp/w10m after w10 was announced
  • And as universal apps! Plus current ones being made universal also
  • A few, yes... Hopefully more will come, and more importantly, MS will give them a reason to stay.
  • Yeah, it's great! Twitter and Instagram though..... Hope they get better too with the new OS.
  • Twitter is terrible on every platform. Wouldn't hold your breath much there!
  • Really? I haven't tried it on Droid or iOS but that's quite surprising to hear XD
  • Try Tweetium and 6tag, if you haven't already. Both are better than the official apps.
  • I've been using 6tag for a long time; I couldn't possibly ignore all the rave reviews :D
    Store doesn't accept my card because my card number is too long, so I can't pay for Tweetium or Aeries. Waiting for carrier billing on that one.
  • I can't use the Windows Phone Recovery Tool nor the Lumia Recovery Tool AT ALL :( They cant connect to the servers so I cant go back to Windows Phone 8.1... Am I the only one with this damn problem?? Error: "problems connecting to the server. Check your connection. Make sure Proxy, Firewall and Antivirus are set up correctly".
  • Hey mate, try using another computer on another network, you can go to friend's house for example and try there.
  • Will try! Thanks
  • Pakistan, as I understand, has a new urban culture developing where having a Windows Phone is considered the "in" thing. I don't live there, but my family does. And I see the younger generation flashing the colorful phones with pride.
  • Continuum... Wait a GD minute here... Hold up. Just thought about something...
    Now, if new devices are going to have special processing skills for continuum,,, I wonder if other applications are going to be able to tap into those hardware capabilities...
    For example...
    True PC like multitasking, that's efficient, and intuitive..
    Could developers be able to use these hardware features to make super engaging apps, that could have spilt screen capabilities, or serious multitasking❓
    Music apps could have floating equalizers, or sound processors in app, that work independently of each other....
    The possibilities are endless when it comes to multitasking, and I don't think any other platforms have this level of multitasking.
    Can you think of any ideas of how these new chips can not only be used with continuum, but also how MS, or developers if given the tools, could use these new hardware feature to do cool new things❓❓❓
  • I'm just waiting to see a Lumia with an intel atom processor with WiDi running any 32 bit program. And a running 32 bit windows 10 through WiDi
  • Lumia Pro❓
  • Sound good, take my money.   And you go work at microsoft. They need outsider's working there I think.... just like in politics.
  • That's what they always say... Lol.
  • Can anyone guide is there ms office available in w10tp for Lumia 520 ?? And everything is working fine ?? I want to update but not know about its performance in 520
  • The Windows Central Forums will be able to help. Lots of people in there with a lot of knowledge to share.
  • Fhotoroom also rehauled their search engine this week and the new layout is pretty wonderful. :)
  • When they say split screen for HD displays, could my 920 be on that list? Is there a specific resolution needed for it?
  • Windows phone is just getting uglier and uglier the closer it gets to windows 10 mobile. They seriously didn't need to change the status bar icons at all, looks a lot worse than what it is with 8.1.
  • trust me, when it will be released it'll shine;)
  • they can bring all the apps in the world it wont help if they dont give us linked accounts in 1 inbox.  And i dont mean divering or going to
  • Couldn't u release windows 10 for phones early in july or august plss
  • Whom are you referring to as 'u' here? This ain't Microsoft. Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) is September or October, as mentioned in the article. Well, it might actually get delayed in worst case scenerio, I won't hold my breathe, just to play it safe.
  • It's not like they're deliberaty holding it back from us, it'll be released when it's done, and if it's done in july or august it'll be released then. However, they're obviously not confident that it'll be done by then, and I sure don't want a rushed launch.
  • And one more thing when will u launch the applock for all applications for lock access instead of only messengers..??
  • Nothing like that have been revealed so far. If you still want the idea to be taken, you better ask here: Or you can search there if the feature is already asked by someone, in which case you can always vote to support it.
  • Excited about the build releasing this week. From what we are hearing since last week I think it can used as a daily driver. :)
  • Hope so! Excited!
  • I look forward to the split screen feature. It has been requested on Uservoice, and I think it will become even more important as more apps for more tasks become available.
  • Am I the i only one who imagine news flash background music while reading this?
  • Fios remote
  • i want windows 10 update in HTC 8x in uk
  • I am planning to buy a lumia 640 dual sim mobile. Can I get suggestions as to how the phone is? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android