Deal alert: Fable III is currently free for Xbox 360

Fable III

The gaming and tech world-at-large has made a stink about how the Xbox One is moving to a more PC like approach. Specifically Steam has been cited as a model that the new Xbox One is moving towards. Of course Steam has been cut some slack because of how often they have deals on games. Well, it looks like Microsoft is even getting ready to follow that practice because right now you can download Fable III for free onto your Xbox 360.

Jonathan D. sent in this screenshot where he’s currently seeing Fable III for free through the Xbox Live. Currently I’m about to crash for the big Xbox media briefing tomorrow at E3, so I don’t have my Xbox 360 to check this myself. However I reached out to some friends online and they see it for free as well. Try it out yourself.

Could it be a fluke? It's free on the Xbox but still shows the price of $19.99 on the Xbox.com website. Or is Microsoft ready to win over some positive press in light of their recent statements.  Up to you to decide, in the meantime go search for the game on your Xbox and start playing.

Oh and don't forget to tell us if you were able to get it for free! Whether it worked and your region/marketplace. And don't blame us if Microsoft bills you ;)

Thanks for the tip JD!


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Deal alert: Fable III is currently free for Xbox 360



@Sam Sabri: Had it long before this. Though I have solid broadband, the connection requirement and used games DRM are too draconian and pub/devs never reached out to GameStop to try to ink a deal to receive a cut from used games. Sorry Sam, I was sold before Microsoft clarified everything. If they change some of the policies for the better, I'd go preorder. But as it stands, they just lost me. I'm a GameStop shopper and I may only buy my games new, I buy CoD games used to spit in Craptivision's face. After what Bobby "The Cunt" Kotick did to West/Zampella and IW after MW2, they're not seeing a dime from me.

Games on the PS4 are not excluded from DRM, they just have to make their own DRM system. I think Microsoft was smart by having a unified DRM experience as opposed to the fragmented DRM system on most likely most games on the PS4. And since games will not have access to the system, they can only do always online, or something else strict requiring at least an internet connection on the start of a game, unlike Microsoft's somewhat lenient DRM system.

That's a very half-hearted stance you're taking there. When I was sick of EA, I didn't buy games with their logo on it for 5 years, while you're still feeding into their activity numbers while claiming to take a stand.

Free Fable III on a console whose games the Xbox One won't support, meaning this offer adds nothing to the value of the new Xbox.

@WinExMan: The article still mentions the backlash Microsoft is receiving in broad strokes about its connection requirements in conjunction with mentioning Fable III, hence the inclusion of the X1!

The funny thing is most people have there 360 always connected to the internet and there kinect always connected to the xbox but now that they are told its a requirement they moan about it lol.

@Smg-Uk: I have a few friends in rural areas who can't get broadband because broadband companies don't want to offer those in his area anything, let alone, lay some cable in his area. He wanted the X1, but after finding out the online requirement, he decided to pass.

Broadband internet is not required, only recommended. You could get by with dial up for the authentication, mp would just suck. But if they already don't have broadband they'd be used to that

That's the point. If I leave my 360 connected to the interet and my kinect to the 360, It's my choice. I am free to do so and I am free to just take my xbox to my bathroom, bedroom, kinky sex basement or wherever I want and play games. With the xbox One not being able to be disconnected from the internet for longer than 24h, that's a no go.
I will continue having fun with my 360, then.

That's your decision, though. We aren't GETTING that decision here. When my Ethernet cable broke on my non-slim 360 (that I've since replaced with a Halo 4 slim console at Christmas), I didn't have Internet on my 360 for some time. Back then, I was mostly playing Skyrim and offline MLB 2K12. I didn't need an Internet connection to play those games, and so I ignored getting a new cable until I had something I wanted to play online again.

If you're in a rural area where the Internet can go out for days at a time, it's pretty crappy for Microsoft to basically tell you that you aren't allowed to use your $400-500 game console to play offline because your ISP isn't dependable enough.

Pretty much the entire industry is moving to being always connected. It's the way technology is moving. You can fight it all you want but nothing will change. Millions and millions of people will still get the XBox 1 (myself included) and be very happy with their online experience.

Well - funny thing is most smartphones are connected to the internet as well. Now imagine someone is telling you - you have to login to the internet at least once a day in order to keep your smartphone from being able to "call someone" .. well thanks for the talking

I wish MS would have announced the XB1 as a giganitic phone that you hook up to your TV, then people might understand all the requirements they already accepted when they got a smart phone: apps/games have no resale value, the device does multiple things, it's connected to the internet the majority of the time.
At least with the XB1 there is sharing of apps games with other people not physically sitting next to you and lisence transfer, can't say the same for iTunes/Googl Play/Steam content.

No, you're not offering a decent comparison here. Smartphones:

--Can run (most) apps in storage without an Internet connection for as long as you want
--Have multiple means of getting an Internet connection (WiFi or cellular)
--Do not REQUIRE an additional camera be purchased and connected to function
--Have free trials for most apps, and those apps are not $60
--Do not charge an additional fee (beyond the cost of Internet costs) to use online apps

The new Xbox isn't a smartphone. It's a PC. I'm OK with the license thing, it doesn't bother me. However, note again that smartphone apps aren't $60, and Steam CONSTANTLY has sales going on, so it's very rare you have to pay $60 for a game you want, unless it's a brand-new title.

The issue is that you are REQUIRED to buy a Kinect, and have it plugged in, even if you never once use it in the time you own the console. You must connect to the Internet every 24 hours, even if you have lost Internet access in your area and want to play a campaign offline. You must pay an additional fee each year to actually ACCESS the online features you wish to use, neither of which a phone or PC does.

Basically, to buy an Xbox One, you have to pay the cost of a low-end PC ($400-500), then purchase 1 monthly service (Internet) to even use it, plus a second (Xbox LIVE) if you actually want to play online.

You can use wifi or mobile broadband to check-in on XB1
A camera already comes with a smart phone, in fact you would have to go out of you way to buy a "smart phone" that doesn't have a camera
Are you new to console gaming? All XBLA games have demos and most retail games have demos
MS isn't price-fixing on the XB1 so it has the potential to have Steam like sales (Since Valve does not set prices on Steam, the publishers of the game do)
You aren't required to buy Kinect because it is a part of the system, not an add on like this gen.
Sony just put multiplayer behind the PS+ pay wall
MS is offering free games like PS+
I do a lot of PC gaming so I will continue to enjoy all the benefits of that platform and add a XB1 to play it's console exclusives and to use the media features with my family. To each their own.

Not exactly trolling when they mention about the negative backlash of the X1 while talking about Fable III. Get your facts straight.

I hope Microsoft and game companies have sales on their games from time to time like Steam or Origin, otherwise I think it could be a blow to the online market (with the exception of brand new games)

Probably a pricing error, but you can also get it for free from the xbox.com homepage. All you have to do is click the button "pay with microsoft points"

EDIT: bought from the website store using 0 Microsoft Points in Germany. Hopefully I will be able to later download it using my xbox, now that I purchased it.

Thanks! This info worked on xbox.com for me.. switched to ms points and the game was free :)
My account is Danish.. I too hope that's its on my account when i get home.

It might be intentional to gear gamers up for the TLC remake. MS probably figured they might as well sacrifice it, as much as i love the fable franchise, 3 was abysmal and i doubt anyone would be purchasing it this far after release.


I'm at work and on the office PC so its proxied lol. Might have to try xbox.com on my next break...never played it before. Is it as good as everyone says it is?

I got it for free from the Xbox website, but Xbox service is down? It says "a system update is required to sign into xbox live, but the update is currently unavailable"

Just got it for free in Amarillo Texas, didn't have to switch to Microsoft Points either it showed free, but I switched anyway just to be sure....

Yes, free in the UK, downloading now. If only I had time to play all these games instead of just collecting them...

Yeah, used my phone instead and it worked on the mobile site of xbox.com. changed to pay by points and it showed as free

I got the same even though the price showed as free. I guess the trick is to do as mentioned and switch payment to MSPoints.

Update: switched to msp, worked first time also using L920

Just worked for me! Went to Xbox.com, found fable 3, went to purchase it, changed to use MS points and it was free. :)

Just bought through Xbox.com by selecting use Microsoft points and it showed as free. Have to wait till this afternoon when I get off work to try playing it. Hopefully there won't be any issues beforehand.

Damn it's showing free for me but I only have a 4gb Xbox. The download is 5.61 GB so it doesn't let me "buy" it. :( ... EDIT: I went to the site and it let me buy it from there using the points like other people mentioned. :) Now all I need is more memory. :-/

Somehow its not free in India. I'm checking using xbox.com.
Could it be because I dont have a Gold right now?
Now the website says that Gold Exclusive price is 'FREE'

Just got it for free on the site. Gold account/Canada. It showed free with either points or credit card. It's weird that on the search results page, it said "Gold Exclusive Price - $19.99" before I signed in, and then it changed to $39.99 after i signed in.

Works in Ireland. Just purchased through Xbox.com on my L820 and was free on either payment option. Thanks for the tip WPC.

Edit; Just to add, just signed into my daughter's xbox and its on the marketplace and listed as free here in Ireland. Happy days :-)

On my US XBox360 it showed as free on the store. also, I finally saw the advert that got me the Lumia 920 yellow avatar prop!

I clicked use points it said free I downloaded. I own limited but this makes it so I can play co-op in my house with my son :D In Canada as well.

Just did it from my Lumia 920, but be warned the pop page cut off all but a sliver of the confirmed button and it took a bit to click it, but it worked for me. Just choose pay w/ ms points! I'm in N. America, get it while its hot!

Downloading it now......it still isn't on 1% though, how long are people estimating this'll take (im scared)

Thanks, just got it for free from Xbox.com (US account). Did this from my Lumia 920. Searched for Fable 3, tapped buy, then switched to MS points and it was free.

This happened with Fable 2 a couple years back as well. They eventually caught on and fixed it but you were allowed to keep it if you were the lucky ones who got it. However if you deleted it and tried to get it again later, you had to pay.

Comes down to this, you don't get Xbox, you don't play halo! And that cannot happen. . . Period. . . So Xbox1 here I come. Been looking forward to The new halo spin off.

Dang. I want a free game lol. I've tried signing in & out and through Xbox.com says the same thing that it's still 1600 Microsoft Points. Sad day lol

I`am from croatia but i have UK account... well, it is free but it`s not available from my current location. FU

I just did it online on xbox.com with my gold account.
I did have to click on "Use Microsoft Points" after clicking the Buy Game button though or else it was going to charge me 39.99$ on my credit card. Once you click "Use Microsoft Points" it will show as FREE.

I can confirm it is free. But this is the hart of the problem. The download size is over 5gig. Because of how I had to get an internet connection to my Xbox, it's incredibly slow. And that is also a fairly large chunk out of my data cap.

Never played it before, so why not? Signed into Xbox.com, searched for it and it showed free for both my payment method and my points. Just popped on my 360, now downloading.. thanks, WPCentral!

Seems like..if I remember correctly, this game was always free on Xbox live...but after you get to a certain point in the game, you have to pay to keep playing...i downloaded this well over a year ago...maybe this is different..

I always buy my games new and don't sell them, not in a position of playing fatuous white knight, I can't miss several historical gaming moments, I just can't. The One is on pre order!

Got on BRAZIL from xbox.com site. It's in my download queue now, but i will just be able to test it on saturday. Anyway, it's already mine \o/

No Free anymore. Can't download using my USA based gold account...and Im in Panama Central America...must use some proxy/ vpn service maybe....

Already claimed it free on the Website (Chilean Xbox Marketplace)... I'll have to wait until I get home from work to try it on mi 360

I did a search for "Fable III" on Xbox.com and had several hits. One was for $19.99 and another was for Free.

Is the store by you really still called ebgames? Gamestop (who bought them) changed all the names of the ones where I am years ago