Deal alert: Xbox One Titanfall bundle for just $449 (US only)


You’ve been wanting an Xbox One since launch in November, but you’ve been holding out for a price drop or more games. You might just be buying an Xbox One today if that describes you. Titanfall, which launched earlier this month, has been pushing a lot of people to pick up an Xbox One. Ready to pick up both an Xbox One and Titanfall for just $449?

We told you about the Xbox One Titanfall bundle last month. For just $499 you get an Xbox One console, a month of Xbox Live and a download code for Titanfall. That alone was a great deal since the Xbox One à la carte costs $499.

Now Best Buy and Walmart are offering that bundle, but for $50 cheaper online. Head to Amazon or the Microsoft Store and you’ll still see that bundle going for $499. You won’t see the cheaper price for the bundle on Best Buy or Walmart until you put the package in your shopping cart and start the checkout process.

Titanfall Bundle

We’re not sure if Best Buy and Walmart are honoring these prices in store, but you can always order online and do in-store pickup for a location nearest you.

Anyone thinking of pulling the trigger and picking up an Xbox One AND Titanfall for just $449?

Source: Best Buy, Walmart

Thanks for the tip Edwin G! 


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Deal alert: Xbox One Titanfall bundle for just $449 (US only)


Yup, totally just bought the bundle at Best Buy (just selected the pick up in store option); had 50 dollars in Rewards Certificates and no sales tax for a $400 system and game. Woohoo!

This deal is crazy good. 

Even if you have no interest in Titanfall... you're getting an Xbox One for a very good deal. Titanfall is the (very big) cherry on top. 

It's good, but many who've played it (and many of my friends) will disagree.

I liked it for the first hour i played it on my fiends X1, it's just too bad they delayed the game yet again until April for the 360 version.

I've been playing it since release and I can say I am having the time of my life with it. And I'm not a big FPS fan.

That's a superb deal. I got my Xbox One and Day One and have really enjoyed it. Lots of great exclusive games (Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Forza 5, Ryse, Peggle 2, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare), and really cool features (voice commands, multitasking, Skype, etc). And Titanfall is simply awesome: most fun I've had playing a FPS game in years. This bundle is a must-buy at that price!

Are you serious? Those are all great games. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean they suck. Chill out broseph. 

It's not that those games "suck", it's just that they're merely more of the same generic titles already flooding the market. "But these ones require a new system!" is hardly inspiring.

That may be applicable to some of them (e.g. there is no reason that Forza 5 or Killer Instinct cannot run on X360 with slightly scaled down graphics), but that's not the case for other games. Dead Rising 3 for instance is a game that requires a new system. The amount of zombies on screen at once is insane! It's something that the X360 simply cannot do, and it completely changes the game. Now, while it's true that it's still the same genre as Dead Rising 2, the the game itself is so different because of those extra features that it is worth getting a new system for. And calling Titanfall a "more of the same[,] generic title" is something I disagree with. It has greatly innovated the FPS genre and it feels very fresh. And the extra features of the X1 (e.g. "Xbox, record that", "Xbox, broadcast") make playing it on X1 a better experience that, yes, does require a new system.

Dead Rising 3: a third sequel with no indication of ever ending (sound familiar?)

Dead Rising 3: the thousandth zombie themed game (sound familiar?)

More of the same. I'm sure it's fun, but I'm interested in compelling and engaging games, not yet another zombie-themed time-killing murder-simulation. We have enough of those. THIS is my point, which I think you didn't understand. Yes, there are more zombies, etc, because the new hardware, but that hardly interests me. I can go pick any given console and find a game similar enough that's just as mindlessly fun. Even on the NES. I don't particularly care what new things the hardware can do, because all it's doing is spitting out more of the same.

Titanfall is the *only* possible exception in this list (haven't played it yet), and because it's out for PC too, I don't need to buy into a new system to play it. That's the way it should be.

However, Titanfall doesn't quite escape the "more of the same" label... you say it innovates the genre? As far as I'm aware, there is no story, it is merely yet another multiplayer time-killing murder-simulator. Again, they're fun, but we have THOUSANDS of those in every flavor you can imagine, yet so few games that tell a compelling story. So telling me that Titanfall innovates the genre is like telling me that flappybird clone #2807 REALLY innovates the flapp bird genre of games.

To further illustrate my point, consider this: Why would I play titanfall when I could just play Quake 3? I love playing Quake 3. It's a time-killing murder-simulator, just like Titanfall. Titanfall may be newer with flashier graphics, but does that necessarily equal more fun? Of course not. But why would I play quake 3 when I have UT2004? Why would I play UT2004 when I have doom 1 multiplayer (still densely populated)? Why would I play doom 1 multiplayer when I have Halo 1 PC multiplayer? and so on and so forth.

The "mindless entertainment" market is pretty crowded, as you can see. Titanfall being a new IP and not a 12th sequel is reason enough for me to take a look, don't get me wrong, but the only console that promises an actually engaging, compelling, story driven game right now is the WiiU, because of the inevitable Metroid and Zelda titles. All the launch titles for the PS4/X1 are, you guessed it, more of the same. Let me know when actual content comes out, rather than time killing simulators...

I understood your argument. I just think it's wrong. The Xbox One has hardware and software features that no other console has that make playing games different. Are there a lot of sequels? Yes, that's a larger issue in the entertainment industry (particularly for movies and videogames), mostly because consumers demand bigger and bigger budget games, which makes development riskier, so companies go for a sure thing. That has nothing to do with Xbox One. If you stay on whatever previous system you're on--we'll say Xbox 360 for an example--that will still be the case. (If you really want to check out a cool game, check out Project Spark; in fact, why don't you use it to make your own game, seeing as how you're so dissatisfied with professionally developed ones).

Dead Rising 3 is a very different game than any of the other "thousand" zombie games out there. Never before has there been this many zombies on screen at once (with no in-game loading times, mind you). Never before could I call out to zombies with my own voice to lure them all in and then slaughter them with a friend in online co-op. And those things all change the nature of the game. Sure, the basic premise is the same, but enough has changed, thanks to the Xbox One hardware, that it is something that cannot be done on previous consoles. Thus, if you like zombie games, that's very appealing. You don't seem to. Which is fine for you, but I don't really see the point of telling other people they can't enjoy something because it's 'not enough' of a change for you.

Regardless, calling Titanfall 'more of the same', is absolutely ridiculous. This isn't Quake 3. Never before has a multiplayer FPS done what Titanfall is doing, all in one package: dedicated servers, the ability to wall run and double jump and the vertical level designs specifically designed for those skills, the constant transition from pilot to titan and back, resulting in the unique gameplay of pilot vs. pilot, pilot vs. titan, titan vs. titan, and titan vs. pilot, and the incredible balance of each of those states of combat. It's unique, and FPS games from here on out will be ripping it off heavily.

And I won't even bother discussing the irony of you rebuking titles like Dead Rising 3 for being sequels and "more of the same" and then cite the Wii U and Nintendo as an exciting alternative. What are they on, their 200th iteration of Mario and Zelda right now? Talk about a company that needs an infusion of something fresh. All they do is rehash the same 5 franchises over and over and over, for decades.

You're completely, 100% missing my point, however I am not skilled enough in debate to elaborate more than I have.

Case in point- you bringing up Zelda shows you completely missed the point. I'm aware that Zelda/Metroid are rehashed, but "more of the same" in the context I employed it in specifically refers to the fact that most games are mindless entertainment, making no effort to enage the player beyond "kill that thing because why not?". I thought I had mentioned "mindless time-killing ..." to the point of beating a dead horse. Apparently it was not enough.

Rehashed as they are, the Metroid and Zelda titles are always a reliable source of enaging, story driven play. Particularly the Metroids- they're generally able to tell a story in the way only a game can- by *doing*, not by reading (books) or seeing (movies). This art is rarely seen, as most games that try to be story driven usually end up just dumping text or endless cutscenes. Which is fine, but the games that allow the user to be a part of the story are sacred gems.

If we had more story driven games, then maybe the really good ones wouldn't be so rare.

You only changed your point because I undermined it. Regardless, my point is that not everyone wants overly involved, story-driven games like you seem to think they do. In fact, most people don't want that: which is why multiplayer FPS games rule the roost. Titanfall is almost perfect in this sense. You just jump in and play. Compare that to playing the same Zelda story 20 times over and I'll take the former anyday.

As you don't seem to understand what reading comprehension is, I'll recapitulate the arguments for you now, summarized from the preceding posts:


Your original argument: the games I listed are "merely more of the same generic titles already flooding the market".

My rebuttal: Not true. 1) Dead Rising 3 is a different game than its predecessors because of the X1 hardware. 2) Titanfall is an innovative FPS game. Both games require a new system to fully enjoy.

Your argument reiterated and shifted: 1) DR3 is a sequel therefore it's the same stuff. 2) Titanfall is 'more of the same'. 3) Only the Wii U is enticing because it has "story-driven" (wasn't part of your argument before) games now like "Metroid and Zelda" that, unlike the PS4/X1 are not "more of the same."

My rebuttal: Not true. 1) DR3 does things that DR2 and DR1 can't, due to the X1 hardware, and that alone justifies its existence. 2) Titanfall greatly innovates the FPS genre via dedicated servers, wall running and double jumping, vertical level design, and the interplay between pilot vs. pilot, pilot vs. titan, titan vs. titan, and titan vs. pilot, and calling it 'more of the same' is absurd. 3) Calling Nintendo's Wii U offerenings not 'more of the same' is the funniest thing I've ever heard, as they recycle all the same stuff every generation.

Your argument further shifted: 1) you are now arguing that Zelda/Metroid games are fresh and FPS games are 'mindless entertainment' (never mind that this is a completely subjective opinion and irrelevant to the debate up till now), 2) you further reiterate that Metroid and Zelda (even in their 20th iterations) are "engaging, story-driven play" (again, completely subjective; I found them boring after the first decade), 3) you again talk about 'story-driven' games even though that wasn't part of the original debate, while you conveniently omit addressing my DR3 and Titanfall rebuttals.

My rebuttal: 1) you changed your point (which you did, from DR3 and Titanfall are 'more of the same' to 'Zelda/Metroid are story-driven and this is fantastic!'). 2) Most people don't care about story-driven games; they care about multiplayer havoc because it's fun

Your response: 'but, but, you're dumb!'. Impressive breakdown.


I'm sorry, but it's kind of too late for me to care to read all that. We were having a civil discussion, you ruined it, I returned the favor, no point in continuing. 

Skimming over your comment, it doesn't look like you're trying to resume civil discussion- now you're just embarrasing yourself, typing up all that for the sake of winning a juvenile argument over the internet. And it looks like all it amounts to is attempting to defend your misunderstandings and reading comprehension... I'll say it again- you've not grasped (two, now, of) my points whatsoever, and I don't have the care nor skill to correct that.

We've exchanged our blows- good day and good bye.

I agree you don't have the skill to correct it. If you had the skill your apparently ungraspable arguments would've been clearer. As I see it, I made a point, your offered a counterpoint, I countered your counterpoint, then you went on a digression and ignored my points. 'Tis usually what happens when one doesn't have a good rebuttal to a good point. They ignore it and then try to shift the conversation in a different direction. That's all you did. When I tried to steer it back, you left. Victory is mine!

Why is it that whenever someone shows their like for a MS product some always chimes in as if only a MS employee would ever do such a thing....



COs the Internet is full of idiots. They live in this world where only 1 product can be selected from the choices on offer. If someone does not pick the 1 they chose, then the other person is an idiot.

That is how their juvenile mind works. As Mab664 has clearly demonstrated.

Yea compared to what ps4 has to offer pretty great games, dead rising was the sleeper for me, wasn't a fan of series but its pretty good game and dlc has been coming left and right and smartglass is awesome touch uses all Xbox one goodies like voice and camera as well

Yes! Dead Rising 3, despite being critically well received, is way underrated. It's seriously the most fun I've had playing a game in years. A thousand zombies on screen at once, mowing them down with crazy weapons and vehicles. Never gets old.

I also think that Killer Instince is way underrated. The review scores at launch, while still good, were too low because reviewers knocked off points for missing features that the developers said would come later (6 characters and 6 arenas, no story mode, etc.), but they missed the point: the core gameplay of KI makes it one of the best 2D fighting games in a long, long time. Now that the other features are here or right around the corner, I believe it deserves to be re-reviewed.

Hm wish I could justify this to myself somehow. Oh well-- there will be other price drops and other bundles. Titanfall looks sweet but I still have a few 360 games to finish up and that will take months, as little as I get to play anymore.
Can't say I'm not tempted though!

Same here, I would have purchased xbone day one if it was backwards compatible. Guess I'll just save money, which is cool I guess. Games for gold, general price drops...
But I'll still miss all my digital games.

I have played in a month, but since the one is a complete entertainment system, I get plenty of use out of voice commands, Netflix, Hulu, etc. The $542 I spent was well worth it....oh yeah, I'm picking up Titanfall later today!!!!

Xbone coming India. I hope would be a killer one. India is not a big market for gaming consoles not that big.

Xbone is a shortening of "Xbox one" dumbass. Its been used a ton on the internet, surprised you haven't encountered it yet. It's not even that hard to figure out.

Thank you for your mature and respectful comment. It must be hard having so much respect for people and knowing all things, as you have everything all figured out.

BUT, in marriage it is BETTER to ask for permission than ask for forgiveness.....if you value your spouse/marriage. :)

Make decisions together, stay together. Make decisions like one is single....will end up just being....one.

Same here!!!!

My wife agreed for me to buy a $600 GPU for my computer but when I speak of the Xbox One......the reply is "We don't need that right now" in a tone that says "We are NEVER buying that!".

My youngest daughter goes off to college in 3 months and the oldest has moved out...they barely played the Wii so I can't spin the "Look hun....this will be GREAT for the kids/family!!!!!".

Well....back to Battlefield 4 Premium on PC.

Same boat, just invested a good bit of money into my bike (cycling bike) and the mere mention of an XBONE sends her into Evil Succubus mode ready to suck away my very soul.

Trade in your Wii and all the Wii games for an X1 and pay for the difference, then you can tell her you got a great deal you couldn't pass up. And bam! Saved some cash!

Why wouldn't I?

Lol, just messing with you. On the serious side, I myself am nit into Nintendo kind of games. Though the bowling and tennis are pretty fun to play, but that's it for me personally.

If someone was to give me a Wii, I wouldn't reject it, but would I be all on it every day? Very unlikely. Like what he said, his kids barely even touched the Wii and he's eyeing the X1 (most likely for him self due mostly for the all in one entertainment value), then why wouldn't he?

I'd trade it in a heartbeat, spit on it and all like "get it out of my house!". Lol ;)

I really think Microsoft is really the best at making early adopters feel like they got the shaft. Even Nintendo FFS rewarded early 3DS owners with a metric ton of software.

They are, however, responsible for including a 63+after tax USD game at no additional cost essentially making the console 449$.

I really think Microsoft is really the best at making early adopters feel like they got the shaft. Even Nintendo FFS rewarded early 3DS owners with a metric ton of software.


Done deal, there's no chatter nor retort to that idea.  It's so patiently obvious I would have been ashamed to make a statement like that.... 

And this again makes me think Microsoft tossed ea money to push back titanfall 360 release so they could get almost $500 instead of $60.

That's absurd. First of all, this is a decision by Best Buy and Walmart, not Microsoft. Second of all, no one who has already waited this long for Titanfall on X360 is suddenly going to say, "Well, that's that. I'm getting an Xbox One now because there is no way I'm waiting 2 more weeks!". Ridiculous.

EA didn't push it back. The game was made for X1, and has to be ported via a third party. The third party pushed it back for the 360.

EA is the publisher of all versions of the game (PC, X1, X360). EA pushed it back on the X360, most likely because the developer requested an extension.

here's the article i read on it that says :

"Söderlund explains that EA is working with developers at Bluepoint Games to optimize “Titianfall” for Xbox 360 before it finally lands in retail stores. “I’ve been playing the game a lot, and it is fantastic. But we see a few things that can be made even better, so we’re giving Bluepoint a little more time to do just that and deliver an epic 'Titanfall' experience for Xbox 360 players,” Söderlund said."

Here's the link: http://www.examiner.com/article/xbox-360-version-of-titanfall-gets-anoth...

Yes, like I said above: EA delayed the game so that the developer could make some final tweaks.

I think maybe you were confusing me with the OP, who was accusing the delay of being some type of Microsoft conspiracy.

Cool, I don't see why they wouldn't let you change it over to the X1.

Don't they have an extended lay away plan? But must pay at least $50 every two weeks kinda deal?

Ok cool I will see if they would let me do it.. Yep they have the pay $73 every two weeks for me. Thanks!

I don't understand the day one buyers who are upset at this deal. It was your choice to buy on day one, knowing there were going to be deals/bundles in the future. Would you feel better if the price went up instead? ...

Now its cheaper than the ps4 since a game would make it about 460. Not a bad deal. I think that should be the normal price for the system. Not that I'll buy one. I'm too cheap and wont get a PS4 or Xbox until we get that significant price drop about 6 years from now. Until then, I'll be enjoying my Wii U.

How about...pick up an HDMI cable and test out that HDMI IN port on the Xbox One and play your Xbox 360 games until you tire of them and there are better titles out.

Just sayin...

I love the game, even if I'm just cannon-fodder for the time being.

Wish I had waited since I could have saved $50, but I got a $50 gift card at target with mine so I got ALMOST as good a deal.

Even though I just got my one this week (via gamestop) I welcome this! It means there will hopefully be more jumping onto the Xbox One.

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