Deal Alert: Xbox Windows Phone game Tetris is on sale, save two bucks

Tetris for Windows Phone

If your are a fan of the Xbox Windows Phone game Tetris but the $4.99 price tag has given you cold feet, now is your chance to save a couple of bucks.

We aren't sure as to the why or the when but the price tag for Tetris has dropped from $4.99 to $2.99. You still have a trial version to let you try things out and we have no idea if this is a permanent price reduction.


The price drop doesn't necessarily make Tetris a steal of a deal but it does make the Xbox Windows Phone game a lot more attractive. You can find Tetris here at the Windows Phone Store.

via: Windows Phone Daily

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Reader comments

Deal Alert: Xbox Windows Phone game Tetris is on sale, save two bucks


Last time I played Tetris on Windows Phone it was pretty awful. Cubed is a much better game imo. It has great controls and great music. They should've patented the controls.

There's an iOS app called AppShopper that can keep track of app updates and price fluctuations/deals based on user-set wishlist. Is there a similar app in the Windows Phone realm?

Having over priced games doees not help Windows Phone. People might sign a 2 year contract for a phone but, when it comes to renewal, they might move to a cheaper app store
Even my sister (who I talked into getting the Trophy) complains all the time about App prices, someone who's not into phone tech at all, notes that the same app costs less on Android or the iPhone (she has friends with other phones).
This is one thing Microsoft needs to get in line if Windows Phone will be successful. Right now, it's a reason for people to look at other phones.
A Tetris game should of never seen 4.99 or even 2.99, it should of came out at $0.99 and in that case it would be a good value.