Best gaming projectors 2024

Picking up a projector can bring a cinema experience into your home or provide a practical alternative to wall-mounting giant televisions. Projects aren't usually cheap, and there are so many variations that things get confusing, especially when you want to play modern video games on the big screen. We've rounded up the best gaming projectors with low latency and high image quality to help narrow your search.

Gaming at 4K is relatively common and easily attainable, depending on your platform. If you have a capable PC or an Xbox Series X with the proper settings, the BenQ TK700STi projector has the perfect balance of cost versus features. 16.7ms of latency at 4K is fantastic, and you can drop to 1080p 240Hz for as low as 4ms for super-smooth gaming. Input latency is an essential consideration for gamers and a common selling point for the best 4K TVs for Xbox Series X|S.

Depending on your gaming space, a projector in the middle of the room might be less than ideal. Ultra-short throw models can stick closer to the wall, avoiding ceiling mounts other fiddly connections. BenQ's HT2050A features a tremendously low 16.4ms input latency for a budget option. It's worth considering if you don't mind positioning the projector further away from your wall.

Ben Wilson
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