Best Arcade Fight Sticks Windows Central 2019

Fighting games can be played using a variety of inputs, but many people prefer the use of an arcade fight stick. These handy gamepads are the traditional means of controlling a character on-screen and beating the living daylights out of opponents and despite the rise in handheld controllers, they remain one of the best ways to kick virtual butt. There are numerous options available, but here are some excellent choices you should consider.

Value Stick: Mayflash F500

The Mayflash F500 does it all. It's not only compatible with PCs but also consoles including the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You can even use it with an Android smartphone! It has eight main buttons located on the right, with a fight stick on the left. Turbo functions are supported and headsets can be used to output background music and chat on consoles. For the price, you're getting a responsive, capable stick with awesome customization. The size and experience resemble that of a traditional fighting stick layout, allowing one to reminisce about the good old days.

$78 at Amazon

Budget Fighter: Mad Catz Alpha

The Alpha by Mad Catz is a budget-friendly stick for those who wish to enjoy arcade games without forking over too much cash. As such, you should not expect to see anything fancy in terms of design. It's simple and basic, but it gets the job done. Despite the small size, the Alpha is a decent option with everything you need to get started, with a total of eight buttons and a capable stick. After you're sure an arcade fight stick is the way to go for you, more pricey sticks will be solid replacements for additional reliability, modding, and other features.

$48 at Amazon

Razer mods: Razer Atrox

Razer offers a number of PC accessories, including mice, keyboards and headphones, and the company also has an arcade fighting stick available for gamers. The Atrox is not cheap but it offers some enticing features. Razer used Sanwa components for enhanced durability and precision — important factors for features like the control pad. If you wish to add your own touches, it's mod-friendly. Using Razer's experience in peripheral production, you have internal compartments for storage while in transit, an aggressive modern take on the classic design, and support for Xbox One and Windows 10 (although the latter is limited).

$200 at Amazon

Premium stick: Mad Catz TE2+

The TE2+ by Mad Catz is one of the company's premium fight stick gamepads. While official support out-the-box is intended for a console, namely the PlayStation 3 and 4, there are drivers available online for Windows PCs. This makes the TE2+ a compelling arcade fight stick and one that compares well against other high-end, premium offerings. And the design sports fantastic-looking Street Fighter V artwork.

$180 at Amazon

Arcade fighting sticks are often the key to winning in serious competitive fighting game scenes, so getting one might be in your best interest. If we were to recommend a single option, it would be the Razer Atrox, thanks to its high-quality components and mod support.

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