You’ve been wanting an Xbox One since launch in November, but you’ve been holding out for a price drop or more games. You might just be buying an Xbox One today if that describes you. Titanfall, which launched earlier this month, has been pushing a lot of people to pick up an Xbox One. Ready to pick up both an Xbox One and Titanfall for just $449?

We told you about the Xbox One Titanfall bundle last month. For just $499 you get an Xbox One console, a month of Xbox Live and a download code for Titanfall. That alone was a great deal since the Xbox One à la carte costs $499.

Now Best Buy and Walmart are offering that bundle, but for $50 cheaper online. Head to Amazon or the Microsoft Store and you’ll still see that bundle going for $499. You won’t see the cheaper price for the bundle on Best Buy or Walmart until you put the package in your shopping cart and start the checkout process.

Titanfall Bundle

We’re not sure if Best Buy and Walmart are honoring these prices in store, but you can always order online and do in-store pickup for a location nearest you.

Anyone thinking of pulling the trigger and picking up an Xbox One AND Titanfall for just $449?

Source: Best Buy, Walmart

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