Deal for the Brits: My preferred PC gaming handheld of choice is currently a tidy £100 cheaper

Lenovo Legion Go
The closest thing to an Xbox handheld is currently on offer in the UK. (Image credit: Windows Central | Jez Corden)

If you're in the UK and have been waiting for a good deal on a PC gaming handheld, now might be your time. The Lenovo Legion Go is currently £100 cheaper than usual in the UK. 

I'm a Lenovo Legion Go user personally, and although I think the ASUS ROG Ally has an edge overall, I prefer the Lenovo Legion Go for a number of reasons. It has a kickstand, making it versatile for travel and different set ups. It has detachable joysticks, and a mini trackpad, unlike many of its competitors. It's far more powerful than the Steam Deck, and also has a much bigger screen than most similar devices, ideal for small UI and bad eyesight (like mine). The downside was always the price. The extra features and engineering effort makes it a little more pricy than many of its competitors, at least until now. 

For Brits only (as of writing), is running a deal removing £100 from the typical asking price. This is a great deal for anyone who has been on the fence. 

Lenovo Legion Go £714 £600

Lenovo Legion Go £714 £600

The Lenovo Legion Go is an excellent gaming handheld, with a huge screen, detachable joysticks (one that can be used as a joystick mouse, too), a mini trackpad for PC games that need it sometimes, and much more. 

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The Lenovo Legion Go uses the same Z1 Extreme AMD chipset found in devices like the ASUS ROG Ally, demolishing the Steam Deck for overall power. You can run practically any modern game on this thing, with the most intensive games perhaps needing some visual compromises to run smoothly. You have a huge degree of configurability too, thanks to the full power of Windows. You can play games natively or via cloud, via the Xbox app on Windows 11 with Xbox Game Pass or via Steam. You can Bluetooth connect headphones, additional controllers, or accessories. You can connect up external monitors and docks, and use it like a mini PC for travel as well. I took my Surface Pro X with me on a work trip recently, but then realized that I would've been better served by just connecting a keyboard to my Lenovo Legion Go probably — it's simply vastly more powerful. 

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The main downsides of the Lenovo Legion Go include the fact that it's a bit bulky. The kickstand, detachable sticks, and extra tech squeezed inside do add some noticeable weight overall, compared to the ASUS ROG Ally. It also doesn't have the best battery life in the world. You can get around 3 hours in 2D games setting the device to Power Saving mode, but for intensive 3D games you'll want to be plugged in to a power source at all times most likely. Most trains and planes have power outlets these days, though, so I haven't found it to be a big drawback. Plus, there are tons of great power banks that can add extra hours if you are going totally off the grid. 

From Elden Ring to Cyberpunk 2077, Hollow Knight to Diablo 4, the Lenovo Legion Go will absolutely not disappoint, and you can drop that £100 saving into the latest Steam Sale for even more games. 

Jez Corden
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