Upcoming PC games 2024: Best new titles coming to Steam and your Windows PC

Cat Quest III (August 8, 2024)

Cat Quest III promotional screenshot

(Image credit: Kepler Interactive)

Cat Quest III: Pirates of the Purribean is an action-adventure game where you play as a swashbuckling purr-ivateer in hopes of becoming the world's greatest pirate. You'll sail the treacherous Purribean seas and find the Northern Star, a mythical treasure that is worth a fortune to those who can find it and sell it.

Cat Quest III | Coming soon to Steam

Cat Quest III | Coming soon to Steam

Embark on a purr-fectly amazing adventure on the seven seas in Cat Quest III. Explore a rich and colorful 2.5D world, clash swords with the villainess Pi-rats, and retrieve the legendary Northern Star before the greedy Pirate King gets their paws on it.

Creatures of Ava (August 7, 2024)

(Image credit: 11 bit studios)

Creatures of Ava is a twist on the creature collector genre where instead of capturing animals and fighting them, you befriend and save them in a pacifistic manner. The game takes on Ava, an alien world filled with beautiful creatures and breathtaking ecosystems.

Unfortunately, there is a mysterious plague going around that's causing the creatures to act violently and hurt one another. As the nature explorer Tabitha, your goal is to befriend the creatures of Ava, use their abilities to traverse the environment, and find a cure for this violence-inducing plague.

Creatures of Ava | Coming soon to Steam

Creatures of Ava | Coming soon to Steam

Travel to a gorgeous alien world and help its adorable and majestic creatures from a terrible infestation in the peaceful adventure game, Creatures of Ava

Black Myth: Wukong (August 20, 2024)

(Image credit: Game Science)

Black Myth: Wukong is a soulslike-action game created and published by Game Science. In this dark reimagining of the classic novel, "Journey to the West", you play as the Destined One, a half-human, half-monkey creature gifted with mystical powers and mastery of martial arts.

You have been called upon to embark on a journey across a land filled with deadly foes and monsters the size of mountains to uncover the mystery behind a glorious legend buried deep in the past.

Black Myth: Wukong | Coming soon to Steam

Black Myth: Wukong | Coming soon to Steam

Become the legendary Destined One and venture into parts unknown in the action-packed soulslike, Black Myth: Wukong. Wield powerful magic and martial arts, encounter strange and enigmatic characters, and challenge daunting foes in epic battles.

Dustborn (August 20, 2024)

Dustborn promotional screenshot

(Image credit: Spotlight by Quantic Dream)

Dustborn is an upcoming action-adventure where you play as Pax, a woman with the power to literally weaponize her words to reshape the world around her. Together with your ragtag crew, you will embark on an epic road-trip across the Divided States of America in the hopes that you may find a better life.

Dustborn | Coming soon to Steam

Dustborn | Coming soon to Steam

Get ready for the biggest road-trip of a lifetime in Dustborn. Gather a band of super-powered friends, fight off authoritarian robots, and travel across an alternate-history America to seek salvation.

Visions of Mana (August 29, 2024)

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Visions of Mana is the latest entry in Square Enix's Legend of Mana franchise and the first new title in the series since 2007's Heroes of Mana on the Nintendo DS. Take control of the young hero Val and travel across a vibrant and colorful realm to find the Tree of Mana, a legendary tree that provides life to the world.

Visions of Mana | Coming soon to Steam

Visions of Mana | Coming soon to Steam

The Legend of Mana series returns to its action-RPG roots with the first new title in 15 years, Visions of Mana. Explore an enchanting world, meet a cast of memorable characters, and overcome exciting and challenging boss battles.

Star Wars Outlaws (August 30, 2024)

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Star Wars Outlaws an open-world Stars Wars being made in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games Ltd. and Ubisoft. You play as Kay Vess, a petty scoundrel struggling to get by in life. One day, she decides she's had enough of her lifestyle and takes off on a journey across the galaxy along with her friend Nix to start a new life.


Star Wars Outlaws | $69.99 at Ubisoft Store

Outwit the criminal underworld, explore iconic locales in the Star Wars Universe, and risk your life to break free of your criminal past for a future brighter in Star Wars Outlaws.

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