Upcoming PC games 2024: Best new titles coming to Steam and your Windows PC

Bloomtown: A Different Story (Q3 2024)

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Bloomtown: A Different Story is a JRPG set in the quiet and quaint, 1960s Americana-style town of Bloomtown. However things are not as peaceful what they seem as incidents of missing children are rising and there have been sightings of horrifying monsters lurking within the town.

Two young kids named Emily and Chester have taken it upon themselves to investigate these strange events and locate the missing children. Little do they know that their investigation will be more than they've bargained for as they forced to confront the living manifestations of their inner demons and those of the townsfolk.

Bloomtown: A Different Story | Coming soon to Steam

Bloomtown: A Different Story | Coming soon to Steam

Help Emily and her band of friends save the children of Bloomtown in this quirky JRPG that mashes turn-based combat, monster taming, social simulators to create a strange and unforgettable adventure.

Death Relives (Q3 2024)

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Death Relives is a first-person horror game where you play as a young man named Adrian. He is a on journey across the world to find his mother, who mysteriously went missing and declared dead many years ago. Adrian eventually discovers the horrifying truth that his mother was kidnapped and sacrificed by a cult to appease Xipe Totec, an ancient Aztec god.

As Adrian is mourning his mother, Xipe Totec discovers Adrian snooping around his domain and vows to kill Adrian before he could expose Xipe’s dark secrets to the world. Adrian now must run for his life and find a way to escape before Xipe Totec silences him for good.

Death Relives | Coming soon to Steam

Death Relives | Coming soon to Steam

Steel yourself to face the wrath of gods in Death Relives. Explore a decrepit haunted mansion, learn the world-shattering secrets of Aztec mythology, and scavenge for tools and weapons that will help you fend off a vengeful Aztec deity hunting you down.

Vengeance Hunters (Q3 2024)

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Vengeance Hunters is a 2D, side-scrolling Beat’em Up developed and published by Nalua Studio SLU. In this game inspired by classic Beat’em Ups from the Neo Geo console, you play as the titular Vengeance Hunters traveling the world to beat up all kinds of bad guys ranging from street thugs and gangsters to mutants and killer robots.

Grapple enemies into submission as the mighty android Golem, dash across the battlefield to pierce enemies’ hearts as punch-dagger wielding Candy, or blow them to Kingdom Come as the cyborg thug Loony.

Vengeance Hunters | Coming soon to Steam

Vengeance Hunters | Coming soon to Steam

Indulge in nostalgic violence and beat up hordes of bad guys in the 1990s, retro-inspired Beat’em Up, Vengeance Hunters. Take on dozens of enemies solo or bring a friend along for two-player local co-op and give bosses a double-knuckle sandwich combo.

Project Tower (Q4 2024)

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Project Tower is a third-person shooter where you taken prisoner by an alien force that has conquered Earth called the Hiks. You imprisoned inside a tower and are forced to become target practice for Hik soldiers getting ready to invade other planets.

To escape this predicament, you will need to escape your cell, grab a weapon and shoot a path to freedom through the Hiks. 

Project Tower | Coming soon to Steam

Project Tower | Coming soon to Steam

Fight your way to the top and reclaim your freedom in Project Tower. Climb up a tower filled with challenging enemies, collect an arsenal of devastating alien weaponry, and unlock the power of metamorphosis to destroy your oppressive captors.

33 Immortals (2024)

(Image credit: Thunder Lotus)

33 Immortals is an upcoming co-op-focused, Roguelike action game developed and published by Thunder Lotus. God has given you your final sentence and damns you to hell for all eternity for your sins. Rather than accept your fate, you decide to strike back against God by gathering an army of up to 33 other players and storm God's stronghold to reclaim your freedom. 

33 Immortals | Coming soon to Epic Games Store

33 Immortals | Coming soon to Epic Games Store

Break free of your chains and exact revenge upon God for your unjust sentence in 33 Immortals. Team with 33 players using an instantaneous online-matchmaking system, cut down hordes of monsters, and battle gigantic bosses which bar your path to freedom.

Avowed (2024)

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Avowed is an upcoming first-person RPG brought to you by Obsidian Entertainment, the makers of critically-acclaimed games like Fallout: New Vegas, Grounded, The Outer Worlds, and more.

Set in the fantasy world of Eora, you play as an envoy to the kingdom of Aedyr. Recently, there have been troubling rumors of a vile plague spreading throughout the Living Lands and you have been sent to investigate it. What follows is an epic adventure filled with danger and mystery as you try to this mystical region from being destroyed.

Avowed | Coming soon to Steam

Avowed | Coming soon to Steam

Become the savior of the Living Lands in Avowed. Explore a fantastical land filled with unsolved mysteries and magical phenomena, customize your character's playstyle to fend off its dangerous wildlife, and make critical decisions that could impact the story.

Blue Protocol (2024)

(Image credit: Amazon Games)

Bandai Namco Entertainment presents Blue Protocol — an upcoming free-to-play MMORPG set in the realm of Regnas. Players take on the role of adventurers who cannot remember their point of origin. To unravel this mystery, players will band together to explore Regnas, uncover its many secrets, and confront ravenous beasts and evil villains.

Blue Protocol | Coming soon to Steam

Blue Protocol | Coming soon to Steam

Become the hero you always dreamed of being in Blue Protocol. Explore the vibrant world of Regna and band together with your friends to take on challenging quests and defeat giant raid bosses.

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