Save $200 on a Samsung QLED 4K TV this Amazon Prime Day before the deal ends

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Need a new TV? If so, there's great news headed your way. The Samsung Q70C QLED 4K TV is on sale right now to coincide with Amazon Big Deal Days, which is for all intents and practical purposes a second Amazon Prime Day. 

Right now, you can get $200 off a TV that is normally $1000. It's not the absolute highest-end option out there, but it's certainly closer to the premium line than it is to any entry-level TVs, and that's reflected in the features. You're getting 120hz support, meaning you can play supported Xbox Series X|S games at 120 FPS, providing monumental differences in animation quality and just how smooth a game feels.

Last chance deals in the final hours of Prime Day

Samsung Q70C QLED 4K TV|$997.99 now $797.99 at Amazon

Samsung Q70C QLED 4K TV| was $997.99 now $797.99 at Amazon

Grab this TV and you'll be set on 4K gaming. You'll even be able to take advantage of the titles that can run at 120 FPS, experiencing hyper-smooth framerates that weren't previously possible on console. Right now, you can get up to 31% off (that's on the 65-inch version).

Great for: Gaming on Xbox Series X|S, or streaming TV and movies through the smart Tizen OS

💰Price check: $799.99 at Best Buy

👀Sizes: 55-inch | 65-inch | 75-inch

Many of the best Xbox games include 120 FPS support, such as Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Halo Infinite, Gears 5, and many more. There's also a bevy of backward compatible titles like Titanfall 2 that can be played at this buttery-smooth setting, giving a level of fluid control that wasn't possible playing on Xbox One. 

Even for modern games that likely don't have a 120 FPS performance mode, you'll still benefit greatly from this TV thanks to its excellent picture quality with HDR that ensures you're getting deep color quality in any games you play. 

If you don't have a new console yet, this is a great time to rectify that. Right now, you can grab an Xbox Series X and Diablo 4 together at their lowest ever price, meaning you get a fantastic RPG and Microsoft's higher-end Xbox console for less than the usual price of the console by itself!

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