(Update) This is still the cheapest way to get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, earning you every third month for free

Xbox Game Pass gives you access to hundreds of awesome games across multiple platforms, making it an incredible value for many gamers. Unfortunately, it's also getting more expensive over time, with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate going up to $20 a month later this year. Not for me, though — I'm safe until 2027 at least, and you can avoid the newly confirmed price hikes too by stacking 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at a time for just $31.99 at CDKeys.

Yeah, you read that right. This CDKeys deal is actually incredible even with the current XGP Ultimate pricing, effectively giving you every third month totally for free. You can take advantage as many times as you want, too, stockpiling your savings and dodging the price increase coming later this year. With this deal, you'd be saving $150 on two years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate before the price increase, and a whopping $220 after.

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Update, July 18, 2024 — This deal is still active following the conclusion of Amazon Prime Day. If you scroll down a little further, there's also a list of the other best deals still active.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (3-months) | $49.99 now $31.99 at CDKeys

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (3-months) | was $49.99 now $31.99 at CDKeys

CDKeys is a trustworthy retailer to obtain super-cheap Xbox Game Pass codes, and this deal lets you stack Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at three months for the price of two... And that's all before the subscription gets more expensive later this year.

✅Perfect for: Those who want to have access to a wide variety of games across Xbox, Windows PC, and the cloud but don't want to pay $20 a month.

❌Avoid if: You only play one or two online games, as you can still save even more money with standard Xbox Game Pass Core (or the upcoming Standard option).

💰Price check: $44.99 at Amazon | $49.99 at Best Buy

👀Alternative deal: Xbox Game Pass Core (12-months) for $59.99 $42.89 at CDKeys

🔎Why CDKeys? CDKeys is a trusted and reliable retailer with transparent sourcing and pricing for digital games and subscriptions, provides almost immediate delivery after purchase, offers a 7-day refund period even on digital codes, and has a quick, easily accessed support team.

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Xbox Game Pass price increases, but not for me (or you)

Xbox Cloud Gaming is now on Amazon Fire TV, which you can access via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. (Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox Game Pass has attracted dozens of millions of subscribers thanks to its simple value proposition: play hundreds of games of the best Xbox games across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC, and other devices via Xbox Cloud Gaming whenever and for however long you want. There are no restrictions on play time, and you also enjoy exclusive discounts on buying games you want to own and instant access to a constant stream of brand-new releases.

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The Xbox Game Pass library is constantly rotating with new titles, and you get even more benefits with the upgraded Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Microsoft's flagship gaming subscription includes every version of Xbox Game Pass across console, PC, and cloud, grants access to even more games from publisher Electronic Arts with EA Play, provides steeper discounts on games and DLC, and rewards players with exclusive perks. Oh, and you can play online multiplayer games with your friends, all through one subscription.

Unfortunately, Xbox Game Pass has been hit with price increases over the years, and that's not changing. Microsoft just announced a ton of major changes to Xbox Game Pass and new price hikes, including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate going from $16.99 a month to $19.99 a month later this year. That's not a small increase, and it's understandably making players question the value of this subscription.

I'm not worried about the price increase right now, though, and I won't be for literal years. My Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription is completely paid for until March 2027, giving me over two years without worrying about any cost hikes or subscription changes. I certainly didn't pay full price to stockpile that subscription, either, saving me even more cash in the long run over paying month-to-month. You can be right there with me, sitting pretty and gaming comfortably without burning a hole through your wallet by hording Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in 3-month batches for just $31.99 at CDKeys.

Alternatively, you can start a brand-new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for as little as $6 a month with this conversion deal.

Can you trust CDKeys?

CDKeys is more trustworthy and provides more guarantees than other shady retailers promising big discounts on digital games and subscriptions. (Image credit: CDKeys)

A lot of people aren't familiar with CDKeys, and may immediately dismiss the online retailer as being an obvious scam. I mean, how can any company so consistently promise and deliver massive discounts on digital games and subscription services? After all, most of those sites are untrustworthy, with suspect reliability that's not worth betting your money on. CDKeys is different, though, with a proven track record.

This is a legitimate, trusted, and well-established company that has been operating for over a decade. Several members of the Windows Central team are familiar with and have confidence in the site, and CDKeys is respected and well-reviewed by its users. CDKeys sources digital products from all over the globe, taking advantage of the differences in regional pricing to deliver gamers the best possible deals on games and subscriptions in their area. Xbox, Windows PC, PlayStation, Nintendo — they're all here.

CDKeys is transparent about where its codes come from and clearly labels each code with the product name and description, on which platforms it'll work, whether or not users can stack it (for subscription codes), and in which regions the codes can be redeemed. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal detailed above is for 3-month codes that can be stacked and are redeemable worldwide, for example. Once purchased, your unique codes are quickly delivered to your email — if you sign up for a free account, you can also access your previously purchased codes and orders.

If you're still unsure, we have a helpful CDKeys FAQ that answers some common questions you may have about code delivery, payments, and more. Or just take my word for it and take advantage of this deal on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3-month codes for $31.99 at CDKeys while this amazing sale lasts.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is basically Amazon's version of Black Friday. It's an all-online sales bonanza during which thousands of products are heavily discounted, with even more savings in store for Amazon Prime members. It's a great time to cross some products off your wishlist without draining your wallet.

Of course, Amazon is far from the only retailer to go crazy with price cuts during Amazon Prime Day, with many companies like Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and more taking advantage. If you want to save as much as possible, you could also consider a My Best Buy membershipWalmart Plus membership, or a Target Circle membership for exclusive discounts.

When does Amazon Prime Day end?

Amazon Prime Day takes place on July 16 and July 17, 2024, and more specifically ends at 11:59 p.m. PT on Wednesday, July 17. Take note of that time zone, as Prime Day could last longer depending on where you live! If you're in the ET time zone, for example, Prime Day actually ends on July 18 at 2:59 a.m.

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