The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is a disc-less variant of the regular Xbox One S. For all intents and purposes, both consoles are identical, save for the removal of the disc drive, leading to a lower recommended retail price. For the most part the S All-Digital has remained more expensive than its disc-based cousins, and even with Prime Day savings, in most territories that remains the case. However, the UK finally has a Prime Day deal worth boasting about.

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You can now grab an Xbox One S All-Digital, FIFA 2019, Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 3, Minecraft, and an extra controller for just £170. For reference, that's £50 cheaper than the cheapest PS4 deal which only comes with one game, and £130 cheaper than the cheapest Nintendo Switch Prime Day deal.

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If you were ever on the fence about jumping into the Xbox ecosystem, or simply want a second Xbox for use in another room, now is the time.


Xbox One S All-Digital Bundle

Huge savings

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Prime Day bundle now represents the cheapest point of entry to the Xbox ecosystem.

The Xbox One S All-Digital console lacks a disc drive, meaning no Blu-ray playback. However, it makes up for it with 4K streaming capabilities for apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime, while also being able to play thousands of the latest and greatest games. While not as powerful as the more expensive Xbox One X, the more affordable S still packs enough juice to make games look pretty in HD. If you throw in an Xbox Game Pass subscription for £9.99 per month (also on offer for Prime Day, you'll also gain full access to a library of over a hundred high-quality titles, Netflix-style.

Before Prime Day, I'd argue that the Xbox One S All-Digital is too expensive by itself, particularly considering you can grab Xbox One S with a disc drive for a comparable price outside of sales. The Prime Day bundle by far improves the value proposition, however, finally making it a worthwhile purchase both for newcomers to the ecosystem, and those looking for a secondary Xbox for streaming in another room.

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