Samsung's new 4TB 990 Pro SSD is ALREADY on sale thanks to Prime Day, and it's a great deal

As the games we play grow larger and larger over time, so too must the size of our hard drive space. One of the best ways to do that is to add a new high-capacity SSD to your system, and while you'll need a Seagate storage card to do that for your Xbox, owners of gaming PCs and PS5s will want to shoot for high-performance NVMe drives that offer both tons of space and the fastest speeds for loading. 

One of our absolute favorites is Samsung's elite 990 Pro, which the manufacturer released a special 4TB version of early last month. It launched with an MSRP of $345, but it's already on sale for $280 thanks to the ongoing Amazon Prime Big Deal Days event. That's a full $65 discount, and for a new 4TB SSD with some of the best read and write speeds available, 19% off is nothing to scoff at.

Samsung 990 Pro 4TB SSD |$280 at Amazon

Samsung 990 Pro 4TB SSD | was $345, now $280 at Amazon

Want 4TB of some of the fastest PCIe Gen 4 storage that money can buy? Look no further than the new 4TB model of Samsung's beloved 990 Pro NVMe SSD, now on sale for almost 20% off thanks to Amazon Prime Day in October.

Great for: PC and PS5 gamers in need of fast storage — and lots of it 

💰Price check: $280 at Newegg

I've written extensively before about how Samsung's older 980 Pro is my favorite of the company's SSDs due to its excellent balance of capacity, speed, and price, but the 990 Pro is what you should go with if you want the best possible speeds PCIe Gen 4 can offer and don't mind paying extra for them. It's been a top choice of Team Windows Central's ever since it hit shelves in 2022, and 2023's new 4TB variant pairs its incredible 7,450 MB/s read/6,900 MB/s write performance with equally impressive size.

With 4TB of available space, you should have no troubles keeping even the largest Steam or PlayStation libraries fully installed and ready for play. That much storage will also come in handy if you're a streamer or content creator, too; you'll need somewhere to put edited videos and clips.

In our review of the Samsung 990 Pro, we gave the SSD a 4.5/5 stars and said that it "delivers everything that gamers, data scientists, and creative professionals love about last generation’s 980 Pro and improves on it with speed. Lot's of speed, to be exact." Now, it's been improved on with extra space, too.

Notably, even with this deal, you could save some money by opting to get a pair of smaller 2TB drives instead. If you only have one free NVMe slot, though — PS5 owners, that's you — we strongly recommend pulling the trigger on this deal before it goes away tomorrow if you're interested in a 4TB upgrade.

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