Save big on Surface Pro X models even cheaper than they were on Prime Day

Surface Pro X
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One of Best Buy's deals of the day today is the Surface Pro X. This model, which includes 16GB RAM and a 256GB solid state drive, is on sale for $949.99 through Best Buy. That's a huge drop in price considering it normally can sell for as much as $1,300. Of course, the drop is temporary and there will be a whole slate of new deals tomorrow. You'll definitely want to grab it if you're interested, and don't hesitate too long or it may be gone. 

Surface Pro X $1,300 $949.99 at Best Buy

Surface Pro X $1,300 $949.99 at Best Buy

The same configuration is $50 more in the Microsoft sale, but Best Buy's price drop is a lot more temporary. Grab it while you can before the deal disappears.

Best Buy isn't the only place you can find Surface Pro X deals today, though. In fact, Best Buy's deal seems roughly inspired by a larger sale going on at Microsoft because Best Buy's model is conveniently $50 cheaper than what the same version is going for at Microsoft. Still, if you want to save money on a different version of the Pro X check out the Microsoft store. It has models on sale for as low as $799.99. 

Unfortunately, the sale at either retailer does not include the LTE versions, only the Wi-Fi versions. Also, while the Microsoft sale does include three different models, it doesn't include the entry-level version which is still going for $900, or the most expensive model, which clocks in at $1,650. A similar sale on Prime Day saw the entry-level Pro X drop as low as $700, but outside of that all of these prices are better than what we saw during the summer's big sales event. 

Microsoft's Surface Pro X Sale up to $300 off

Microsoft's Surface Pro X Sale up to $300 off

Pick from three different models. They are all on sale and all down to the lowest prices we've seen this summer (except for the one on sale at Best Buy, of course, but that one won't last as long as these deals will).

Read Daniel Rubino's review of the Surface Pro X. He gave it 4 stars out of 5 and said it "delivers the most exciting design for the Surface Pro yet." He added, "for those who need a thinner convertible PC with LTE, long battery life, inking, more modern design, and who work primarily with ARM64 or UWP apps, the Surface Pro X worthwhile."

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