The only thing smaller than this mini PC stick is its TEMPORARY price drop

The MeLE PCG02 Fanless Mini PC Stick is a powerful PC stick equipped with Windows Pro 11 and an Intel Gemini Lake J4125 processor. This compact, fanless computer stick is designed to replace a desktop PC while traveling on a business trip, in the office, or for personal entertainment.

Amazon Prime Day is currently offering a huge sale for the MeLE PCG02 Fanless Mini PC Stick at a 38% discount.

The catch? It's a LIGHTNING DEAL and is only good for the next 6 hours.

MeLE PCG02 Fanless Mini PC Stick: $259.99now $161.49 at Amazon

MeLE PCG02 Fanless Mini PC Stick: was $259.99 now $161.49 at Amazon

Continue your work on the go with the MeLE PCG02 Fanless Mini PC Stick. It's small and easy to carry, and its Intel Gemini, Lake J4125 processor will help you complete your tasks at lightning speeds thanks to its responsive tech and high-performance rates.

Price check: Walmart $199.99

Pros: It is small and portable and has strong Bluetooth and wireless internet connection strength.

Cons: It has a limited eMMC storage space of 64GB (after Windows 11 Pro).

(Image credit: MeLe)

MeLe is a high-tech corporation that is specialized in producing products to aid those working in demanding industries like R&D, manufacturing, supply chain integration, and marketing and branding operations.

The MeLE PCG02 Fanless Mini PC Stick is one such product, as this little gadget is praised for its high-quality engineering and powerful hardware features.

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With Windows Pro 11 and an Intel Gemini Lake J4125 processor pre-installed, this device is incredibly responsive. It can operate at high-performance speeds while the user is working, web browsing, programming, shopping online, or watching streams.

The MeLE PCG02 Fanless Mini PC Stick also has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space. You can expand the storage space further by inserting a Micro SD card (up to 1TB) into its Micro SD slot.

In addition, this device features a port for 2.4G/5.G Gigabit Ethernet cables, 4.2 Bluetooth to allow you wireless connections with keyboards and mouses, and an antenna that can connect to the internet (2.4G/5.0G) wirelessly with a strong, stable connection.

Instead of a cooling fan, the MeLE PCG02 Fanless Mini PC Stick utilizes a heat sink to keep the device cool while staying silent when used. The small compact design makes it very easy to carry in bags or pockets while traveling.

Why we like this deal

The MeLE PCG02 Fanless Mini PC Stick may be expensive due to its advanced capabilities and engineering. Still, it is worth the investment if your job or personal lifestyle involves a lot of traveling. 

With this 38% discount Prime Day deal, you can purchase this high-quality PC stick for $161.49 on Amazon instead of its usual price tag of $259.99 (which makes it even cheaper than its retail price on other online retailers like Walmart).

So if you are hunting for one of the best PC sticks on the market, take advantage of this Prime Day deal and grab the MeLE PCG02 Fanless Mini PC Stick.

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